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  1. Matt Matt says:

    While BookShots are a wonderful way to spend a few hours bundling them together can also be a great way to carry a few spine tingling stories together permitting easier comparison in a single review In this collection of three stories the reader is able to explore three distinct stories that will keep them on the edge of their seats From a legal thriller to a police manhunt to a familial crime cover up James Patterson and his collaborators show the distinct advantage of BookShot readingThe Family Lawyer with Robert RotsteinMatt Hovanes is a fairly successful attorney who left the DA’s office when a colleague tried to play bait and switch with some important evidence When he receives a panicked phone call from his daughter Hailey he knows there is trouble Hailey’s been arrested for cyber bullying and the victim Farah Medhipour committed suicide six weeks before Declaiming her innocence Hailey agrees to follow her father’s direction though Matt is still blurring the parent attorney line when he asks his partner to defend Hailey While they prepare for trial Matt’s son Daniel a troubled soul himself tells his own version of events but backs his sister’s narrative Matt learns that his daughter is not the angel he thinks she is and comes to see that Farah has apparently been stalking his daughter and Hailey has retaliated by using her own popularity to isolate the victim As the trial begins Matt does all he can to deflect the evidence against Hailey which is mounting as he seeks to learn what led Farah to hang herself When the defence rises to present its case it is an uphill battle with accusations texts photos and smear campaigns Now Matt must decide if the truth or negotiated freedom is the better way to go A chilling legal thriller with strong ties to current cyberbullying and the effects that some teenagers may not consider when using cell phones as swordsNight Sniper with Christopher CharlesThe streets of New York are not safe with a sniper on the loose They kill randomly in all boroughs with victims of many ages There does not seem to be a link to any of the victims As an NYPD Homicide Task Force rushes to make sense of this the Chief is about to insist on a city wide curfew The reader sees the sniper’s perspective first hand in alternating chapters as well as their rationale as they play a high stakes game of cat and mouse One member of the Task Force Detective Cheryl Mabern is not welcomed by all especially since she’s voluntarily locked herself away in a treatment facility A shooting gone bad and a life of vices has rounded the sharp edges that Mabern usually shows her team As the killer hones their sights on Mabern things take a dangerous turn one that could cost lives and leave Mabern with much blood on her hands This collaboration between James Patterson and Christopher Charles proves exciting for the reader and keeps the story moving effectively until the final sentenceThe Good Sister with Rachel Howzell HallWhen Dani Lawrence receives a midnight call from her sister she knows there’s something wrong Melissa has a panicked sound to her voice which Dani realises is justified Arriving at the house Melissa’s husband Kirk is slumped in a chair and it does not look as if his excessive drinking is the case Dani and Melissa try to come up with something to explain it only to have Melissa admit that she’s killed her scumbag husband Dani knows that the authorities will need to be called but blood is thicker than any legal necessity or is it? When the police show up it turns to mayhem forcing Dani to escort her young nephew away while Melissa faces a barrage of uestions Dani’s long had suspicions that her brother in law has a wandering eye and a group of women on the side but could Melissa really have been pushed to the edge that dramatically? With the evidence seemingly safely stowed away Dani soon learns that karma sometimes has a way of getting in the middle of the perfect plan to deflect the truth Faced with added pressure will Dani be able to keep her cool or is Melissa destined for an extended separation from her son? Patterson and Rachel Howzell Hall work masterfully here to create a wonderful story that will enthuse the BookShot reader and keep them coming back for All three of these stories were the perfect fit for a collection as they explore different aspects of the law and keep the reader hooked from the opening paragraphs until the final sentence lingers in the air The key characters found throughout offer up uniue perspectives when faced with legal matters each choosing to take their own approach Character development and backstory is effectively used throughout permitting the reader to feel a strong connection even if they do not agree with the decisions being made The secondary characters also help paint an effective image of the law and its various loopholes entertaining as well as supporting in their roles All three stories worked effectively though none could have blended with the others their premises uniue and the approach distinct Patterson has chosen well not only to collaborate with these three but to bundle these pieces together I am eager to sink my teeth into another BookShot collection to see if it proves as effective in its presentationKudos Messrs Patterson Rotstein and Charles as well as Madam Hall for such a great array of stories These are the types of BookShots I enjoy reading and will recommend them to all who will listenLovehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge

