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Cyanide Games (Peter Tanner Thriller #1) [PDF / Epub] ★ Cyanide Games (Peter Tanner Thriller #1) Author Richard Beasley – How far would you go to save a friendWhen Melissa Cheung’s husband is arrested in China for corruption her first call is to Peter TannerAs a criminal defence barrister Tanner often crosses paths wit How far would you go to save a friendWhen Melissa Cheung’s husband is arrested in China for corruption her first call is to Peter TannerAs a criminal defence barrister Tanner often crosses paths with some of the most evil but wealthy members of the nation’s underbelly Melissa’s phone call takes Tanner away from drug dealers and crooked property developers into the highest end of corporate corruption – mining companies trying to cover up environmental disasters and families at the top of the rich list who think they’re above the lawAs he pursues those who had Cheung incarcerated Tanner unearths cover up after cover up putting his life and those of others in danger as he tries to bring the perpetrators to justiceA tough gritty legal thriller from the bestselling author of Hell Has Harbour Views.

10 thoughts on “Cyanide Games (Peter Tanner Thriller #1)

  1. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    I think this author may be someone very exciting to look out for Hint hint nudge nudge Loved Me and Rory Macbeath and this was out of the park My dad recommended both of these as he's a fan of Aussie authors as am I I love reading work from Australian authors This was a fast paced legal thriller set in Sydney Great settings described and lots and lots of wine and beer talked about too Peter Tanner really does like some nice uality beverages A very clever defence lawyer who has stumbled across some world class corruption and dodgy behaviour from very rich and moral lacking business people He's a clever guy good dad and I'm thinking probably uite attractive too all in all a nice package I'd sum up a bit like this a wine drinking defence lawyer with morals apart from defending knowingly guilty clients Peter is not one to get in the way of He's a widow with a 13 year old boy who will stop at nothing to help his friend from law school that has become embroiled into this world wide web of underhanded behaviour Throw in direct descriptions of local settings good food and wine I stayed after work today at the coffee shop next door read at red lights then stopped for five minutes before picking up Indy from pre school Bad mum great book Read it

  2. Brenda Brenda says:

    Anne Warren was a ecotoxicologist and her gut feeling about signing the confidentiality document before the flight to the island of Tovosevu in Papua New Guinea forbade her doing so But the lawyer was kind seemed genuine and was also persuasive – so Anne signed it When Joe Cheung was detained in China his wife Melissa rang their best friend criminal defence barrister Peter Tanner Peter was shocked at Joe’s arrest – a honest guy he’d never met; his determination to discover the charges and why Joe had been arrested was foremost in his mind But he was blocked at every turn which in turn made him determined to find answersJohn Richter was a wealthy man; but he was also a man with a penchant for cocaine and heroin His love of women was well known as well – finally his wife Nikky had had enough The divorce was pendingAs Tanner and his legal team searched for answers he understood that the danger to himself and others was high The closer he came to the truth the the threats and innuendoes felt like a blanket Would Tanner succeed in getting justice or was the evil of the people involved paramount? Cyanide Games is the first in the Peter Tanner thriller series by Aussie author Richard Beasley and is an intense and gritty legal thriller with evil for the first course Money says it all in the lives of the corporate criminals – nothing they did was wrong and with those that mattered on their payroll they got away with it So how does someone like Peter Tanner succeed? Set mainly in Sydney Cyanide Games is a thriller I highly recommend and I’m looking forward to #2 The Burden of Lies very soonWith thanks to Simon Schuster AU for my ARC to read and review

  3. Jenny Jenny says:

    Cyanide Games is book one in the new series by Richard Beasley called Peter Tanner Thriller Criminal defence barrister Peter Tanner was investigating the pollution of local waters ways when he received a call from Melissa Cheung about her husband and his friend Joe Cheung arrested in China for corruption As Peter Tanner investigates both cases he unearths cover up that effects him and his family The readers of Cyanide Games will follow the twist and turns in Peter Tanner investigations into freeing Joe CheungCyanide Games was the first book I have read of Richard Beasley and I so pleased that a friend recommended his books to me The plot of Cyanide Games engaged me as soon as I turn the first page I love Richard Beasley portrayal of his characters and the way they interact with each other Cyanide Games is well written and researched by Richard Beasley I like Richard Beasley descriptions of his settings and lays out the plot for his readers The readers of Cyanide Games will start to understand the conseuences of business and political corrections for everyone involved Also the readers of Cyanide Games will learn about the role of criminal defence barrister I recommend this book

  4. Karen Karen says:

    Styled as a thriller from the legal world CYANIDE GAMES introduces Peter Tanner criminal defence barrister widower father Very much one of the good guys one of those that takes on a hell of a lot and seems to pull results together despite the oddsThere's some complicated set up underway in CYANIDE GAMES so a greater part of the book is devoted to what feels like considerable framework construction Which given that Tanner is a lawyer appears to end up involving a large amount of personal investigation involvement and prodding of various bears with a variety of sticks Once the action actually moves to a court room Tanner's involvement and skills are considerably believable and the action seems oddly given it's mostly court room tactics to actually heat up uite a bit Legal thrillers must be a tricky undertaking for an author working what seems to be a mostly intellectual role into that of an all action hero Believing the central character is capable of just about anything really helps with this reader's level of acceptance Giving them a seriously good reason to be off on a lone wolf crusade is also vital which meant that CYANIDE GAMES was a little on the hit and miss side for this reader Perhaps the character of Tanner was too out of the box he's ticking a lot of the good boxes and doesn't seem to have much on the downside Perhaps it's also that the sheer bulk of the set up meant that so much of the book read like a prelude to something really good which ended up being too short lived to create balance Not to say that the series on the whole doesn't have potential The court room scenes showed than enough promise of some very good tactical thinking and game playing which hopefully would be to the fore now that the background is filled out Definitely worth a read if you're a fan of legal thrillershttpswwwaustcrimefictionorgrevi

  5. Amy Southwell Amy Southwell says:

    I loved this bookwonderful characters intelligent and racyit corners like it's on rails From Sydney to London to Italyit educates and comments on real and very relevant environmental issues and has a murder trial which outstrips Perry Mason in the classic courtroom drama stakes I hope they make a TV series out of it

  6. Nicholas Henry Nicholas Henry says:

    Fantastic legal thriller

  7. Mike Taverner Mike Taverner says:

    A great read one of those books that you don't want to finish My first Beasley but not my last love a good Aussie drama

  8. Rosemary Rosemary says:

    Ticks several thriller boxes lawyer courtroom scenes environmental wrongs committed by unprincipled corporation with enough twists to keep you interested

  9. Jon Ellis Jon Ellis says:

    great story well constructed plot with some good twists Nice to have a book based in sydney

  10. Hermien Hermien says:

    uite good especially the Court case towards the end of the book

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