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All the Ways the World Can End ➶ [Read] ➲ All the Ways the World Can End By Abby Sher ➾ – Lenny short for Eleanor feels like the world is about to end Her best friend is moving to New York City to attend Julliard and her dad has terminal cancer To cope with her stress Lenny is making a lis Lenny short for Eleanor Ways the eBook ¸ feels like the world is about to end Her best friend is moving to New York City to attend Julliard and her dad has terminal cancer To cope with her stress Lenny is making a list of All the Ways the World Can End—designer pathogens blood moon prophecies alien invasion—and stockpiling All the Kindle - supplies in a bunker in the backyard Then she starts to develop feelings for her dad's very nice young doctor—and she thinks he may have feelings for her too Spoiler alert he doesn't But a age appropriate love interest might In a time of complete uncertainty one thing's for sure Lenny's about to see how everything the Ways the Epub Û is ending and beginning All at the same time.

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  1. mindful.librarian ☀️ mindful.librarian ☀️ says:

    Heartbreaking and uirky ALL THE WAYS THE WORLD CAN END is a story of preparing for the worst while attempting to cope with the presentall wrapped up in a witty and realistic YA package Eleanor's struggles with her father's cancer are tear inducing and detailed and her doomsday prep and self harm are to adults obvious cries for help in a time of family turmoil the reality is that often these things go unnoticed and end up manifesting exactly as they did for Eleanor meaning they will be so easy to relate to for many teens The included ways the world could end sections were a clever addition and really demonstrated E's obsessions in a clear manner I was cheering for Eleanor throughout the entire book and raced to the end to see what would happen A fresh addition to the YA worldHighly recommended YA for fans of John Green Rainbow Rowell and Jeff Zentner Thanks to the publisher for the galley of this title all opinions are my own

  2. Kirsty Hanson Kirsty Hanson says:

    I always love reading novels that centre around family dynamics and it's actually one of the types of books that I look for the most Gone are the days where I want to read about unreuited love all of the time; I want to read about families and the troubles or happiness that they go through All the Ways the World Can End is one of those books Lenny short for Eleanor feels like the world is about to end Her best friend is moving to New York City to attend Julliard and her dad has terminal cancer To cope with her stress Lenny is making a list of all the ways the world can end—designer pathogens blood moon prophecies alien invasion—and stockpiling supplies in a bunker in the backyard Then she starts to develop feelings for her dad's very nice young doctor—and she thinks he may have feelings for her too Spoiler alert he doesn't But a age appropriate love interest might In a time of complete uncertainty one thing's for sure Lenny's about to see how everything is ending and beginning All at the same timeThe best thing about this book was the last 1020 pages because that's where the raw emotion was and I feel like that's where the writing was at it's best The rest of the book just didn't really do it for me I thought that the characters fell flat the plot just wasn't that prominent throughout the entire book which was a massive shame The book centres around Lenny dealing with her father's cancer but most of the book was just her pining after her dad's doctor which I didn't find funny or a good plot point at all I'm too hurt to hurt Abby Sher All the Ways the World Can End Another thing is that I had no motivation to read it Normally I can read a contemporary in a few hours even if it's a 3 star book But with this one it took me a handful of DAYS which is another way I know that I didn't enjoy reading it Reading a book shouldn't feel like a chore but reading this really did feel like it I actually wanted to DNF it at about 25% but decided against it and I thought I would see what the rest of the book is like I'm glad I've finished it but part of me thinks that I could have read a book that I know I would love during that time Oh well At least I can say that I've read it I know this seems like a very ranty review and very negative but I genuinely can't think of a positive thing There's actually one thing that really annoyed me about this book Lenny has a gay best friend Who is sidelined No Sorry but I am SICK of the gay best friend trope who is just there so the author can say 'I'VE INCLUDED A DIVERSE CHARACTER' No honey you just placed him in the book He's hardly in it because he is pushed to the side whilst the main character chases after her stupid romantic fantasy about her dad's doctor UGH Have you read it? What did you think because I'm honestly interested if I'm the only one who thinks this about the book?Disclaimer this book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewReleased 27th July

