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The Superheros Summit (The Superheros Son #3) ❮Epub❯ ➛ The Superheros Summit (The Superheros Son #3) Author Lucas Flint – As the new leader of the most famous young superhero team in the country Kevin Jason has lots of new responsibilities ranging from fighting criminals and supervillains to encouraging his teammates whe As the new leader of the most famous young superhero team in the country Kevin Jason has lots of new responsibilities ranging from fighting criminals and supervillains to encouraging his teammates whenever they doubt themselves But Kevin is most looking forward to the annual Neohero Summit at the end of the month where leaders from the two largest superhero organizations—the Neohero The Superheros PDF/EPUB or Alliance and the Independent Neoheroes for Justice—in the country will meet to discuss forming a new alliance between them Tensions rise however when Kevin and one of his teammates are nearly killed by someone who appears to work for the Independent Neoheroes for Justice the rival superhero organization And when Kevin discovers evidence that someone is manipulating both organizations into going to war against each other a conflict that would destroy not just the superhero community but the country as well Now Kevin must uncover the identity of the real villain before the Summit If he fails then the superhero community will be engulfed in a war that will destroy not just the country but the whole world.

7 thoughts on “The Superheros Summit (The Superheros Son #3)

  1. Lazybee Lazybee says:

    Book was disappointing to say the least It could have been better The character development was mediocre Way too many characters were introduced And the team didn't play a huge role in the story But the villain was unexpected so I can forgive the poor character development

  2. Michael Williams Michael Williams says:

    Considering the main character said he read a lot of history of neoheroes as a child in the first book and professed to be a huge fan of them it is amazing how little he actually knows I continue to struggle with the intelligence of the main character but obviously I have read 3 of these books So they are written well enough for me to keep reading them I just beg that Lucas Flint makes his character a little aware of the world he lives in Spoiler I liked that the main villain behind the issues in this book was a character from the previous book People get killed a lot in this world wow

  3. Sharath Sharath says:

    Series continue with Bolt leading a young hero team We get better world understanding of different superhero teams history of their split and invasionsClimax kinda predictable Other than that book is fast paced as first 2 Really looking forward for what happens next and I like the way story is developing between Bolt Blizzard 😉

  4. Raymond Neil Raymond Neil says:

    Great readIt was an exciting third work Things are progressing a basin day I can see that it’s going to get any intense

  5. Gene Gene says:

    While I've enjoyed the others in this series this was by far the worst Plot was okay but the writing was fairly bad; repetitive like a beginner

  6. Jasso Estrada Jasso Estrada says:

    No me lo esperaba 😱 neta no me esperaba ue fuera ese el villano en este libro 😱😱😱 lo ame 🥰🥺😏

  7. Erika Erika says:

    More Bolt adventures young naive super kid I liked him in general but sometimes when I read him I still believe that he is very immature for his age and level of responsibility He is put into situations that are too big for him and even if he ends up doing a good job it sometimes seems to be out of luck than out of ability view spoilerIn this book he is the leader of a new team and he is having trouble with them No matter how strong he is it doesn't seem like he is that great of a leader When problems between the two heroes associations start he is in the middle as always and is up to him to solve the problems which he does with his father's help of course When one of his teammates is having trouble with her powers his answer is to help her by training and I don't get why he didn't use the same techniue his father used on him when first training why not pass his knowledge to her?It's hard to believe how easily he got out of trouble after getting into the new heroes base and destroying part of the property I would have expected problems At the end is his father who ends up saving the day again by recording and showing all the heroes Master Chaos's wife confession about how she tried to put both groups of heroes against each other It surprised me how easily everything was resolved and how little conflict it really caused hide spoiler

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