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  1. Meep Meep says:

    Still pulls the heartstrings on a re read A new DW STETER peopleWith live Hales HurtComfort WolvesWhose with me? HUGE THANKS TO EVERYONE reading with you makes these stories so much fun and MAJOR kudos to DW for being amazing as alwaysSweet bonding with Peter wolf wonderful Sheriff so much love for him and live Hales with all the differences that makes Derek cute and lighter Cora sassy and brilliant Yes at times DW used our hearts for her origami but it was beautiful origami so that's alright Too many great lines to start uoting the story is uite introspective for Stiles though his sass does shine through It all ends well

  2. Vivian Vivian says:

    Imagine if it offered him a life of excruciating pain of heartbreak of depression of anxiety of panic attacks of fear But imagine it said he could Stiles’s answer is yesEvery fucking time yes Pain is a constant companion but nothing's worse than the guilt that envelopes their lives The unrelenting specter of the past that replays unforgivable events over and over and over There's no end just an endless loop ChangeNew places and people mean new chances Good and bad No place is untouched by evil and ill will even the idyllic Beacon Hills Everything's a give and take as the Sheriff knows well And Stiles And the HalesAcceptance and forgiveness go hand in hand or hand in paw As Stiles navigates his limitations and previously unimagined dreams he finds peace and love For something as dark as this was the humor and generosity of spirit displayed alleviated it Peter and Stiles are per character snarky and hysterical with Peter's skulking particularly amusing But I have to give kudos to Cora for she has some great lines that lack that dark undertone And this is a lovely reimagining of Derek still damaged but unbroken Stiles and Peter two peas in a pod Artwork by Z Pico Henry Survivor Meeting at Meep

  3. BWT (Belen) BWT (Belen) says:

    Steter Where Stiles is a patchwork uilt held together with stitches and screws Peter has his own scars both mentally and physically and this still manages to be light angst super immersive and riveting and actually kind of fluffy “I’d support you whatever you decided to do” Peter tells him “If you wanted to throw everything in go and live in a yurt in Mongolia I’d be saddling a yak in a heartbeat” He smiles “If you’re looking for an unbiased opinion as to what you should do you’ve come to the wrong man But if it’s my support you want then yes always and in everything” Loved it I had a wish list for this and literally got all but one thing Who else is so lucky that so much of what they hope for a story for characters comes true?sighs happilyBecause no one and I mean no one in my opinion writes Teen Wolf better

  4. ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ says:

    I mean stop it with this painful brilliance There are two very sharp lines of demarcation in Stiles’s life One was when his mother died One was when he opened the door without checking who it was And the person he has become is allowed to look back to study his old self and to marvel at how happy he was how brash how loud but he can’t step back over that line Can’t slide into his old skin like it still fits him It’s a torn shirt a frayed jacket a pair of jeans with the knees ripped through It has too many pieces hacked out of it to ever be worn with confidence againThe small details that speak like a full volume set of World Book Encyclopedia DW is tuned in 100% in this 'verse and communicates it beautifully pointedly unmistakably It actually gets me pumped In a sentence or two she gives so much regarding the personalities of these characters and how they each fit into the family So much effing funAnd emotionAnd the growth and progress Stiles and his dad especially are experiencing It's freeingLOTS OF STUFF HAPPENS IT'S ROUGH It should feel a little weird not just sliding so easily into the family the pack but sitting here pretty much plastered to Peter and nobody so much as blinks Like whatever this is it’s a natural progression of everything that’s come before Whatever that was It’s simultaneously the easiest and most complicated thing Stiles has ever dealt with in his lifeThere's humor of course Cora is awesome and the best kinda friend with and for StilesI even kinda liked Scott He steps up Gerard is the worst human being ever Not news I knowDerek is sweet strong and nerdy Love itDW is fantabulous at writing these characters as wolves I mean of course Peter flicks his tail up indignantly Even better is Stiles laughing ;And this this made everything ok for me and Stiles' decision “Kiddo in your shoes I’d jump at the chance too”I think the only thing I would have liked of is Peter in human form But ya know I'm greedy like that when it comes to Peter It's all DW's fault and she knows it She made me love himDW as usual manages to juggle all of the various relationships within the Hale pack painting lively and loving images with a few brush strokes When I think back on how this story started and where everything ends up? Wow what a journeyThank you Lisa 3And a massive thank you and group hug to the Survivor's Group D

  5. Bitchie Bitchie says:

    This is Lisa here of course it's awesome I loved it all I cried for Stiles multiple times for the Sheriff for Peter this was just fabulous And I even liked Scott in this oneSteter fic for those unaware but sooooo good it might convert a few Stereks out there Peter is well Peter but not insane out for vengeance Peter and he and Stiles have much in common than an uncanny amount of snarkWorth the read

  6. Kat Kat says:

    DiscontentedWinter knows how to write a page turner and bring on the emo stuff I was hooked all the way through reading Sanctuary and enjoyed the sweet family dynamics and the angst and heartbreak that didn't tip over into melodrama wonderful but the actual pairing and Steter is my prefered TW pairing Sterek being a close runner up was a miss here There was no chemistry between Peter and Stiles Them both suffering the conseuences of a traumatic past and so visibly too at first glance appeared to make Steter the perfect choice of partner for Stiles in this fic indeed But it never became clear why exactly the 2 decades older Peter fell for Stiles other than their shared trauma Peter was scarily subdued to fit as damaged Stiles love interest where was the snark and the sass the P in Peter? to the point of him demonstrating an uncanny amount of self effacement So as a result and this is going to come as a surprise coming from Steter digging age gap adoring putting tab A into slot B loving me but the actual sex felt misplaced weird here In hindsight maybe Derek would've worked better Anyway now on to buying Adulting 101 ASAP because I can't stand not being able to throw money at all this great free stuff that Lisa Henry has spoiled us with some of her free works are among my all time favorites too Sometimes kudos just aren't enough

  7. Dreamer Dreamer says:

    Wow a gazillion stars for this latest Steter fic by DiscontentedWinter Oooooh the feels “Imagine the bird was the devil” Stiles told Kirsten once Imagine if it offered him a life of excruciating pain of heartbreak of depression of anxiety of panic attacks of fear But imagine it said he could have his dad in returnStiles’s answer is yes Every fucking time yesArt by captedkenway

  8. Eugenia Eugenia says:

    My first Steter Overall I liked it There were a lot of painful moments in this one for Stiles since we find him scarred and emotionally damaged from a mafia attack The Hales their wolf sanctuary and a special wolf named Remus help him heal There is uite the age gap between Stiles and Peter but it works All of the Hales are featured here and all of the Argents except Kate and Victoria Great ending

  9. Lilia Ford Lilia Ford says:

    I just loved this my new favorite fic by this author Moving beautifully written just perfect

  10. Fifi LaFleur Fifi LaFleur says:

    I loved this So much heart and heartache is in this story I had some serious leaky eye syndrome while reading it Apparently I am an emotional masochist and this journey of healing just touched and gutted me in all the right ways Heartbreaking and sweet There is some serious magic that DW has written in the small interactions between characters I'm glad Stiles got to keep his scars they are a part of who he is as a survivor and he will wear them like a warrior going forward

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