  3. Mellisa Rock Mellisa Rock says:

    This book swept me up in a rush of feelings that honestly I've been trying to deal with in my own family for the last 4 years My husband's mother succumbed to brain cancer last year It took me on the journey of Eleanor and her family's battle against her dad's cancer How would you react? How would you deal? Bury yourself in work? Busy yourself among the living or turn to tactics of pain that are far easier to control when your entire world is spinning out of control In All The Ways The World Can End Abby Sher wrote characters that I could relate to and champion She wrote characters that were human and flawed I'm thankful for that She allowed Eleanor to fight back with list making when there was no other way for a child to fight back against cancer which has been wreaking havoc in so many of our lives 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Thanks to the #kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book all opinions are my own

  4. Tissy Tissy says:

    DNFI really tried to complete this but the MC is extremely self absorbed and selfish which makes it hard to get into But then again so are her mother and sister and this is despite the father dying of cancer It may very well be that her callousness is purposeful but their is nothing edgy or dark about her like Gillian Flynn's character to keep me invested Instead it just comes off bratty and annoying The writing is good though so I think others might appreciate this on a level I couldn't

  5. Mandy Mandy says:

    DNF 13%I won this in a Goodreads giveaway thanks so much for the publisher for sending me over a copyI'm not really sure what to say about this one This was one of the books that I added during a mindless Goodreads adding spiral So when I won this I was super excited but also sort of confused because I had no clue what to expect What I got wasn't anywhere close to what I thought it was going to be The first issue was that I felt bored Like really bored A lot of the events together just kind ofwent Like I didn't feel any connection to what was going on There were only two events that I really remember in the book Lenny dealing with her flushing her father's wounds from cancer and going out to lunch to some place with a lobster Was there anything ? I really have no clue I read this book about a week ago and I got nothing I don't remember anyone's name or what happened or anything Just anything The second issue that I had was the voice meshing up with the tone of the book The book has a very sarcastic black humor type of feel to it However when dealing with the material it just didn't seem to fit Like her father is having some super intense cancer conseuences and we literally spent like three paragraphs on nuts and her being super sarcastic about them And everyone was so selfish I did like the addition of the list of all the ways the world can end but it felt like it was something that was just tagged on to make the book different for me I think it had a lot of potential to be good but I think I gave up too early to see it fleshed out No crowns since I DNF'ed and a Snow White rating

  6. PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps says:

    GRADE C35 STARSLenny copes with her father's cancer and her best friend Julian's imminent move across country by listing ways the world can end Her anxiety OCD and self injurious behaviors are untreated She has a major crush on her dad's oncology residency fantasizing about a life with him As her father's condition deteriorates Lenny struggles to hold herself togetherYou probably wouldn't like Lenny if you met her She's immature narcissistic and thoughtless At times she seemed like a tween than a sixteen year old She freaks out on people treating them rudely when stressed I have no idea why she wasn't in therapy If ever a character needed treatment it's Lenny She never suffers conseuences for her destructive behavior it's all excused away by her father's illness I am not unsympathetic to her struggles She's not to blame that her parents didn't take her to therapy Living with an untreated mental illness particularly for a teen under such stress is unbearable Lenny is also charming bright and has a uirky sense of humor I loved Lenny's relationship with her fatherAbby Sher writes with an engaging strong voice I was glad she gave Lenny an at times unlikable personality instead of the poor sad girl with a sick dad Anger is one of the stages of grief that Lenny mastered I felt gypped with the wrap up for ALL THE WAYS THE WORLD CAN END but I can also understand why Sher chose itA lukewarm recommendation for ALL THE WAYS THE WORLD CAN END

  7. Stella Maria Stella Maria says:

    Nobody was safe Nothing lasted Never in the history of time could we slow or stop ourselves from self destructionSetting 3 out of 5 ✩✩✩The format of the book was interesting I liked how each chapter began with an explanation of possible ways the world can end but the topics themselves weren't captivating Writing 2 out of 5 ✩✩Oh my darling I SIMPLY COULDN'T DO IT I really wanted to like it but I felt like the MC was trying to hard to be cool? I loved the small bits of diversity and mental health incorporated I liked how the character is very factual and refuses to succumb to grief but that was probably one of the biggest problems for me too Most of the writing felt like dramatic ranting as opposed to a novel It's very sarcastic which I usually appreciate but not this muchCharacter development 2 out of 5 ✩✩I'm not sure if Lenny grew out of her teenage self but halfway through I couldn't do it any There were parts of her that I saw in myself the parts where she felt the burden placed on her but the whole romance aspect was foreign to me I felt as if the sarcasm and humor was a fascade where she was lying to herself and the reader Though most of the writing was blunt I don't think it was honest to its readers until the very endPlot storyline 2 out of 5 ✩✩view spoilerEvery time Dr Ganesh came into the picture it was super awkward Then once I understood why it got even worse hide spoiler

