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  • Tuttis Promise
  • K. Heidi Fishman
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  • 03 June 2016
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  1. Marta Tandori Marta Tandori says:

    Tutti’s Promise is a poignant and at times heartbreaking true account of one family’s ordeal of survival during the Holocaust in the Netherlands The story is told through the eyes of the Lichtenstern’s eldest child Tutti and what gives the book even impact is the array of old family photos and documents saved by the Lichtenstern family The book is written by Tutti’s daughter K Heidi Fishman and targets young readersHeinz Lichtenstern his wife Margret and their young daughter Ruth Tutti and the two sets of grandparents were Jews living in Germany Heinz and his father Oscar worked in a metals trading company called Oxyde whose owner was also Jewish In 1935 when the Nazis decreed that Jews were no longer German citizens the owner of Oxyde decided to relocate his business to Amsterdam and the Lichtenstern family along with both sets of grandparents moved to Amsterdam as well where Tutti’s brother Robbie was born a few years later However in 1940 when the Nazis invaded the Netherlands Tutti’s family discovers with horror that they haven’t moved far enough from the clutches of the NazisTutti’s idyllic life is soon turned upside down when the family is forced to move several times; each time into smaller apartments and soon the Nazis force the Jews to follow new rules making life exceedingly difficult Curfews are imposed all Jews over the age of six must wear yellow stars sewn onto their clothing and soon Jews can no longer own any businesses Rumors begin to swirl around them of forced deportations to Polish work camps and ghastly living conditions in Polish ghettos Tutti’s father along with close family and friends scrape together as much money as they can before Heinz contacts a close family friend to give him the money with the hope that he can secure South American passports for him and his family his parents and in laws as well as their close friends The friend leaves with the money promising to do what he can In the meantime conditions around Tutti and her family continue to deteriorate with raids in Jewish neighborhoods becoming commonplace Families are being removed to two transit camps Westerbork and Vught with many other Jewish refugees ultimately being sent to Auschwitz Birkenau – one of three extermination camps in Poland It is during one of these raids that both sets of Tutti’s grandparents are taken away Until now Tutti’s father has managed to keep the family safe but in September 1943 it appears as though their luck has run out when he receives the letter he has been dreading; that he and his family are being sent to the transit camp Westerbork and that they must report to police headuarters the next day It is then that Tutti and her family go underground deciding to hide at the house of Heinz’s trusted co worker Little do any of them know that their horrific ordeal has only just begunWhat makes Tutti’s Promise so compelling is the point of view through which the story is told Since it’s told through the eyes of Tutti who is a young girl at the time the reader is aware of the changes that are taking place as told by Tutti Her parents’ fears are palpable but controlled as both parents especially Margret strive to keep life as normal as possible for Tutti and her brother even when they are at the transit camp Westerbork With disease and illness running rampant throughout the camp Margret makes the children wake up in the middle of the night to wash in order to stay clean since keeping clean means keeping healthy The unexpected reunions with the grandparents were wonderful surprises while the five note whistle Heinz’s family had always used to find each other in a crowd also proved instrumental in these reunions The random acts of kindness also made an impression like the episode at the camp when one of the guards who had been a waiter Heinz had been kind to in the earlier days gave Heinz an opportunity to steal some vegetables so that Heinz’s family could have better food While this story is certainly one of courage perseverance determination and hope it’s also a story that illustrates how resourceful humans can be when their lives are on the line Whether you’re young or older Tutti’s Promise is one of those books that will stay with you for a long time

  2. Tehila Tehila says:

    A well written memoir for the pre teen or sensitive teen reader I will be sharing it among my friends and then donating it to a local libraryTutti’s Promise was written by Tutti’s daughter; Tutti herself still travels to schools to relate her experiencesTutti’s family is among the fortunate who survived the holocaust I am sure they went through much than is recounted here and would read the grown up version if it is ever written I received a free copy of this book for review purposes

  3. Kirsty Kirsty says:

    I like to mark Holocaust Memorial Day by reading a book about the Holocaust; K Heidi Fishman's biography of her mother Tutti was my choice for 2017 I must admit that it was not at all what I was expecting Throughout I had the feeling that it was far tailored to a younger audience; whilst the writing was not really dumbed down a lot of the earlier chapters felt too simplistic for an adult to read It took a while for me to find Tutti's Promise engaging but it did pick up a bit Whilst not my favourite book about the Holocaust it is certainly a story of courage which deserves to be told

