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The Matrimonial Flirtations of Emma Kaulfield ❮Read❯ ➪ The Matrimonial Flirtations of Emma Kaulfield Author Anna Fishbeyn – The Matrimonial Flirtations of Emma Kaulfield is an often laugh out loud comedy of conflicting manners values and customs set against the backdrop of a Russian immigrant family’s struggle to assimil The Matrimonial Flirtations of Emma Kaulfield is an Flirtations of PDF Å often laugh out loud comedy of conflicting manners values and customs set against the backdrop of a Russian immigrant family’s struggle to assimilate their newfound love of capitalism and their insistent push for their children's tangible success Emma Kaulfield escaped the Soviet Union in the s when she was hers was one of the last Jewish families to be let out Now a gorgeous young woman going The Matrimonial PDF \ to grad school at NYU chaffing at the cultural restraints of her heritage Emma is engaged to someone just like her a handsome young Russian Jew but then a steamy encounter with a stranger in a restaurant bathroom turns into a torrid love affair She wrestles with what she knows she should do career vs art; who she should love one of her own vs the exotic temptation to remain loyal to her family her people after Matrimonial Flirtations of eBook ´ all they have suffered or cut ties and defy those who love her.

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  1. Always Pouting Always Pouting says:

    Emma Kaulfield is a Russian immigrant one of the Jewish asylum seekers allowed into the United States from the Soviet Union Emma is now attending graduate school at NYU and dating a handsome man another Russian immigrant that her grandmother approves of Emma struggles though to balance the expectations of her immigrant family and their culture against her own self interests and desires Things only get complicated when on the eve of her engagement she has an encounter with a stranger in a bathroom that starts up an affairSpoilers ahead I actually uite enjoyed this book a lot even though other people seem to not have as much I thought the writing was really great and made up for much of the other short comings in the book I am partial to strong narrative voices where the character is witty and amusing I also could totally relate to Emma's struggle through out the book growing up torn between two cultures It's uite hard when one's parents grow up in a different culture and then have expectations conforming to that culture for you The plot line did feel like uite a mess though it was really all over the place Especially the way the paintings were worked into it so that the description would lead into a moment in the past I didn't enjoy the passages describing the paintings and could've done without them Also the ending was pretty bullshit I can't believe that they would end up together It felt kind of boring and pointless than to have the whole scene at Emma's house with Eddie where she tells him she slept with Alex Also that whole plot twist with the pregnancy and her new engagement when they finally see one another again It just felt like it didn't add anything to put that whole thing in there I would've enjoyed it so much if they had worked through everything right after the scene happened instead of having this drawn out mourningI would've given it a three because that ending just felt like it was unnecessary but I really enjoyed the writing so I bumped it up to a four Hopefully next time the author writes something there's editing to clean up the procession of the story line

  2. Miles Miles says:

    Fishbeyn draws a complex often humorous sometimes erotic always psychologically reflective and culturally observant portrait of a young woman who immigrated with her Jewish family from Russia at age 10 in 1982 As we meet the protagonist now in her twenties she is reaching for the brass ring of American assimilation material success and matrimonial conformity as they are defined for her by her oh so Russian Jewish family She slowly discovers that the parameters of happiness that they have set for her will never make her happy Figuring out what will do so instead is the whole struggle Emma seeks to define her own American truth one that she can live in and grow older with Several men are involvedHer portraits of her Russian Jewish family are really excellent at turns very humorous and painfully tragic You can't make this sort of stuff up You have to have lived it and I can only assume that the author has done so Individuation Becoming your own person Sexuality and love What to do about men Anti semitism and anti anti semitism How men and women may both struggle to escape the painful legacies that families sometimes pass on to them These are the themes I don't usually read this kind of book what you might call a romantic comedy but I uite enjoyed it and once I got going with it I didn't want to put it down It's really good

  3. Sue Wallerstein Sue Wallerstein says:

    This was than a great read it was a fabulous experience As you follow Emma's adventures you'll feel like you know her personally She and her amazing family will teach you amuse you make you cry all the while letting you into their complex angst filled heart felt happenings I was so sad when I had to say good bye to Emma and her family This one is a real page turner Enjoy the ride

  4. Vanessa Ehrlich Vanessa Ehrlich says:

    This was an interesting book and as we see Jewish Russian writers as they settle and stay in the States I know there will be even books I thought it was a bit long and could have been edited but I say that about so many books today It was fascinating look at a 1st and 2nd generation Russian family

  5. Ellen Ellen says:

    This is a complex and challenging novel filled with intensity LenaEmma lives a with the dichotomy of whether she is the American artist Emma or is she Lena the Russian Jewish emigre filled with angst and a complicated history When she meets Eddie she is already engaged to Alex a Jewish man who is her grandmother's dream Emma battles with her desires her art and her history of anti Semitism from her years in Russia A heavy read at times slow and painful

  6. Laura Laura says:

    When I first read the description I was thinking chick lit And there is definitely that 'romance' component to the story However this novel is so much than just the bringing together of two characters It also opens the reader's eyes to how life as Jewish Russian immigrant would have struggled to fully live as an American When she is away from her family Emma is able to integrate into society easily than some Yet when it comes to big life decisions such as career and marriage her family has a death grip on herThe uestion the reader will begin to ask is whether Emma will break free from their expectations and live life on her terms or to accept her 'fate' and tow the line

  7. Teresa Teresa says:

    eArc provided by publisher via Edelweiss

  8. Kathleen Gray Kathleen Gray says:

    I was disappointed with this novel which I did not find to be a comedy but a character driven book about a woman who I wanted to tell to grow up EmmaLena may be conflicted between her family and her future a common problem for emigres That said this felt very old school given the challenges of new immigrants to the US in 2017 I found myself both bored and frustrated midway through and did not finish Thanks to edelweiss for the ARC To be fair others might enjoy this as it is well written and thoughtful

  9. Alice Heiserman Alice Heiserman says:

    This book was so fulfilling that after reading a library copy I ordered two one to keep for myself and one to give to a best friend who I thought would enjoy it It was fun and sexy but it also portrayed almost like a Greek chorus the parental and grandparental views on what a good Jewish girl should be doing It shows off where such traditional views can lead in her own parents' lives those of her sister and in Emma's own life This was an easy and enjoyable read in large part because of the excellent writing and the fresh thoughtful attitude of the main character Emma

  10. Cat Gray Cat Gray says:

    While there were many flashes of brilliance here for me this felt like someone’s MFA work It has the flavor of the New School all over it like how someone’s original cooking can still taste like the chef who inspired the recipe Also I’m not a fan of this ending which was completely aggravating

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