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  1. Sandra Sandra says:

    When Helen Andrews's who is 24 boss is transferred to America the new boss hero Ross Maclean 35 comes over to England from America to take his place Ross is the son of the founder of the giant firm Maclean International Helen isn't happy with this She likes her safe secure world and wants nothing to change She has a 19 year old sister Tina and 3 year old daughter Tansy that she is raising But when Helen's abusive ex husband suddenly shows up and wants custody of Tansy Ross offers a solution and asks Helen to marry himI enjoyed this book so much I loved the swoon worthy hero Ross who was smitten with Helen all along I liked how he got on with Helen's sister Tina and her daughter Tansy I liked how he made them happy again and not afraid of Helen's mean ex husband Miles I enjoyed the jealous moments in the book Helen was a likable heroine that finally started coming out of her shell thanks to Ross I thought Helen's daughter Tansy was cute and sweet I liked Helen's feisty sister Tina who referred to Helen's ex as Pig I also liked how the sexual tension built up slowly throughout the book It took them a while to finally make loveLovely story that takes place mostly in England at the end of the year around Christmas

  2. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Wow This was a gift on a gloomy November day This had all the Patricia Wilson elements the bosssecretary meeting the skittish heroine the smitten alpha but it came together in the sweetest way Hero was heroic Once he knew what was going on he showed incredible patience and understanding to the heroine The heroine was heroic as well Her pain from the abuse from her ex husband was palpable she wasn't always the nicest to the hero but she kept moving forward I loved the feisty sister and the sweet daughter The OW was horrible and the hero's set down of her that the heroine overheard was a thing of beautyview spoiler 'Yes I'm staying with Helen' he grated impatiently 'I love her' His voice softened 'In fact that's hardly the way to describe it I'm mad about her crazy about her I can't bear to let her out of my sight' 'She's not like us You'll get tired of her' She sounded on the edge of hysteria but Ross didn't seem to notice He made a strange little sound in his throat 'Tired of her? Maybe When I get tired of breathing tired of being alive She's everything I'll ever want I've looked for her all my life You see this ring on my finger? Helen put it there It means forever' Helen suddenly realised that she was still standing there leaning against the front door tears streaming down her face and she hastily wiped them away with trembling fingers He loved her her eyes were dreamy with happiness and she took several deep breaths before she joined them both hide spoiler

  3. Leona Leona says:

    All the wonderful drama and tension that you expect from Patricia Wilson but none of the asshatery that sometimes comes with her heroes A story about a woman who is picking up the pieces of a shattered life after fleeing from an abusive marriage She is in charge of her 19 year old sister and a very sweet 3 year old daughter Hero is the new boss in town and he doesn't take kindly to a working mother that must leave at 5PM I so love it when I can't stop turning those pagesSecond re read in March 2014 one year laterupping this from 4 stars to 5 starsThird re read in October 2016 Yup definitely 5 stars

  4. Naksed Naksed says:

    A great office romance turned marriage of convenience complete and utter love Both protagonists were great but you had the bonus of having eually great secondary characters h's adorable 3 year old daughter and her feisty sister Is there a separate book about her? There should be A nasty mother in law and deluded OW try to rain on their parade as does a psychotic abusive ex husband who I feel should really have gotten his butt kicked not just his stupid computer company threatened It is everything a Harleuin should be Highly readable fast paced lots of emotions super romantic with eually besotted h and H Score

