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Wayward Witch (Brooklyn Brujas, #3) ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Wayward Witch (Brooklyn Brujas, #3) By Zoraida Córdova ✐ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Rose Mortiz has always been a fixer but lately she’s been feeling lost She has brand new powers she doesn’t understand and her family is still trying to figure out how to function in the wake of h Rose Mortiz has always been a fixer but lately she’s been feeling lost She has brand new powers she doesn’t understand and her family is still trying to figure out how to function in the wake of her amnesiac father’s return home Then on the night of her Deathday party Rose discovers her father’s memory loss has been a lie As she rushes to his side the two are ambushed and pulled through a portal to the land of Adas a fairy realm hidden in the Caribbean Sea There Rose is forced to work with a group of others to save Adas Soon she begins to discover the scope of her powers the troubling truth about her father’s past and the sacrifices he made to save her sisters But if Rose wants to return home so she can repair her broken family she must figure out how to heal Adas first.

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  1. Zoraida Zoraida says:

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  2. Bethany Bethany says:

    Zoraida Cordova consistently delivers solid adventures for teens with plenty of action a clear arc of character development for the MC and well executed diversity Wayward Witch is no different and I probably would have loved this series as a teenager This installment follows Rose the youngest of the bruja Mortiz sisters as she finally reachers her 15th year and embarks on her own magical coming of age This series is steeped in Latinx culture and places a strong emphasis on family with realistic feeling sister dynamics I can't say too much without spoilers but Wayward Witch feels akin to Labyrinth Lost as it involves a portal fantasy element where Rose must find her power decide who she will become and maybe experience her first kiss along the way It moves along at a fast pace with a lushly described world danger violence but always hope It's also body positive with good fat representation and I love that for teenagers We are also introduced to a new character who is non binary and this definitely leaves the door open for future installments even if none are currently scheduled I found this to be enjoyable and would recommend the entire series as a great option particularly for teens YA is sometimes written with an older audience in mind but with Brooklyn Brujas that isn't so much the case I received an advance copy of this book for review via NetGalley All opinions are my own Content Warnings include peril betrayal death rituals monster violence

  3. Aly Aly says:

    I'm so excited I got to read the final book in this seriesI have loved these books there are so many great elements; the Latinx culture the bruja religion and abilities family and ueer characters The plot for this follows youngest sister Rosie as she gets her own adventure when she and her father are transported to a magical land and forced to help stop a rot that is consuming everything Rosie is sassy and smart and a fun character to read about She's confident in her body and doesn't let things keep her down She cares so much about her family and I loved her inner thoughts about what her sisters would think about her situation I also enjoyed the history of the land and seeing Rosie trust herself and develop her powers There are a lot of characters and sometimes I got confused as to who was who especially with them being different species and having uniue names I did like Rosie's crush on Arco and her friendship with Lin Shout out for non binarygender fluid representation The ending was a little choppy and I wasn't sure what was going on with a certain character but I'm sure it will be cleaned up by the final draft I know this is the final book in the trilogy but I have uestions and Nova's storyline is still wide open so I'm really hoping for a spin off I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  4. JulesGP JulesGP says:

    Two and half years ago I read book 1 in this series featuring three bruja sisters The first one had Alex journeying through a hostile fairy land to free her vanuished family Book 2 told the story of how the oldest sister Lula dealt with her unfortunate decision to bring back her boyfriend from the deadBook 3 is about the youngest sister Rose and is definitely the best written of the three The author briefly touches on the past books but then dives headfirst into Wayward Witch At first it seems that we’re getting a rehash of Alex’s venture a 15 year old bruja forced into a mystical land but Rose and her band of fellow magical heroes aren’t just a collective of power They’re sunlit and star infused beings who are barely grown vulnerable youth trying to shine and fulfill their promise They’ve been kidnapped by the corrupt Bastard King of Adas who enthralls a few of the populace with merriment and greed distracting them from his vile treatment and enslavement of the majority His evil heart has fouled the land and the putridness is literally eating away at the lush paradise Rose and her found family together must use their magic to fight away the Rot and save AdasAs always Córdova’s world building and nonstop action is wondrous Rose’s two royal companions twins Arco and Iris are passionate and swoon worthy champions to the cause against their father I would recommend to fantasy fans especially ones looking for beautiful language and diverse characters Because Rose is a bit younger there’s no romance other than crushes Hopefully the author revisits Rose and Adas in a few yearsArc received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

