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Full Circle Tales of the Forest #3 ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Full Circle Tales of the Forest #3 Author Blaine D. Arden – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk “I have great responsibilities but my path ahead is as foggy and blurred as the path behind me”With forester Taruif freed Kelnaht has claimed him openly at Solstice before tribe and Ma’terra as “I have Tales of eBook ☆ great responsibilities but my path ahead is as foggy and blurred as the path behind me”With forester Taruif freed Kelnaht has claimed him openly at Solstice before tribe and Ma’terra as his partner but with their third Ianys bound by an old promise their triad is still incomplete Sneaking around puts the most strain on Ianys He and Kelnaht must keep their relationship a secret or he will lose his daughter Atèn When several children fall ill with than a summer bug truth seeker Kelnaht is assigned once to investigate What he finds is deadly and Full Circle PDF \ threatens the life of every underage Circle Tales of the Forest PDF \ child in the tribe including Atèn Then a wounded traveller is found in the forest left to die after a vicious attackWith Taruif and his apprentice on the hunt for a cure Kelnaht focusses on the attacks but the clues are few and children are infected Nothing seems to connect until both the traveller and Atèn dream of the same grey haired elf Driven by fear for his daughter Ianys pulls away from his lovers Kelnaht can only pray Ma’terra will guide him to a solution that brings them all together and keeps Circle Tales of PDF/EPUB À Atèn safe from harm.

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  1. Serena Yates Serena Yates says:

    All the ‘Tales of the Forest’ I have read so far have been excellent but this third book in the Forester Triad is something special The characters – Kelnaht Taruif and Ianys – truly come into their own in this finale and even with all the tensions caused by Ianys’s circumstances and the multiple obstacles between them and happiness they manage to grow the depth of their relationship Then there is the mystery of the children falling ill – much worse than can be explained by the “summer bug” that is initially thought to be the cause Between Kelnaht investigating the causes and trying to find whoever is behind the life threatening attack and some old history reappearing this novella had me spellbound and turning the pages as uickly as possibleKelnaht with his magical abilities to track criminals is a very busy elf as soon as the healers realize that what ails several of the tribe’s children is far severe than the summer bug The deeper he digs the unpleasantness he finds and he ends up being attacked himself once the perpetrator sees him as a threat to their plans Between the professional stress and his personal life still being up in the air Kelnaht has his hands full He hates that Ianys can’t openly be with him and Taruif and I can see why he is a truth seeker and an upstanding member of elf society and all the sneaking around gets to him than it might to some others Taruif is enjoying his new status – no longer being shunned has all kinds of perks He is still getting used to it and hiding the fact that Ianys is as much his lover as Kelnaht is stressful but on the whole he is much happier now than he was during the twenty years of being “ignored” by everyone Taruif is also a balancing element in the triad and his support means a lot to Kelnaht and IanysIanys is in real trouble His emotions are all over the place from being torn between his daughter and his lovers but when his daughter falls ill and exhibits symptoms of the debilitating mystery illness Ianys comes close to losing it Not that I blame him in the leastThe resolution of this latest “case” is fascinating and had my attention all the way The struggle for emotional stability between the three men and the hope for a solution was just as intense The way Blaine D Arden managed to resolve these two big and various other story threads was a joy to watch – and relieved me to no end The additional story elements she managed to “sow” in the final few chapters even make me hope there will be stories set in this fascinating world If you like stories set in fantasy worlds where the rules are slightly different from our reality yet close enough to be instantly recognizable if you think that three men who have loved each other for years but were unable to be together deserve a happy end and if you’re looking for a suspenseful read that is as spellbinding as it is emotionally rewarding then you will probably like this novella as much as I do I hope there will be books in this series – soonNOTE This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  2. Lisa The Novel Approach Lisa The Novel Approach says:

    I’ve been following the Tales of the Forest trilogy since the first book came out back in 2011 and have waited a long time for the payoff for Kel Taruif and Ianys I suppose I can sum things up for this triad now with third time’s the charm—Blaine D Arden has delivered what I’ve been waiting for for yearsWhere some higher fantasy can often leave me feeling as though I need an encyclopedia of terms and characters the world building in this series spares readers from excess minutiae while still offering enough detail to sink us into the otherness of its elven realm There is an order to the society which gives a certain realistic tone to the storyline an entire population—children parents elders—and within the village there is a working community though there is never a moment that the fantasy of place is overshadowed It’s the mystical elements that serve as the reminder that you’re grounded in an alternate world and the village in spite of its idyllic setting is not without its imperfections There are crimes which Kelnaht as truth seeker is involved in solving And of course as you would expect with this sort of woodland fantasy magic serves a place in both the crimes and their investigationThe mystery in this novel serves as a catalyst for change in the romantic relationship between the threesome There’s a fair bit of their history doled out over the course of the trilogy so the books need to be read in order to fully appreciate the progression of their bond—first Kel and Ianys then Kel and Taruif and finally the burden the three of them share in a promise Ianys had made to his dying wife and the way that vow affects and strains the love the three elves feel for each other When children in the village begin to fall ill Ianys’s daughter Atèn among them it serves to drive an even greater wedge between Ianys and the men he’s been denied spending his life withOne of the things I love about the society built within the series is the lack of censure in the makeup of its families and partnerships Polyamory is a part of the structure of this world alongside couples though rather than it being made a point to juxtapose one family to another it’s merely another layer of world building and diversity within its structureThere’s a poignant streak a mile wide that Arden has capitalized on with these characters and the heartbreaking restraint of their love for each other However there’s also a romantic payoff at the end of Full Circle as the title alludes to that the author delivers in a most satisfying wayReviewed by Lisa for The Novel Approach Reviews

  3. DeWanda DeWanda says:


  4. Becca Becca says:

    I'm honestly not sure what to think of this book It was a murder mystery of sorts with some menage mixed in That wasn't the problem but I wish I could explain what the problem was To be honest I just really didn't care for the book that much This can be read as a standalone but reading the first two helps understand background That may be the problem for me as I haven't connected with these characters from the start As a murder mystery of sorts it was fine People in the village are being murdered and the truth seeker Kel is on the hunt to find out what is going on and who would do such a heinous crime His vowed Forester Taruif is trying to find a cure as well as help seek this person down But it hits close to home when their lovers’ daughter becomes sick like the other children Ianys is overwrought with grief as they try to heal her and the others and solve this mystery before other are hurt This part is the intriguing part of the story The whole whodunit  Out of all the characters I think I liked Kel the most though I still didn’t really connect with anything as a whole He seemed the most relatable as you can feel his empathy with the parents and his people as they struggle and grieve with sickness and death Plus he isn't afraid to be strong and do what needs to be done When they capture who has been doing these things he has to see some nasty things  in the mind of the evil person And although he has to be strong to do his job he also isn't afraid to cry That takes real strength I wish I could say about this book but it left me feeling blah It was hard for me to get into I tried to highlight the finer points for anyone who wants to read it but it's not a book I would put on my to be read list

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