  4. Sigourney Sigourney says:

    Received from NetGalley for review ‘I hope you learned something from my story It’s a story of hope and perseverance It’s a story of courage and compassion and luck Most of all it’s a story that reminds us that we must never forget what prejudice and hatred can lead to if we don’t confront them together’ – Tutti Lichtenstern Fishman Tutti’s Promise is an account of Tutti Ruth and her family’s experience of being Jewish in the Netherlands during WWII Having already left Germany for Amsterdam when Tutti and her younger brother Robbie were young they suddenly found themselves further targeted by Hitler and the Nazis for their faith when Germany invaded the Netherlands in May 1940 As most people know some six million Jews alongside many other people the Nazis deemed ‘inferior’ were murdered during the Holocaust and this is something that can never be forgotten Tutti’s Promise delivers a heart breaking story of the terrible circumstances Jewish people found themselves in during the war and feels even important given what’s happening in the world right now K Heidi Fishman recounts her mother’s story documenting the fear and heartbreak the family lived through alongside the immense courage and will they had during the darkest times – the small ways in which Tutti’s father Heinz tried to sabotage the Nazis may not have had any effect but it was so incredibly brave for him to try and do something anything whilst imprisoned at Westerbork a detention and transit camp I found myself moving between fear hope and terrible sadness as I read what happened to Tutti’s family and it will always baffle me how people could believe that there was something inherently wrong with a group of people because of their religion race or sexuality The writing is simple and easy to read and at first I thought it wouldn’t be as emotional a reading experience because of this but I was wrong Even though the prose is simple and to the point the actual events make it an extremely harrowing and emotional story to read Tutti and her family experience extreme hardships and a wild array of emotions and I don’t think I will ever be able to read a memoir or story from WWII and not be moved; everything regarding the war and Holocaust is incredibly emotive in some way and this is no exception especially as Tutti and Robbie were so young when they experienced it all The accessibility of the writing makes this an excellent resource for younger readers who are beginning to learn about the Holocaust as it is very informative without being overly wordy – the use of historical pictures and documents also add another dimension of realness and I found them fascinatingI’ve felt this way about pretty much every book about WWII and the Holocaust that I’ve ever read this is such an important story to tell that I can barely articulate it These stories need to be told need to be understood and need to be taken seriously so that they never happen again Most people seem to understand this and even when the world seems a terrifying place recent events especially I’m always reminded of something Fred Rodgers said ‘ when I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news my mother would say to me “Look for the helpers You will always find people who are helping”’ Even with all the hardship and hate there will always be people helping speaking out against wrongdoing and telling their stories – just like Tutti – in the hopes that one day they won’t need and that the world will realise we are all human and we all matter

  5. Jill Jill says:

    I struggled with my rating because Tutti or as I refer to her Mrs Fishman has been a guest speaker at my school for over 6 years She is an amazing person and the students love to hear her story of survival The story she tells in about an hour and differs year to year The book written by her daughter fills in a lot of the gaps The research it took to accurately complete the memories of a young girl is than impressive I really enjoyed how smoothly the plot comes together and I will encourage my reluctant 8th grade readers to pick this up I also respect the author's decision not to focus on the horrors of the Holocaust because Mrs Fishman herself states she did not truly comprehend what was going on until she was older

  6. Patti L. Kommel Patti L. Kommel says:

    Such a poignant personal family storymy mother in law has spoken as well as a survivor to children Hit home from the moment that you opened the book on what it felt like as a child to live through that time period The lost childhood the instant growing up that had to be achieved and enforced was incredible to read Makes you think how would I handle this whom would I trust would I be able to continue surviving I want to say that I could but this gives you pause Beautifully written

  7. Cat Cat says:

    I am so glad first hand accounts are coming out in recent years Not to in anyway dismiss Anne Franks diary but I think other perspectives are important This book was just as remarkable and just as heart stopping There just aren't enough words to express the horror of history These survivor tales are so important they need to be told to everyone I received a Kindle ARC from Netgalley in exchange for a fair review

  8. Ursula Ursula says:

    A moving story told from the dual perspective of a child and of genuine historical evidenceThe first person narrative of a child sheltered as much as possible from the barbarity of occupation and imprisonment is very poignant paticularly as the reader understands so much of the situation with the benefit of historical hindsight

  9. Marzie Marzie says:

    I received a copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Tutti's Promise is a wonderful book for familiarizing children with the actual experience of internment in concentration camps during the Holocaust This book would be a great companion piece for the classic Anne Frank's Diary providing us with the personal experience of Tutti Lichtenstern a little girl who lived through the Holocaust imprisoned at first Westerbork and then at Theresienstadt Tutti or Ruth who not only survived but now lectures on the Holocaust in schools was truly one of the lucky ones since so few Jewish people who were sent to camps managed to survive until the end of the war Millions died only a few thousands survived the Lichtensterns among them Tutti her brother parents and paternal grandparents are amazingly lucky Their poignant story of their struggle to survive and of their family that was lost along the way is driven home with visuals with language info all in a fashion that is accessible for younger teensThis book is beautifully put together Most of all it is so very timely It should be read in schools children's book clubs and dare I say by adults?

  10. Sue Parker Sue Parker says:

    What a wonderful and actually uplifting story of family courage despite the tough and extremely sad time in history covered Not the best written piece but though provoking Would recommend for teens plus

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Tuttis Promise❮KINDLE❯ ➜ Tuttis Promise ❤ Author K. Heidi Fishman – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A promise kept is like the twinkling stars in the night sky a constant reminder of something important that makes you who you areCan nine year old Tutti keep a promise—and a secret Her family’s li A promise kept is like the twinkling stars in the night sky a constant reminder of something important that makes you who you areCan nine year old Tutti keep a promise—and a secret Her family’s life may depend on itIn the early s life for the Jews is on the brink of ruin Hitler has come to power and the golden memories of happy times are fading fastOne young couple Margret and Heinz Lichtenstern decide to flee Germany with their parents and daughter Tutti They move to Amsterdam where Heinz is able to continue his work and where there seems to be hope for the future Two years later Tutti’s brother is born and the family is prosperingBut then Germany invades the Netherlands And in the pre dawn hours of May the Lichtensterns suddenly learn that they have not moved far enoughThis is the true story of what the Lichtensterns endured under the Nazis Told by Tutti’s daughter Heidi and filled with historical documents and photos it vividly recreates how one family conuered fear and heartbreak to survive Theirs is a tale of both unimaginable devastation and lucky surprises—raids sabotage helpful friends and strangers and a very special gift ​One family One remarkable story And in the end a promise keptFor ages and up.