  5. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    This book turns out to be deliriously romantic by the end I definitely didn't expect that although some of my trusted HP Buddies have raved about it so I should have thought there would be some winning element here It's ground that has been covered before the boss and his secretary In this case Helen is a single mother who is is also the bread winner for her small family of a three year old daughter and a sister who is just about to go to college She has no time or inclination for romance especially after her disastrous marriage to an abusive jerk her sister Tina refers to only as 'Pig' She wants to keep her head down and have her safe well organized life When Ross Maclean the owner's son takes over the position as the head of the London office of their company that dream bites the dust Ross needs a secretary who can work the hours that suit his own needs At first he plays along but he's intrigued why she must leave precisely at 5 pm everyday When she explains her situation he seems angry Helen thinks it's because she allows him to think she's an unwed mother How wrong she is The tension in this story builds slowly There are a few misunderstandings not annoyingly so but because both characters aren't anxious to unshield well guarded hearts The fact that we don't have much of a hero POV assists in us feeling like Helen on a precipice completely unsure about Ross' intentions What his endgame is Ross has a cold calculating demeanor that makes him feel unpredictable He plays his cards very close to his chest While I love a demonstrative hero I think this layout worked well for the book leading to a beautifully surprisingly conclusionAt the end you realize just how desperately in love Ross is and the reveal is rapturously romantic Although I do have to say he showed his love in many other ways I for one loved how he bonded almost instantly with Tansy It's because I am a sucker for men who love children I also liked how he gets along so well with Helen's sister after she realizes he's not a jerk like her sister's exThere is a little bit of Other Woman drama but it's not overdone Just enough to prick Helen into realizing that she does love Ross and doesn't want to share him or allow his love to go elsewhereOverall this was a lovely surprise for me A book with some very effective romantic elements and one that takes the often overused bossemployee relationship theme and creates a distinctive and satisfying romance story A vulnerable heroine and a tough hero but done in a way that doesn't seem like gross mismatch but a meant to be love story As such I'd give this one 42550 stars

  6. Saly Saly says:

    I don't read oldies that often any but this one was good Yes there are misunderstandings and the heroine is someone who doesn't trust men and is like a scared little bird protective about her sister and daughter but she had reason to be like that her nightmare of a marriage The hero is her new boss and she doesn't like him at first and even though we do not get the hero's POV I felt the author did a good job of getting his feelings across Even when the hero suggests a marriage of convenience it was evident it was for himEnjoyed the book

  7. KC KC says:

    RANDOM OBSERVATIONS Number of times heroine's purple blue eyes and hero's silver grey eyes were mentioned 30 and 28 respectivelyNumber of times heroine cried or was on the verge of 4Number of days it took me to get into this book 7If there's one thing I must have from a story it's experiencing the feelings—love passion fear anxiety etc—that the characters undergo on their respective journeys In this officeMOC romance I felt the writing while pleasant didn't evoke deep levels of passion and angst The author did attempt to stir the tone up a bit by adding in the occasional lavender purple but not too purple prose 'Now darling Now' His voice was hoarse with passion and they rocketed off the world together as Helen spun into colours and light that were fulfilment her body floating with Ross somewhere way above the night her own cries of delight mingling with the flutter of a thousand wings'In contrast the characterization fared better than the writing because I have to say I'm Team Ross all the way I would definitely induct him into my Knights In Shiny Steel KISS Army if I had one The way he swooped in rescuing Helen and her family from the clutches of the evil other man made the little girl in me flip a cartwheel I just wished he'd been forceful in deterring the other woman's advances Helen meanwhile had valid reasons for her fears but I still found her to be a bit of a wet rag Ross's protection seemed to be the only thing giving her the strength to truly live Ross by the way should have been named Rock instead as he was Helen's rock It didn't help that Helen's sassy and spunky younger sister Tina livened up every scene she was in effectively stealing the show from Helen as heroine extraordinaireThe romance itself built slowly with damaged fearful Helen slowly coming to realize she'd hit the jackpot when she married Ross He was not at all like the weaselly bully she'd previously married With his Ice ueen Whisperer skills Ross handled her gently giving her the protection of his name by marrying her yet allowing her the freedom to relax and enjoy being Mrs Helen Maclean wealthy and beautiful hostess with the mostest Ross's only conditions being that 1 she be his shield from the OW and 2 he would never take from her than she was willing to give because well he's still a man and a secretly smitten one at that Of course by the time the HEA rolls around Helen willingly gives him not only her body but her love trust and devotion as wellOn the whole this isn't a bad romance But the bland writing and weak heroine prevented me from liking it and giving it than 2 okay stars

