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  1. Steff Steff says:

    Created as hopeful propaganda in a period of real world conflict comic book superheroes have always been inherently reactive; a highly visible representation of or challenge to the personal and political issues of the American peopleThis sociological mirror is the primary thread between the essays that make up The Ages of the Justice League Essays on America’s Greatest Superheroes in Changing Times Covering much of the 20th century and its ever breaking waves of audience expectation and censorship by social narrative the book breaks down the evolution of some of the genre’s most enduring members according to public need perhaps even protesting too much for their relevance in the mainstream space currently heated by the shine of their competitors from MarvelRead full review in Ink issue #6

  2. Raymond Raymond says:

    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in return for a fair and honest review I had high hopes for this book I was ready to learn new things about the characters in a universe I love and to maybe see them in a whole new light Unfortunately that didn’t happen The essays in my opinion are interesting and compare real world problems with the comic world but they are repetitious and the amount of typos in the text is unbelievable I’m disappointed with this book altogether it really needs to be proofread and reworked

  3. Simon Simon says:

    A collection of essays detailing the way the comics about Justice League were influenced by the global and domestic politics and the social situations Works better if you are a fan of all of those topicstl;dr at Overall as alwaysIt has always been a curse of anthologies to have parts that work out less well than others This seems nearly inevitable unless you pick the absolute cream of the crop and even then you can't please every reader's taste Though usually this sentiment applies to genre based story collections and not non fiction essays on the politics and the socium I supposeBooks are always a matter of personal preference so it's hard to state outright which essays will appeal most to others but I found that the first half of the book kept me largely indifferent while the latter just happened to draw me in with expansive well constructed and just plain engaging works Idle discussion of the way comics depicted race hint poorly and women actually sometimes less poorly was replaced by topics that merged the political discourse with the comic book medium and its narratives and came out all the better for itPerhaps it's just that the series that were picked for the book were less than stellar but at times it felt like some of the authors downright despised the subject matter and couldn't care less about comic books beyond the pages of their essaysDespite all of my problems I did enjoy a great number of the works presented in the collection though I do feel that they are bogged down by some less excellent effortsOverall occassionally great sometimes frustrating and mostly competent collection of thoughts and musings on the way real life influenced the colored pages of comics of the years past Only for those that are interested both in comics and the politics of the periods that are discussed in the bookI received an ARC of this title from the publisher via Netgalley

  4. Daniel Casey Daniel Casey says:

    Not as engaging or creative as I had hope but still some uality essays on the JLA as a lens to view and a mirror reflecting US culture

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The Ages of the Justice League ➯ The Ages of the Justice League Read ➸ Author Joseph J. Darowski – The first superhero team from the Silver Age of comics DC's Justice League has seen many iterations since its first appearance in 1960 As the original comic book continued and spin off titles prolifer of the eBook ✓ The first superhero team from the Silver Age of comics DC's Justice League has seen many iterations since its first appearance in As the original comic book continued and spin off titles proliferated talented writers artists and editors adapted the team The Ages eBook Ú to appeal to changing audience tastes This collection of new essays examines than five decades of Justice League comics and related titles Each essay considers a storyline or era of the franchise in its historical and social contexts.

  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • The Ages of the Justice League
  • Joseph J. Darowski
  • 10 June 2016
  • 9781476662251