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Superior [EPUB] ✿ Superior ❄ Jessica Lack – A superhero's intern falls in love with a supervillain's apprentice in this star crossed LGBT YA story from The Book Smugglers Here's the thing about being a superhero intern there's a lot less crime A superhero's intern falls in love with a supervillain's apprentice in this star crossed LGBT YA story from The Book Smugglers Here's the thing about being a superhero intern there's a lot less crime fighting than you think there will be what with the whole liability issue and the administrative headache of constantly monitoring the Heroic Help Hotline The most action that Jamie sees happens when he is kidnapped by the supervillain of the week and then waits for his boss Captain Superior to show up and rescue him Again On his most recent nabbing Jamie gets to meet Tad Terrorantula's new villainous apprentice Even though they are supposed to be on opposite sides or are they sparks fly almost immediately So when Tad offers to give Jamie much needed self defense classes how could Jamie pass the opportunity to hang out with the coolest and hottest guy he knows But Tad has a secret one that threatens the budding relationship between the two teenage sidekicks and could destroy Captain Superior forever.

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  1. Laura Laura says:

    Well HELLO thereA superhero story that doesn’t focus on the superhero? grins ear to ear Count me in I stumbled across this story last weekend by chance and I’m over the moon happy that I did Countless hours of clicking around paid off This short story has everything I love about superherosupervillain tales We have the humor flirty banter ridiculous hero names friendship and blurry lines between good evil I loved it Where have you been all of my life Jessica Lack? DWelcome to Urbanopolis A city filled with citizens living day to day alongside supers and villains Jaime is our fun sarcastic guide through Urbanopolis and Captain Superior’s sidekick sorry—intern He’s there manning the help lines and getting kidnapped on a regular basis shrugs It’s part of the job apparently But during one of his typical all tied up kidnappings Jaime meets Tad Terrorantula’s apprentice Sparks fly from the very first snort and eyebrow waggle But should Jaime be crushing on a villain in training? Is Tad really a villain? Tune in to find out”I leer a bit and wiggle my eyebrows just to test the waters Tad finally cracks a small smile “Are you trying to pick me up?” he asks“Is it working?”“You remember that I’m part of the reason you’re tied up right?”“Kinky”Tad’s expression is a little bit pained and a little bit amused; it’s a good look on him “Your Stockholm Syndrome is worrying”I loved Jaime’s voice His fast flip sarcastic mouth made me smirk and giggle at page one The hilarious snapback and forth banter fuels this fast moving story through action revenge and kisses I adored it all This gem made my villainous cough I meansuperhero heart happy A story that might make you see and believe that we can all be the heroSo grab your cape and jump in I can’t wait for from Ms LackHighly recommended

  2. Katherine Locke Katherine Locke says:

    THAT WAS THE CUTEST THING I'VE READ IN A LONG TIME If you loved Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda you'll love this uirky funny novella about a bi boy interning for a superhero and then falling in love with a supervillain's apprentice HIGHLY RECOMMEND It's short It's sweet You'll laugh You'll be happy Seriously Go buy it It's 199 on ebook retailers You have nothing to lose

  3. anna (½ of readsrainbow) anna (½ of readsrainbow) says:

    rep bi half Japanese mc mlm liTHAT'S SOME CUTE SHIT MY GUYSaltho the mc is just like horny on main at all times

  4. TheBookSmugglers TheBookSmugglers says:

    We publish it and it's out today a supercute Gay YA romance between a superhero intern and a supervillain apprentice We have a giveaway on right now

  5. Gemma ♕ antari.and.the.books Gemma ♕ antari.and.the.books says:

    People in Urbanopolis are used to dealing with weird stuff When half the population gets turned into farm animals or the shopping mall starts levitating and firing laser cannons that’s just like a typical Thursday This was so cute Little bit angsty super adorable and just what I needed today The only reason this isn’t 5 stars is because I desperately wanted it to be longer

  6. lottie lottie says:


  7. Tasha Tasha says:

    45 starsThis was everything and I need a full length novel of this

  8. Bárbara Bárbara says:

    This was so much funIt was an interesting approach to the Superhero task and the impact these personalities have in everyday's life for people It was very reminiscent of Civil War in a way if you want Only with some ridiculously uestionable villains; but I liked the idea of not really idolizing heroes of making them just as much people as everyone else showing that they are not excusable no matter how much good they may bring Also the thing between Jamie and Tad Even in such short time it was really engaging and entertaining It may have appeared a tiny bit rushed again the story was too short but the development was very nice A pleasant short reading for those of us who like superhero stuff and cute boys' stories

  9. Romie Romie says:

    That was a super uick and adorable storyI liked how the author is like 'No one is totally bad or totally good we're all in between' because that's the way we are in real life The super hero did bad things for 'the greater good' and the super villain doesn't hesitate to save childrenI liked the way the relationship between Jamie and Tad evolved even though I would have loved a bit because that's just a novella and I'm pretty sure it would make a great full length novel It felt a bit rushed sometimes but as I said what can you expect from a novella ? But overall it was cute and I would totally recommend it to everyone375

  10. Ana Ana says:

    Can this short story really live up to its awesome premise? Yes yest it can but it needed to be longer in order to create tension Still I look forward to from this author

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