  5. laurel [the suspected bibliophile] laurel [the suspected bibliophile] says:

    Rose Moritz has been trying to fix her family for the past six months Everyone says they're fine and to leave it be but Rose and see the barely sealed fractures threatening to send her family into pieces When adas abduct Rose and her father and drag them into the fairy realm Rose finds out that her father has lied to them all this time He didn't forget And the secrets he hid were bigger than she ever could have imaginedI think I built my expectations too high and it did not live up to my internal hype It was still enjoyable but I skimmed a lot of the storyLots of elements were fantastic but overall it felt stereotypical of a lot of YA fantasy in a way the previous two books didn'tThere was the warrior fairy princess There was the cobbled together Guardians who were supposed to be a team but never managed to click together I think this was due to me skimming There was the love interest who was kinda a love interest but I was really meh over There were a whole bunch of other characters and I was struggling over the timeline of events which kept changing and made me go wait when did this happen? A couple years ago or several centuries ago?Anywho I feel that most of my frustration lay with the YA samesies of the story I felt the same way with Shielded I felt this one pulled from way too many other places and just didn't stand on its ownBut again this is entirely to do with me because I was in a slumpy mood while reading it and honestly skimmed uite a bit of the storyI did love the mythology and the ending portions and I loved Rose's magic I loved the wrapping of the Latinx fairy land and how the realm was set on an island in the Caribbean I loved a lot of the characters in the story I loved the winged horses although I felt they needed page timeI am just tired of immortal fairies who act like teenagers and ferocious fairy kings with paper thin personalities and motivations And immortals falling for teenagers I received this ARC from NetGalley for an honest review

  6. The Nerd Daily The Nerd Daily says:

    Originally published on The Nerd Daily | Review by Nathalie DeFeliceIf you haven’t read the Brooklyn Brujas series you seriously need to I loved Alex and Lulabut I feel like Zoraida outdid herself with Rose’s character in Wayward Witch Maybe it’s because I really felt connected to her as a character despite being a young sibling There’s something about characters that are the observersfixers in their family The ones who see what’s going on in their family and doing their best to keep everything together or at least semi normal Also I wasam Rose at most family gatherings and I felt that to my core The ending was bittersweet in a way that is perfect for this series and left just a bit unfinished that I hope readers might get to revisit sometime soon I sincerely urge you to pick up this book because you’re going to love itRead the FULL REVIEW on The Nerd Daily

  7. Mila Mila says:

    The digital arc of this book was kindly provided by the publisher via Edelweiss website in exchange for an honest reviewMy relationship with this whole book series has been rocky at best but I still hoped that this installment would be better than the previous one And it was an improvement I liked Rose a lot as a protagonist than Lula I liked the writing the cultural references and the magical setting But overall the plot was drawn out and just wasn't that exciting It also seemed a bit too similar to the first book and I wish there was focus on the actual family relationships especially between Rose and her father So while I didn't actually dislike any parts of the novel it was mostly uite underwhelming

  8. Samantha (WLABB) Samantha (WLABB) says:

    Having finally learned the truth about her powers the youngest Mortiz sister was struggling not only with controlling her gift but also with finding her place in the family On her Deathday Rose and her father were taken back to Adas There she was charged with fighting the rot that was destroying the land As she fought for this world she learned how to harness her power while also discovering a lot about herself I am always so sad to say goodbye to a series and this is one I have loved since the very beginning Córdova did an incredible job with all of these books and I adored getting to know each and every one of the Mortiz sisters Like the previous books this one was packed with action and magic that had my heart pumping Rose had a difficult task to tackle but thank goodness she had help I was uite a fan of the band of Guardians put together to save Adas They challenged Rose and though they were not gentle with her they helped her grow As the little sister it was easy for Rose to fade into the background and play the supporting character role but here she was forced into a high stakes do or die situation and she rose to the occasion She had these brilliant moments which really touched me and also made me uite proud of her I really enjoyed this book Though because this was the finale I was left a little wanting The standout elements of this series for me was the familial bond The second book was one of my favorites because the entire family banded together for their battle They spent a lot of time on page together and I loved every second of it I missed that in this book I was also left with some uestions A VERY big one as a matter of fact I am still holding out for Brooklyn Brujas books I mean there was a B I G and awesome reveal in this book and I think that could definitely be explored I'm just sayingEven if I don't get any books this series will still rank high for me Córdova created a fantastic world and I am grateful I had the opportunity to explore it I am also happy to have had the pleasure of spending three books with the magnificent Mortiz family I relished this magical journey and will fondly remember my time with the Brooklyn Brujas ARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG | INSTAGRAM |TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS

  9. Celia McMahon Celia McMahon says:

    Thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for a chance to review this title ahead of its release dateWayward Witch is the third installment to the Brooklyn Bruja series that I have ardently followed since Labyrinth Lost was published Where LL followed Alex and Bruja Born followed Lula WAYWARD WITCH follows the youngest sister RoseWAYWARD WITCH takes us back to another world and as we saw in LABYRINTH LOST young Rose must find a way to work with what she's given and save those she loves We are first back with the Mortiz family as they try to cope with the events of their father returning and not remembering anything that happened back in the fairy realm Rose doesn't uite feel like she belongs even on her own Deathday But during an argument with her father both he and Rose are suddenly spirited away to Adas the fairy realm and find themselves in the center of a land in turmoil Rose is suddenly forced to work with a group to find the root of evil that is slowly destroying the land She agrees if only to save her father whom the king is keeping a prisoner in exchange Along the way she finds friendship in the ragtag group and even family What I loved about this book was that I was taken back to what I loved about the series A girl unsure about herself that is suddenly thrust into something that seemed bigger than herself only to conuer it and come out that much stronger The conflict within the Mortiz sister as this series went on is what makes it real Also the focus on family and the love they have is what drew me into this series to begin with Forewarning this book does contain a bit of romance but it does not consume the bookZoraida my heart hurt in this one HOW DARE YOU Anyway I am sad this series has come to an end or has it???? but with the author's next book in my kindle I am sure I will be sated with her writing for a long time to come

  10. Nicholas Perez Nicholas Perez says:

    And thus one of my favorite YA trilogies comes to an end Wayward Witch is the third and final? book of the Brooklyn Brujas series In the first book Alejandra Alex Mortiz accidentally banishes her family on her Deathday afraid of her ecantrix powers She journeyed to Los Lagos with a brujo Nova and her friend later girlfriend Rishii to find them In the second book Alex's older sister Lula survives a bus crash that kills her boyfriend and the rest of her classmates She tries a ritual to bring her boyfriend back only to summon countless undead casimuertos In this final book the youngest sister Rose and her father are abducted to a dying fairy island called Adas as her new found Siphon powers are believed to defend the island from the rotI really didn't want this story to end mostly because I didn't want the series end It isn't 100% confirmed the series is over I'm really really REALLY hoping Nova gets his own book on that later Each of the books is a coming of age story and Rose's story is no different She is partially mad at her father because he reveals that he has retained memories from when he was gone during the first book but never told anybody Their relationship parallels Iris and Arco's the princess and prince of Adas relationship with their own father the King of Adas The King of Adas is a cruel man who killed and imprisoned his own father for the crown He mistreats Iris and Arco and many of his subjectsRose Arco and Iris go on a journey across Adas to fend back the aforementioned rot During that journey they learn about each other encounter new threats and lose many friends and Rose tries to understand her Siphon powers which terrify her and the others We also have a call back to the first book where we learn the Destroyer was a Siphon like Rose Along the way Rose befriends a half fairy brujex named Lin who can create portals who is a delightRose's journey although fast paced is a long one Her feelings over her father about Iris and toward Arco all make her feel conflicted against the looming threat of the rot However I am a little irked about two things 1 Although we learn a lot about Rose's father his relationship with her does not get much detail and I feel like we were robbed of it He still has character development but a lot of it is tied to the actions of the plot 2 Rose and Arco's romance went by way too fast It was still sweet thoughThe ending is bittersweet The King gets his comeuppance albeit it somewhat too uickly we learn what the rot truly is and Iris becomes ueen However Arco is tragically killed I was honestly surprised We learn that Lin is actually Rose's half sibling whom her father had when he was originally in Adas years ago I was shocked too Rose's story has a satisfying conclusionBut still Nova Nova leaves at the beginning of the book to go to the Dominican Republic he still hasn't received a proper Deathday and the magic is slowing killing him He gives Rose some bracelets for her and her sisters to remember him at the end he sends them a postcard Nova remained to me the most interesting character in all these stories and now we need his story Zoraida Córdova has not ruled out completely a book for him BUT WE NEED IT The story of the Mortiz sisters is complete but not Brooklyn Brujas You cannot just forget a character like thisIn the end the book is about a 355 stars for me but the overall series is 45 stars I am happy but yearning

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