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Face Time ✼ Face Time Epub ✿ Author Kristen Hatton – Facebook Instagram Twitter Snap Chat Whats App Vine By the time you read this there will be even ways to engage with others on social media Its fun to be connected but its also a lot of pressure isnt Facebook Instagram Twitter Snap Chat Whats App Vine By the time you read this there will be even ways to engage with others on social media Its fun to be connected but its also a lot of pressure isnt it Social media constantly reminds you what others are doing how they look and who they are with As you check your accounts all the time it can be easy to think you arent measuring up to those you are following and to wonder who you really are and if you are measuring up to those around you.

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  1. Tara Gibbs Tara Gibbs says:

    Social media has ratcheted up the stakes in the desire all of us feel to be included and affirmed by others We need to give our young people the tools they need to fight back Face Time is a 12 chapter Bible study pointing our girls to the place from where true identity is derived The foreword states Our girls are in the fight for their lives Their identity is threatened at every turn How many of us who freuently deal with young people know a girl who cuts or has an eating disorder or a teen who has attempted suicide? Face Time addresses eating disorders cutting sexual identity peer pressure drinking and and then every chapter points our girls to hope in Jesus Christ As a mom of three teen girls I am thankful for this resource which deals with these topics head on This book is a great resource for small groups youth leaders and motherdaughter Bible studies Kristen has dealt with the issues facing today's young women in a concise and Biblical manner

  2. Michael Boling Michael Boling says:

    Back in the 1980s the infamous singer Madonna opined in her song “Material Girl” about the life of a girl living in a world focused on fleeting relationships and possessions Fast forward to the 21st century and one can certainly attest the words of the aforementioned song pale in comparison to the world of selfies social media and the ever growing pursuit of vanityWe have a teenage daughter As with most teenagers she struggles at times when it comes to matters related to self image and fitting in to the passing fads of the day She recognizes these fads for what they are namely passing fancies of a self absorbed culture; however the urge to be part of the crowd still remainsKristen Hatton in her excellent book Face Time Your Identity in a Selfie World provides helpful tools for teens to deal with the temptation to fit in to the world’s version of identity Hatton covers all the hot button topics teenage girls deal with on a daily basis such as body image eating disorders materialism friends peer pressure sex and self harm just to name a few In opposition to that worldly perspective Hatton presents a biblical approach to identity with a keen focus on providing teenage girls with tools to stay focused on what matters – their relationship with JesusWe actually utilized this book as part of our homeschool Bible curriculum It was uite easy to use this book in that manner given Hatton provides short yet insightful chapters that each conclude with hard hitting “Reflection Time” uestions and space to journal about Scriptures that deal with the issue presented in each chapterWhat I appreciated most about Face Time is Hatton saturates each chapter with sound biblical truth While it is helpful to share stories humor and personal experience which are provided throughout Hatton consistently focuses the reader on looking to the truth found in Scripture as the foundation for how we understand life self and our relationship with God I highly recommend this excellent book for parents with teenage daughters and also for youth group leaders In a time where far too many teenagers attempt to find their self identity from social media in all its forms it is vitally important to combat the world’s ideology with the truth of Scripture The identity of our teenage girls is not found in the latest fashions the hottest technology fad diets or in the arms of a boy who feigns love Their true and lasting identity is found in Jesus and Kristen Hatton does a marvelous job of outlining the importance of that truth for girls who may be struggling with the temptation to conform to the world’s often twisted perspective on life

  3. Caroline Z Caroline Z says:

    Some parts are clear than others but as a whole this book does a good job of pointing out how external sins and internal insecurities are rooted in idolatry and not believing the truth of the gospel It does a good job of pointing out that we can really only find our true satisfactionfulfillmentidentity in Christ and nothing else

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