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Undoctored [PDF / Epub] ⚣ Undoctored ✈ William Davis – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk In his New York Times bestseller Wheat Belly Dr William Davis changed the lives of millions of people by teaching them to remove wheat from their diet to reverse years of chronic health damage Now he' In his New York Times bestseller Wheat Belly Dr William Davis changed the lives of millions of people by teaching them to remove wheat from their diet to reverse years of chronic health damage Now he'll go beyond cutting wheat to help you take charge of your own overall health in Undoctored Dr Davis wants you to understand that conventional medicine is no longer working in your favor He will expose how millions of people are prescribed unnecessary medications given dietary recommendations crafted by big business and undergo unnecessary procedures recommended by healthcare practitioners to feed revenue hungry healthcare systems He then shows how the modern boom in information tools can be applied to create a comprehensive program to reduce reverse and cure common health issues through simple strategies including harnessing the collective wisdom of new online technologies so that you can break free of a health care system that puts profits over health Undoctored is the spark of a new individually empowered health care movement The results of Dr Davis' week program are superior to solutions provided by the conventional healthcare system You will be euipped to manage your own health and sidestep the misguided motives of a profit driven medical system.

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  1. Debbie Mcnulty Debbie Mcnulty says:

    I enjoyed reading this book although at times I found it to be repetitive Most of the facts within the book I already knew but there were a few gems hidden inside I think it could have been a much shorter book had he not repeats info so many times Going grain free has changed my life and health I found the info about that to be the most interesting

  2. Jacob Hales Jacob Hales says:

    I already knew about the corruption with AHA and ADA thanks to Gary Taubes and Nina Tiecholtz However Dr Davis's account of the failure of the health care system is so convincing and angering that my opinion on the American Health Care Act has flipped I am okay if the system collapses and Doctors get on board with the truth about nutrition sugars and grains are not natural to human nutrition and will kill you

  3. Cynthia Egbert Cynthia Egbert says:

    I did learn a few things and had a few suspicions confirmed but I am even at a loss now about what to do for my own health I am just not certain that I can see carbs all grains in such a negative light I just keep reading and getting so much conflicting information and so many are willing to blame every other eating plan for all of our problems and their plan is the total miracle that will solve everything that I just get bogged down Sigh

  4. Evonne Evonne says:

    Interesting I'd already read Wheat Belly by the same guy so I was familiar with many of his arguments Basically he's saying that a because wheat and many grains have been modified by all kinds of methods for mostly good reasons our guts don't digest them like we can the grains of 100 years ago Proteins have been altered and the result is indigestion and problems that block nutrients resulting in all kinds of diseaseb doctors aren't trained in this kind of health information They are trained to treat symptoms but not causes He argues that the health system is an economic one not nearly as altruistic as it claims Though practitioners may be in it for the right reasons their training doesn't allow them to think in terms of eliminating the cause of illness; they are all about managing symptomsc we live in an age where information is easy to come by and many organizations are rising up to euip the average person to manage their own health Tests can be purchased online or through private companies Data is everywhere Sift through it intelligently and all you need your doctor for will be for treating nondietary related health issues He argues these are very fewHe points out multiple times that the value of his advice comes from taking all of it at once and not in some hodgepodge fashion All or nothing he says because the positive outcomes are a result of the synergy of all the suggestions taken together not in any one or two singly applied Therefore get smart; drop grains; supplement intelligently; live with wellness in mind; and carry on

  5. Greg Strandberg Greg Strandberg says:

    Lots of interesting facts and stats but not as interesting as I thought it would be I did a lot of skimming on this one and probably read 50 pages in all

  6. Kim Kim says:

    I love the idea that we can make informed healthy choices that help restore our bodies to a state of health and protect against lifestyle related disease I love the extensive footnotes supporting Dr Davis’ claims I plan to try the six week plan in the coming weeks to see how helpful it is I do tend to be a sucker for all the dietary fads that come along Much of what he says here supports what I’ve read elsewhere as I’ve done other research and I would love to see these ideas catch on Anyone who struggles with type 2 diabetes thyroid disease PCOS or many other conditions can find some good information here Also everyone needs to be taking Vitamin D PeriodThat said the book was repetitive Some of the bashing of the current healthcare system seemed fair 👎 corrupt pharmaceutical companies and some seemed unfair I personally know many doctors PAs and nurses who genuinely care for their patients and long to help them and not exploit them The book would have been helpful if it had talked about life beyond the six week Undoctored protocol and how to implement the lifestyle in a family with children Basing our diets on evolutionary claims of what our forebears supposedly ate really isn’t something I find convincing but it’s the thing in these paleo sort of circlesHowever I do recommend the book and it’s worth owning marking up and using as a reference We’d all be better served if we lived as he teaches

