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MetaThe Second WaveRise of the Circle Meta #1 3 [Reading] ➽ MetaThe Second WaveRise of the Circle Meta #1 3 Author Tom Reynolds – The first three books in the smash hit Meta series available together for the first time This discounted set included the best selling Meta The Second Wave and Rise of The Circle Meta Book 1 It’s be The first three books in WaveRise of PDF/EPUB ¾ the smash hit Meta series available MetaThe Second eBook Ï together for the first time This discounted set included the best selling Second WaveRise of eBook ✓ Meta The Second Wave and Rise of The Circle Meta Book Second WaveRise of the Circle ePUB í It’s been ten years since Connor Connolly lost his parents in ‘The Battle’; a fight between The Governor and Jones two of the world’s strongest metas Before ‘The Battle’ the world had been full of metas super powered humans whose amazing abilities came from mysterious wristbands Since that day one has never been seen again Now years old Connor lives in Bay View City with his older brother Derrick a meta obsessed blogger where he’s just trying to keep his head down long enough to survive high school All of that changes the night he attempts to save a girl's life and wakes up to find the first new pair of metabands anyone has seen wrapped around his wrists Connor soon finds an unlikely ally in Midnight a masked vigilante who helps him learn how to harness his new abilities while also trying to balance his summer job at the lake As a meta Connor becomes known as Omni potentially the Second WaveRise of the Circle ePUB í most powerful meta the world has ever seen but it isn’t long before he finds out he's no longer alone A hard genre to pull off successfully but Reynolds succeeds in giving the two dimensional heroes of comics a three dimensional existence in prose The Guardian Meta was all the fun I expected I will certainly be picking up the second in this series Boing Boing The Second Wave Book Summer’s over and Connor Connolly is headed back to school to start junior year But with metabands falling from the sky the world has changed overnight and now there are thousands of new metahumans Just like regular humans not all metahumans are using their new powers for good Now Connor’s not only dealing with the pressures of being a super human and training with his mentor Midnight he also has to balance relationships with the people he cares for most People who find themselves on different sides of the fence when it comes to their feelings about the new metahumans and the impact they’re having on everyone else’s lives As the world struggles to adjust to the events of the past few months Connor’s alter ego Omni works with The Agency to apprehend law breaking metahumans and detain them at the Silver Island Meta Detention Facility When he’s recruited for a job assisting the government agency with disarming one of the most powerful and secretive metas in Bay View City he never expects the devastation of that mission or the affect it will have on both humans and metas Is Connor capable of becoming the hero he wants to be Rise of The Circle Book As metahumans emerge throughout the world some greet them as saviors while others see them as a threat to humanity itself A group of elite soldiers come into possession of the most powerful metabands seen yet with the ability to destroy what was thought to be indestructible the metabands themselves With the destruction of the Silver Island Metahuman Detention Facility Bay View City goes into total lockdown Alpha Team impose their protection but at a price the complete and total ban of metahumans within the city Refusal to follow is punishable by execution Forced to leave the city he calls home Connor is given a second chance at an elite prep school across the bay one with a very big secret Rise of The Circle is the third book in the breakout hit series that started with Meta and The Second Wave.

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  1. John Lewis Turner John Lewis Turner says:

    Good read I'm looking forward to installments The tone was just right Besides a few editing mistakes very well done Not as many cliches as I expected

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