  2. RM(Alwaysdaddygirl) Griffin (alwaysdaddyprincess) RM(Alwaysdaddygirl) Griffin (alwaysdaddyprincess) says:

    Some reasons for two stars1 It only three short stories The title only applies only to story one2 First story was good Only one part tgat could have been polish up3 Second story had potential If things were clear up with character Cheryl Mabern on the matters of why something was done It would have help The ending had one good thing and one bad thing Regardless I like it4 The third story annoyed me I am not giving spoliers So I said it like this I do not want to read about negative stereotypes of cops Two were mention In book two there was also a negative stertype of police Maybe that why book two ended that way as to smooth things out🇺🇸🤙🤙🇺🇸

  3. Readaholic Jenn Readaholic Jenn says:

    This is really hard to rate so I'll rate the individual stories The Family Lawyer 4 12 starsNight Sniper 5 starsThe Good Sister 3 12 stars

  4. Christa Christa says:

    I really enjoyed the first two short stories in this book and if it were just them my rating would have been much higher I didn't like the last story at all

  5. Michelle Michelle says:

    35 stars Not sure if I care for James Patterson's short stories They are good enough just doesn't sound like his writing so much And I did not realize the last two I read were short stories until I got to the second story

  6. Donna Hines Donna Hines says:

    Three short stories wrapped into one novel we're back with James Patterson in The Family LawyerSomething doesn't add up in the first story when a young daughter is accused of a suicide but the father refuses to believe his daughter played a roleIn the second uick read Night Sniper must confront darkest fears to stop a killer at largeThe Good Sister wraps it all up but does a mediocre job at best when Dani must decide if she'll help her sister or notThis is another of those hit or miss with JP books It did not deliver the thrills I usually see but it was okJames reads are usually uick a page or two each chapter but nothing that is spectacular as it become about uantity than uality Having the record for the most books isn't always as good as being the best writer These collaboration with authors is also not my thing but it does produce sales and produces plenty of reading materialI hope he goes back to uality as I used to enjoy his writings

  7. Laura Rash Laura Rash says:

    3 good stories I think the last one was my favorite

  8. Betty H. Betty H. says:

    There were three thrillers in this book all uite excellent

  9. Paula Phillips Paula Phillips says:

    This was an exciting and uick read as this book is part of the James Patterson Bookshots which are uick novellas The Family Lawyer takes us into the life of Matthew Hovanes He is a skilled Criminal defense lawyer and is a genuinely nice guy After working a long day he is ready to head home when he gets a call from his daughter she has been arrested It turns out that a girl at his daughter's school committed suicide on camera and named his daughter as one of the bullies who played a significant part in destroying her life and wanting to end it His daughter who is sixteen and has her whole life ahead of her is being charged for cyber crimes resulting in the death This book had a 13 Reasons Why feel as Matthew starts to investigate to help his daughter When Matthew begins to dig deep he discovers that the daughter he thought he knew he doesn't and she is a mean girl As the story goes along it seems that Matthew put his whole family on a pedestal and that as he threw himself into work he might not know what a single member of his family is capable of This was a fast paced and uick read as JP is famous for I did think it finished a bit fast and did not see the twist at the end coming

  10. Trevor Snape Trevor Snape says:

    This is not one story but three totally separate stories written by three different people with James Patterson This is part of James Patterson's series of book shots These book shots are in the words of James Patterson are page turning stories by James Patterson and other writers that can be read in one sitting This book has three such stories 'The Family Lawyer with Robert Rotstein' Night Sniper with Christopher Charles' and 'The Good Sister with Rachel Howzell Hall' I read all three stories just incase there was a decent one between the three I was disappointed If this is a new genre of books for a certain demographic it does not include me and I will not be reading any I enjoy short stories and novellas but these stories were none of these longer than a short story or a novella just over 150 pages I found these stories bland and I struggled to finish reading them as they never once piued any interest for me James Patterson is a great writer his Alex Cross series is one of my favourites but this style of work is not for me

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The Family Lawyer [PDF] ⚣ The Family Lawyer ✯ James Patterson – 10 hoursFrom the world's number one best selling writer three pulse pounding novels in one audiobookThe Family Lawyer with Robert RotsteinMatthew Hovanes is living a parent's worst nightmare His young hoursFrom the world's number one best selling writer three pulse pounding novels in one audiobookThe Family Lawyer with Robert RotsteinMatthew Hovanes is living a parent's worst nightmare His young daughter is accused of bullying another girl into suicide But this loving father is also a skilled criminal defense attorney And something here doesn't add upNight Sniper with Christopher CharlesCheryl Mabern is the NYPD's most brilliant detective and the most damaged Now she must confront her darkest fears to stop a The Family Kindle - calculating killer committing random murdersThe Good Sister with Rachel Howzell HallHer beloved sister's cheating husband has been found dead Now Dani Lawrence must decide if she will help the investigation that could put her sister awayor obstruct it by any means necessary.