  8. Janay Brazier Janay Brazier says:

    I really can't decide between 2 or 3 stars for this We'll say 25 then shall we? I liked parts of it but overall it just didn't do much for me There's not much else I can say really

  9. Carli Carli says:

    Thank you to the Kid Lit Exchange network for this review copy All opinions are my own⭐️⭐️⭐️✨5 for this realistic fiction story about a family coping with a cancer diagnosis Eleanor “Lenny” is just waiting for the world to end In fact she has an ongoing list of all the ways this might happen Oh and a bunker She has a bunker And why not? Her sister has abandoned her for college her mother is always at work and well her father is dying For real As the family members all cope in their own ways they must learn to look to a new uncertain future while embracing the nowI think teens will relate to this one The characters are super relatable and the writing is packed with both human and sadness I only wish the author would have addressed Lenny’s destructive coping mechanisms in greater depth

  10. Joanne Joanne says:

    45 StarsOriginally published on Once Upon a Bookcase Trigger Warning This book features self harm homophobic language overheard on a train and the protagonist using ableist languageAll the Ways the World Can End by Abby Sher an #OwnVoices novel about a Jewish girl with OCD is not the book I thought it would be I assumed it was going to be a light silly read what with Lenny's interest in how the world could end the interpretive dance show and fancying her dad's doctor I was expecting a lot of eye rolling and exasperation I wasn't expecting this book to make me laugh out loud and cry because I was heartbrokenLenny has always been very close to her dad but now he has bowel cancer and it's really not looking good But his oncologist the gorgeous friendly easy going Dr Ganesh thinks he's a suitable candidate for a drug trial that could make all the difference Lenny is a little bit in love with him and puts all her hopes in his hands There's nothing she can do about her dad's cancer so she reaches for a sense of control; she researches everything she can on the drug trial until she has has everything memorised And there's also her obsession with the ways the world can end or the human race could be wiped out an obsession she's had since before her dad fell ill but one she clings to now But as her dad gets worse and she finds out her best friend is graduating early and leaving the bottom falls out of her world and her obsessions and compulsions become the only thing keeping her goingI had a much personal reaction to All the Ways the World Can End than I expected to Although I don't have OCD like Lenny does I do have anxiety and my Nan died of cancer three years ago and I really related to how she was feeling and how she was affected by her mental illness when the news about her father just seemed to get worse and worse There's no real plot to the story it's of a snap shot of the time in Lenny's life where everything changes; when her dad's cancer gets worse and how that affects her Lenny's OCD affects her in different ways; she likes things to be clean and when she gets some particularly bad news she spends the conversation cleaning the hospital room her dad's in with alcohol wipes and the fruit bowl in the sink over and over She washes her hands a number of times and find relief in the sting when her hands are red raw She also counts and does maths; tidying up her dad's books into groups of three using putting dates into formula to get an answer that means something to her is a sign And she also self harms When the thoughts get too much and she can't escape them she punches herself in the head really hard hurting her hands as well as putting herself in a fog like daze from all the punching And again she hits herself in groups of 50 but having a target she has to reach 'Pounding was my favorite obsession or maybe it was a compulsion All I knew for sure was that each blow to my head was sharp and clear and rocked me completely out of my circuit of anxiety When I pummeled myself in the head all I could think about was the darkness and painpain that I gave to me ' p134Then there are Lenny obsessions She is unable to not research deadly viruses natural disasters such an volcanic eruptions and earthuakes the possibility of Earth being destroyed due to things happening in space She has to know It scares the crap out of her especially the things she's unable to prepare for but she has to know and she has to know everything about it Before the start of every chapter we have a page written by Lenny white text on a black background showing us one of the many ways the world can end and they are actually uite terrifying I kept thinking I don't actually want to know all this She also has herself a bunker she's put together in her dad's tool shed filled with cans of tinned food and space blankets and all other things she thinks she'll need As her life progressively gets worse the she spends on getting things for her bunker on her emergency credit card that she knows her mum will freak out about but she needs this stuff It really is hard to watch as Lenny gets and out of control while trying to control