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  1. TJ TJ says:

    I wanted to like it Truly I did but I found myself skipping pages then chapters Reading about Natasha was a chore and after about 35% of the book I was wondering why he liked her She had great ualities but her all men leave mantra really worked my nerves I am aware people process thingslife differently but why is communication so difficult? She pushes him away then so completely heartbroken when she discovers he's moved on Why chick you told him to go on

  2. Sonia Sonia says:

    Needs workI am 50 percent through this book and I wondered why this book got such high ratings I suspect those high ratings is for the male character only The author has written a book that shows the incremental personal growth of the H and the continued dysfunctional of the h that seems to fill all types of stereotypes The author is so busy showing this great H character and his steps to becoming a better human being and totally neglects the personal growth of the h and allows her to wallow in her own negativity that even her sacrifice seems selfish and convenient I want both characters to grow growing differently; however still growing In addition I dislike an imbalance of power where the H is always begging to be loved and the h spends her time rejecting that love while secretly thinking that she might be in love and doing absolutely nothing about it except to show how strong and resilient she can belike really? Being strong capable and resilient does not mean that love needs to weakness and if that is the belief of the character there has to be growth to a better place In addition even when horrible things happen in childhood there has to be a path to a better place Reading romance novels is escapism pure and simpleso why do I need to spend my money to read about a female character that is so incredibly negative and continues to wallow in that negativity when I can hear all about those lifestyle choices for free And not telling him about the pregnancy and subjecting her child to the same negative experience that she had the same experience that is leading to her own dysfunction and no one in her family has the gumption to hold her accountable Then we have the the big forgive without any real growth and we get the HEA In addition am I suppose to believe that a virile young male will go without sex for years without any real reason? Really? Not an organic or enjoyable path to the HEAI enjoyed the second book much than the main book

  3. Heroesinbooks Heroesinbooks says:

    This is a sweet story about a talented High School uarterback who goes off to College and hits the NFL big time He is the hottest new talent in town and for all the life changing things that accompany the revered status he holds money women marketing of an image Kaden still loves the girl he left at home in small town America Tasha is the girl he lost in a night of misunderstandings Their paths cross again when tragedy strikes but again he goes back to his bright lights world and Tasha stays behind to carry on without the boy that owns her heart Then they are thrown a major life curve balla baby could change everything if he only knewI liked this book It flowed well and was easy to read The hero Kaden redeemed himself He was so loyal after the mistake he made I understood why Tasha was hesitant to be with him but I wanted her to be a bit less stubborn Gorgeous endingIt has uite a 'Cinderella' feel to it this book but it was sweet and uite steamy toward the end and a nice Summer read If you like second chance romance and sporty hotties then give it a whirl It finished on my Kindle at 73% but was followed by another book

  4. Mary Mary says:

    This book surprised me Even tho the plot was familiar this book will hold your attention because you are anxious to see how it ends

  5. Dl Dl says:

    Two starsKayden first fell in love with Tasha at ten he pursue her all through high school even though he was the high school uarter who has to be very talentedSenior Year they date and decide to go prom together and from their the whole story goes in the toiletSomething happens and all of sudden Tasha doubts Kaydan even when he tells her the truth and she believes him she still pushes him alway Kayden comes home for a family emergency she comforts him there still in love they togetherand she again pushes him awaythis is only the halfway point in the So right nowI just don't care what happens nextAt some authors have realize that their gets board with these off again on romanceit actually kills the romance towards the I was hoping trisha got hit with a car so it could end

  6. Dozzie Hamez Dozzie Hamez says:

    I honestly tried to finish this book I slaved I begged I pleaded wondering why I couldn't read it To be honest i hated this book like honestly really hated it The female character was annoying she thought everything she did was the right thing but it wasn't and she sucked I liked the hero I thought he had potential and to be honest I thought he could do so much better than the heroine I mean this guy was good he really liked her and he really fought for her I mean if a guy really liked me like that I wouldn't let him go All in all it was a horrible read and if you want my advice run as far away as possible from it because all you'd get instead is anger and the urge to throw your device to the wallPS if there's a half star on here that's what this book deserves

  7. Kashi Ashley-Ann Lowe Kashi Ashley-Ann Lowe says:

    This was a cute high school transitioning into young adults love I enjoyed this book because it teaches you that yes there are still good guys out there who will wait on you to come around Also another lesson learned through this book is that communication is a key within any relationship Bow we may love each other but if we do not communicate tell each other about our love then we'd just end up with wasted years and regret All in all its a good book

  8. Allyson Maclay Allyson Maclay says:

    I really enjoyed this book It was a nice light read It was the perfect length

  9. Karen Karen says:

    This book surprised me Oh the overall plot is pretty much the same but the development was much better than I could imagine I think we got a lot of feeling for characters and situations I think her not telling was not very nice and I'm surprised that in a small town his parents didn't find out but how nice you felt for both characters because you knew about their feelings The point of view exchange every so many chapters helpedI cringed with the horrible football timeline in the book Football does not get played or practices in May near prom or graduation in high school It is done end if October College is similar with bowl games near Christmas and Jan 1 If author continues with sports romance maybe a sports editor???I do want to say that the leaking to TMZ of the baby didn't get resolved but it isn't unusual and I thought that and agent were pretty realI was very pleased with overall growth of everyone and the family aspect off the charts I don't care but I kind of thought our MC was Hispanic with some subtle hints uite good for what I thought was going to be ho hum

  10. Sarah Sarah says:

    Kaden and Tasha did seem destined to be together but Tasha sure did put up her wall's and make it difficult for them to have their HEA You really saw how Kaden learned and grew up to be a great guy Glad he got what he wanted Tasha Tasha was very frustrating at times you just wanted to smack her and make her realize you are being dumb open your eyes and heart Even though Tasha was frustrating I still couldn't stop reading I needed to know what happened

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Quarterbacks Secret Baby (Bad Boy Ballers #2) ❰BOOKS❯ ⚦ Quarterbacks Secret Baby (Bad Boy Ballers #2) Author Imani King – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk They say you never forget your first love Kaden I knew Tasha when I was just a kid who could throw a football better than anyone else and she was a haughty proud girl who wouldn't give me the time of They say you never forget your first love Kaden I knew Tasha when I was just a kid who could throw a football Quarterbacks Secret PDF or better than anyone else and she was a haughty proud girl who wouldn't give me the time of day Before I was rich before I was famous before I could have any woman alive except the one I wanted She says it's impossible even when she's in my arms but I never did learn how to take no for an answer Tasha I always knew Kaden was going to leave Little Falls so I never let him get close never fully risked my heart for the bad boy uarterback with the golden arm Then a family tragedy brought him back to town and I lost myself for a brief moment a moment I told him myself was just the one night Now I've got a secret An adorable dimpled secret with the same blue eyes as his Daddy A novel about small towns first loves and second chances Author's Note 'uarterback's Secret Baby' is a full length k romance novel For a limited amount of time this edition also includes the bonus book 'A Highland Summer' k This book contains adult themes and language and is intended for readers over .