  7. Alice H Hess Alice H Hess says:

    Good information about taking care of your own health and not relying on doctors

  8. Kim Kim says:

    Enjoyed this book Lots of practical easily applicable information about how to stay healthy monitor your own health and assert your control as a health care consumer

  9. Joe Joe says:

    While doctors could have easily advised patients to supplement over the counter fish oil before the “drug” form came on the market they instead opted to prescribe Lovaza reflecting the effectiveness of marketing hocus pocus and adding several thousand dollars of cost per person under the guise of FDA approval Of course the 1 billion in Lovaza sales ends up in the pockets of the drug company while we all bear the burden of increased costs whether or not the drug was prescribed to us And all of this from something that you could have taken on your own easily and inexpensively One example An analysis of 111000 people who received implantable cardioverter defibrillators or ICDs in 1200 hospitals across the United States revealed that an astounding 225 percent of patients receiving them did not have a legitimate indication of need 10 In some hospitals as many as 40 percent of implanted ICDs were put in without need Receiving an ICD is no small matter as they are large devices implanted under the skin of the chest bulky disfiguring reuiring monthly checks and surgical replacement of the battery every few years yet we have nearly one in four people receiving them without reasonDuring my former life as an interventional cardiologist performing coronary balloon angioplasty and inserting stents each metal stent implanted cost between 500 and 3000 from the manufacturers Implanting two three or five in a single patient was not uncommon The average stent weighs 02 gram and is made of stainless steel; the pricing for stents means that you are paying 2270000 per pound of steel—hundreds of times than a pound of gold but for common steel not that different from the spring in your ballpoint pen Sure there are research and development costs to recover but nothing to justify such wildly exorbitant pricesArthroscopic knee surgery for osteoarthritis—in which a surgeon passes a narrow scope and various tools to scrape away rough edges and loose debris and shaves down knee cartilage in the hope of providing pain relief—has been shown to have no benefit beyond placebo 17 This is not to be confused with arthroscopic procedures to repair torn ligaments or meniscus tears which have been shown to be effective There can be early pain relief after arthroscopic knee surgery for arthritis but it is short lived yielding no long term benefit over exercise and physical therapy no better than a sham operation Yet this procedure has been performed on millions of people over 20 years with several hundred thousand still performed in the United tates every yearThe Health Care Cost Institute launched guroocom which lists prices charged by hospitals allowing people to shop for better prices The Healthcare Bluebook healthcarebluebookcom has launched a similar effort Emboldened by findings such as those from the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice policy efforts to control healthcare expenditures while improving outcomes are likely to emergeHere’s a basic fact Eat carbohydrates and blood sugar rises Every first year medical student knows this every nurse or diabetes educator knows this every person with diabetes who performs finger stick blood sugars before and after meals knows this Eat any food with than just a few grams of carbohydrates and blood sugar will rise; the carbohydrates you eat the higher blood sugar will rise Everyone also knows that foods like butter do not raise blood sugar nor will a fatty cut of meat olives green bell peppers broccoli or chicken liver And since the 1980s when the sharp upward climb in type 2 diabetes and obesity began the only component of diet that has increased is carbohydrates not fat or proteins 4Whether intentional or inadvertent misinterpretation or blundering advice to engage in a diet low in fat and rich in grains with a free pass for sugar was a major contributor to the epidemic of type 2 diabetes and weight gainobesity Purported efforts to subdue a disease made the disease worse and not just by a little by a lot We now have the worst epidemic of type 2 diabetes and obesity in human history Even in the face of science telling us that the ADA dietary approach is wrong the organization stubbornly stands by old advice Meanwhile the healthcare system profits enormously and the pharmaceutical industry celebrates double digit annual rates of growth and record revenues due to the man made financial bonanza of diabetes and associated conditionsIt also means that the nice dietitian you’ve been told to see by your doctor has in effect had an education bought and paid for by the food industry You can no expect to obtain unbiased unscientific advice from a conventionally trained dietitian than you can from a salesperson from a soda company—because in many ways they are essentially one and the sameHeart disease than any other health condition is dominated by money and business Even over the course of my career I watched heart disease evolve from a low tech world with few effective tools to a high tech flurry of new technology—which is great But it also “monetized” heart disease making it exceptionally lucrative More than most other areas of health heart health is therefore dominated by money And organizations built around heart disease such as the AHA are no different now a half billion dollar per year behemoth The AHA got into the business of certifying food in 1988 a program that became the Heart Check program in 1995 Some of the products certified over the years include Berry Berry Kix Count Chocula Cocoa Frosted Flakes Fruity Marshmallow Krispies Honey Nut Cheerios and low fat Pop Tarts all declared “heart healthy” with tens of millions of dollars in certification fees paid for by companies including Cargill Post Kellogg’s and Coca Cola They won’t certify onions green bell peppers or organic kale of course since that’s not where the money is So go for the money rather than health and what you get