  8. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re Perilous Refuge Patricia Wilson doesn't uite give us Pelangi Haven's strong h taking a stand against domestic violence But she DOES give us a completely cuddlesome h named Helen who has an AWESOME little sister named Tina that will never be an HP h she would be excellent as an h in a Women's Fic conuer the world and run it trope however The h also has a little adorable girl named Tansy and a true Knight in Shinning Armour totally head over heels smitten H that EVERYONE but the h can see That is okay tho cause this h has been through the euivalent of twenty Punic wars and she is totally entitled to be a bit prickly The story starts with the h getting a new boss and not being happy about this It seems her old boss was pretty laid back and the h just ran things cause that is what she likes to do in the nicest possible way of course A PW h may not be the brightest star on the H lurves them uptake but they are almost ALWAYS seriously competent career ladiesThe new boss happens to be the Big Boss and he is soon completely captivated by the violet eyes and dark hair of our fey fairy like h But she is strange She doesn't do overtime she doesn't smile much and she is very frosty for a loverly lady so young Then on a trip to Paris with the H for business she dresses a touch indiscreetly to say the least and it seems she might be promising that just note taking for the H's prospective business clients in the most lady like kinda PW way of course We get the interesting information that the h's ex reuired the h to dress suggestively and allow inappropriate comments and gropings as a blind when the ex dragged her off to business dealings Needless to say the picture of the h's ex which I can't find a better nonclemanture for than Tina's Pig is looking very very ugly The H assures the h that he doesn't need a seductive blind to win in his business dealings the h is free to be as uncommunicative and frosty towards other rampaging Lotharios as she wants and if she isn't he will beBy this time the H and h have a friendlier relationship and he knows about Tina and Tansy and then Pig makes an unfortunate reappearance Pig is getting married again and now knows about Tansy and just to spread that gloom and misery aaallll over HPlandia Pig wants custody of TansyThis is the H's big moment he is rich hot and way suitable for fatherhood than a man who has never even visited his daughter once and an abusive bully to boot This H is also really good at reading faint tracings in the sand cause we don't know all the details of the h's trauma yet So the H leaps into the breach or seizes the day and proposes a MOC to the h He gets a hostess and a family and the h gets protection from Pig and no chance for a custody suitThe h is uncertain but Tina and Tansy aren't fools they press the h to jump on the opportunity and ride it to the moon and the H and h marry Everyone is settling in nicely with a few little Helen ualms about what EXACTLY the H is going to reuire physically in marriage when unexpected guests arriveThe guests are Ross the H's parents and what would be the OW in any other book But since this is PW and her H is obviously not interested and literally not even seeing any woman but the h we know that this is PW's Standard HP Approved Nasty Wanna Be OW Stalker who can hold off the crushing force of a black hole and random hordes of marauding barbarians with one hand while trying to cop a feel off the H on the other Naturally the h is too eaten up by jealousy to notice that whatever game the OW is tryin the H really isn't noticing Plus the h finds out the H's mother is a whacked out jealous wreck over the H's father who is really a very nice man and likes Tansy and Tina too but then everyone but the OW and the H's whacked mother like Tansy and Tina I did big time We have a little h mopey moment then Pig shows up at the door with his slime slurping slithery skeezyness and the h makes a valiant effort to stand up for herself But the H saves her the trouble and threatens Pig with the loss of all he holds dear if he doesn't back off The h actually asks the H not to follow through on his Grand Plan o' Ruination and Destruction and the H promises not to do anything to Pig if he backs off But you just KNOW that the H got his very nice but alpha Dad to do the necessary and PIG is ruined forever and probably dead in a ditch somewhere cause the H's dad is very very THOROUGH in taking out trash just as he taught the H to be So with Pig butchered and stuffed into sausage casing the h and H finally get to work on the h's PTSD and frigidity problems which after the h is able to finally unburden herself of the stress and trauma she endured both physically and mentally leads to the big lurve mojo pink cloud of fluffy lavender true love bliss I have to add that PW did some research here with the h's mental unburdening As in real life the h just couldn't leave when she was the only focus of the abuse rapes and beatings But as soon as Pig started making threats against Tina and Tina almost killed him with a knock or 20 to the head the h got herself together and got them both safe Which is what a fair percentage of domestic abuse victims report too when surveyed about why they finally leave for good So the h's whole recovery process and her reasons for staying and then leaving rang really trueNow that the h's baggage is all tided up and put away we can get on to the H's when his mother and the wanna be OW show up for an old fashioned siege His baggage takes the form of his mother having a hissy fit because the H's Alpha Dad is determined to move to England from New York and the mother doesn't want to for some reason A few major hysterics later and we find out that the mother is wildly jealous cause she is getting old and her sensational looks are fading The h manages to sort that out by pointing out that OW competition in the English countryside isn't very fierce the ladies tend to be less high maintenance with the mother beating them out by a mile in looks and that the rest and change will do the mother good Plus the H's father is just too in love with his wife to stray The mother is satisfied with that assessment and rushes back to re declare her love to the H's dad with both men sighing in mutual relief I am sure Then the wanna be OW is at bat the h who has already delivered her classic OW smack down by hanging off the H on the first OW confrontation graciously allows the H to have his say when the OW tries to oust and belittle the h In a very romantic Shinning Armour H fashion he declares his love for the h to all and sundry dismissing the OW as an irritating pest who needs to get a life cause he never has and never will ever be interested in her shop worn tarnished goods The OW is routed the castle is safe from incomers and the H and h can share mutual avowals of true love forever with Tina and Tansy cheering them on for another excellent PW outing in HPlandia