something It's so hard and knowing exactly how she was feeling made it harder because I got it Seeing her mental health spiral understanding her lack of control and not being able to hold onto anything solid as everything she knows is torn away from her was so upsetting My heart broke for her over and over againYet saying all this All the Ways the World Can End isn't actually a terribly heavy book I mean yes her dad has cancer and is dying and she's struggling with her mental illness but it's also really really funny I loved Lenny's voice and how even in the midst of everything going wrong she was able to have a thought or react to someone else's idiocy in a way that was just so so funny There was also how she and her best friend Julian created a life story for a lobster in a tank at their favourite diner how he was called Don Juan Crustaceo he was a ladies man with an Italian accent who kept hitting on the female customers and they'd make up dialogue for him and it was just so funnyAnd her dad Oh my god her dad is brilliant He's bloody hilarious He's so witty and has brilliant comic timing He's in hospital with cancer lying in his hospital bed and everything is dire and they would be having these somber conversations and he'd just come out with something that would absolutely crack me up I'd be on the bus or in the staff room and I would literally laugh out loud He was just wonderful and I loved him I also loved Lenny's mum too Lenny found her annoying and an embarrassment and I got it what with her researching ways to cure cancer that don't involve medicine and constantly changing their diet and so on It was how she was coping with something she couldn't control and I got it But she was also so lovely She was chirpy and cheery and optimistic and it didn't seem fake you know? It wasn't like she was putting on a brave face that's just who she was I mean she did have her moments where she was uncontrollably upset but in general she's just a happy smiley person who genuinely loves her family and mate she was just so lovely And funny herself in her cheerinessLenny has a great relationship with her best friend Julian and it was just wonderful to see a best friendship between two people of the opposite genders They genuinely cared about each other and Julian genuinely cared about Lenny's family Her dad's cancer affected him too and he was almost like another member of the family and would help out in anyway he could He was a sweetheart Mate I just pretty much loved all the characters in this bookThere's just one thing I want to touch on uickly and that's how Lenny's dad was coping We need to remember that Lenny is 16 she's not an adult and Lenny's dad is still her dad even if he has cancer and may very likely die And we see him continue to parent her to be her dad to try and reassure her to protect her and love her while this terrible thing is tearing through their family and he's going to die yet he still wants to make sure his little girl is going to be ok Their relationship was just gold and how he's still trying to look after when he can't even walk unaided it broke my heart it really did Can you imagine? Knowing you're going to die being terrified and angry and god knows what else but still trying to be there to comfort and look after your daughter? Tears god there were so many tears I just couldn't handle this heartbreaking situation and remembering the conversations I had with my Nan before she died Man this book just really really got to me It's so so beautifulThere are a couple of issues I have with the book though and that's down to some of the language used There's a scene where Lenny is on the train at night and there are some older drunk boys playing 'would you rather' and a homophobic word meaning lesbian is used and it was just so unnecessary you know? She's on the train heading home and these stupid guys are being annoying and loud but they didn't need to use that word They're not even an important part of the book they're just there They could have said something else And sure it might be realistic for stupid drunk boys to say stupid things but it wasn't needed And considering Julian is gay I would have thought Lenny would have been unimpressed by their homophobic language but she doesn't react at all And there's another time when Lenny got too excited internally about brushing arms with someone and describes herself as the Empress of Spazland p286 and it just wasn't needed And she's thinking it not said out loud so it's not challenged or anything IT just bothered me that there were these two instances of offensive language and there really wasn't any need for it by which I mean in some books in some situations language like this can be used when someone is experiencing homophobic or ableist bullying but those situations always make it clear that it is not okOtherwise All the Ways the World Can End is such an incredible novel It's so funny and so emotional It broke my heart and it made me laugh out loud It's such a beautiful poignant story and if you can deal with those two instances where offensive language is used I'd really recommend itThank you to Hot Key Books for the review copy

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