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Collision [Read] ➵ Collision By Jeff Abbott – Ben Forsberg is an ordinary guy leading an ordinary life Everything changes the day two government agents appear at his door Ben's business card has been found in the wallet of an assassin who has jus Ben Forsberg is an ordinary guy leading an ordinary life Everything changes the day two government agents appear at his door Ben's business card has been found in the wallet of an assassin who has just been killed Whoever killed him has now set their sights on Ben Ben's only option is to run for his life.

10 thoughts on “Collision

  1. Glen Glen says:

    A relatively normal guy is mourning the murder of his wife when he encounters Pilgrim a CIA agent They find that they've been set up for a hit and have to work together to smash the frame Of course the CIA agent is not what he seemsNot bad but nothing too memorable

  2. Sean Peters Sean Peters says:

    HiMy first book by Jeff Aboott and another author to add to my list of great thriller writersMulti layered many twists and turns as the story mainly follows two strong characters plenty of action and suspenceVery well written with so many plots all joining as the book comes to an exciting climaxHis book Panic is highly regarded and was a top international seller so must llok for thatNext book my old favourite Chris RyanregardsSean

  3. Jeff Dickison Jeff Dickison says:

    Well written and very fast paced this story has not a whit of believability about it Just too far fetched to be taken seriously Recommended only for those who like action without having to think about it

  4. Fizzy Fizzy says:

    'The Collision' by Jeff Abbott was a random book selection for me I'd not heard of the author but the story concept looked when I read the jacket And it was really well written I had trouble in the beginning following the different storyline beginnings I think this stems from my personal inability to remember names than it does the writing itself Once the different story lines merged into the meat of the subject matter the story took off for me Though I still struggled with a few too many names This was a great book that I would recommend to other friends who enjoy the genre or a similar style The main drawback for me was it was almost written to close to 'formula' Good guy in trouble for something he didn't do bad guy in trouble well because he's bad guy Supposed other good guy is really a bad guy that is made too obvious before it's actually revealed Throw in a few good and bad to beef of the story line Good guy wins Don't get me wrong the formula works and works well most of the time And did again this time around as wellOriginally posted at

  5. Kevin Middaugh Kevin Middaugh says:

    Good action packed book Interesting twist at the very end Jeff Abbott continues to write solid action stories

  6. Dr T Dr T says:

    Now this book is exactly what I am looking for when I want to read a thriller Abbott has come up with a rather improbable series of events and linked them together into a compelling story and set of characters Plenty of action from start to finish unlikely characters forced to work together plot surprises double double crosses and all brought together in an effective whole story Giving even a basic plot summary risks giving away too much as spoilers so I'll stop by saying that I will certainly try other Abbott books in the future at least after I have caught my breath from this one

  7. Amy Graziano Amy Graziano says:

    I normally read biographies and chick lit so I went out of my comfort zone reading something like this for a reading challenge I'm doing I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the book but I was pleasantly surprised I couldn't put this book down The storyline involves multiple people and you can't fully tell who the good guys really are and who the bad guys are You have to keep reading to figure out what really happened and even when you start to think you know what's going on a twist gets thrown in at the end I would recommend this book to everyone

  8. Andrea Andrea says:

    A tangled story of greed ambition deception CIA turncoats and innocent bystanders Ben Forsberg is a consultant to government contracting firms One of his largest clients is Hector Global a Dallas security with contracts in areas of military action and other government agenciesAfter arriving home in Austin from a brief vacation Ben answers the doorbell and finds two agents from Homeland SecurityHis nightmare begins

  9. Carol Carol says:

    This should have been a four star book I even told my friend how she had to read this book It was compelling and entertaining for the most part A story of men and women and the things they do in the name of National Security I believed most of it but the ending was all wrong hence the three stars

  10. Dave Webster Dave Webster says:

    This was a little to predictable Also was very slow for an action book Felt like I kept waiting for stuff to happen that I pretty much figured out already Stick to Lee Child or Jeffery Deaver or Robert Crais

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