  9. Vintage Vintage says:

    I don't know what to do with myself Two besotted heroes in a row Thank you to whoever recommended this StMargarets??? Someone else?I can't really add to what the other reviewers have said Wonderful wonderful alpha hero that protects and defends the abused heroine PW is subtle in the buildup to how bad the heroine's abuse was by her first husband but it must have been horrific The heroine pales in comparison to the hero and I had to keep reminding myself just where she was coming from The hero gets the heroine he deserves in the end so yayAnd just for funsies there is an awful evil OW that never was that gets her walking papers some uestionable in laws on the H's side and Tina the best little sister ever who really needed her own story She's an h that could keep an H on his toesWell I guess I did add

  10. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Perilous Refuge is the story of Helen and RossWhat a great readWe have a heroine who has risen from ashes a physically and emotionally abusive marriage scarred her and her small family and now she works hard as a single mother to the 3 year old Tansy and her 19 year old sister Tina providing them with all comforts of the world She also keeps men and all attention at bay that is until Ross Maclean enters her life as her new bossInstantly enchanted by the scared and fragile waif he wiggles his way into her life wooing not just her but her family too gently coaxing her out of her shell always fighting with her against his family as well as her ex and becoming her everything He loves and protects her fiercely and after hearing about the heroine's tragic past she 100% deserved itLoved itSafe55

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Perilous Refuge ➮ Perilous Refuge Read ➶ Author Patricia Wilson – One man in a lifetime was one too manyRoss Maclean was as male as they got filled with everything Helen Andrews hated and feared masculine aggression sexual power unbending strength Defense mechanisms One man in a lifetime was one too manyRoss Maclean was as male as they got filled with everything Helen Andrews hated and feared masculine aggression sexual power unbending strength Defense mechanisms went on full alert the moment she laid eyes on her new boss Helen had a family to protect a job she needed and a past that left fear and uncertainty where there should have been flesh and blood womanBut Ross dared to tread where her door had closed unable to uell his longing for this fragile beauty with the strength often Was he strong enough to crack that fortress around Helen's heart and offer refuge in his own.

  • Paperback
  • 187 pages
  • Perilous Refuge
  • Patricia Wilson
  • English
  • 25 September 2014
  • 9780373115181

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