for heart healthy food is low fat Pop TartsA recent survey found that two thirds of academic medical centers own euity interest in companies that sponsor research within the same institutionUnlike most other statin drug trials this one was not supported by the manufacturer It was funded by nonindustry grants removing at least one potential source of bias There were 10000 participants enrolled in the study Half were given atorvastatin the other half a placebo and then they were observed for 3 years Of the people taking the placebo 3 percent experienced a heart attack over 3 years while 19 percent of those on atorvastatin had a heart attack a reduction of 11 percent Alternatively 97 percent on the placebo survived while 989 percent survived on the drug—different but not very impressiveBy law the lab results are your property and the doctor and staff are operating out of ignorance You should apprise them of this fact If you still encounter resistance a call to the state medical board can turn the tides as the board can provide a brief statement that you can present to the doctor and the staff Recent changes in regulations also allow you to obtain lab results directly from the laboratory facility itself whether or not your doctor approves Thanks to regulations finalized in February 2014 by the US Department of Health and Human Services that replaced a hodgepodge of uneven state by state rules laboratories in all 50 states are now reuired to comply with your reuest to provide results to you without your doctor’s permission or knowledge The Undoctored approach flips the way we think about disease and health on its head Rather than starting with a health condition such as endometriosis or acid reflux and then trying to explore treatments via discussion forums or crowdsourced wisdom we flip flop the process by restoring overall health first Because virtually everyone’s health has been disrupted by factors such as diet weight gain industrial chemicals nutritional deficiencies and inflammation we all follow the same starting program to reverse these effectsSo called diseases of civilization—diabetes overweight and obesity much psychiatric illness autoimmune diseases heart disease colon cancer constipation even common skin conditions like acne and skin rashes—are virtually unknown in primitive societies following traditional dietsIn other words wheat—along with rye and barley which share the same gliadin protein structure—are potent appetite stimulants with other mind altering effectsWheat and its two most closely related grains rye and barley are therefore not just a vehicle for gluten but are packed with dozens of compounds toxic to humans with adverse effects inadvertently amplified by agribusiness through efforts that have everything to do with agricultural goals and nothing to do with your healthCornstarch is among the most popular ingredients in gluten free foods also explaining why gluten free breads muffins and other products are associated with extravagant weight gain and high blood sugarsThe amylopectin content of grains explains why corn wheat and sorghum are fed to livestock to fatten them up prior to slaughter yielding “grain finished” cuts of meat Ducks are fattened with corn and wheat often force fed through a tube passed into their stomachs to cause the fatty livers for the much prized foie grasCorn is also a prominent trigger for allergies As many as 90 percent of people who deal with cornstarch in the pharmaceutical industry as filler in pills and capsules food production or agriculture develop allergic responses to corn over time 43Fats unlike carbohydrates are essential as necessary as water or oxygenGlycation of skin proteins gives you brown colored “age spots” and wrinkles Glycation of cartilage proteins makes cartilage brittle eroding and leading to inflammation and the pain of arthritis Glycation of kidney tissue leads to declining kidney function Glycation of LDL particles in the bloodstream makes them likely to contribute to atherosclerosis heart disease Glycation of brain proteins contributes to dementia Those with diabetes experience high blood sugars throughout most of the day in life than those without diabetesFructose follows a different set of rules Ingested as say the high fructose corn syrup in a soft drink or ketchup it provokes the glycation reaction even without raising blood sugar a stealth reaction that is difficult to detect Even without the immediate rise in blood sugar fructation—glycation by fructose—is eight to tenfold worse than glycation by glucose 32 And as with glucose induced glycation it is also irreversibleBy an odd metabolic twist liver processing of fructose causes an increase of triglycerides which in turn trigger distortions in all other lipoproteins fat carrying proteins in the bloodstream converting for instance large and benign LDL particles into small and heart disease–causing LDL particles This means that fructose increases the particles in the bloodstream that lead to heart disease despite fructose being a major ingredient in many “heart healthy” products such as low fat yogurt Fructose also increases visceral fat blood pressure levels of uric acid that lead to gout and heart disease and inflammation and it contributes to fatty liver 35 36 In short fructose is a lot worse than it initially appearedIn one British study even when calories were limited to a near starvation level of 1000 calories per day if those calories were 90 percent carbohydrate weight would increase while 1000 calories as 90 percent fat or 90 percent protein would result in substantial weight loss A diet of pure carbohydrates by the way is also associated with extreme hunger while a diet of nearly all fat is notFoods that trigger insulin the most are therefore the most potent for weight gain while their absence allows weight loss; the euation is uite simpleThrow into the mix the exceptional capacity for grain amylopectin A to send blood sugar higher ounce for ounce than table sugar with blood sugar highs inevitably followed by blood sugar lows with shakiness mental cloudiness and hunger a 2 hour cycle that sets the poor grain consumer in an endless 2 hour hunt for food The combination provides a perfect formula for weight gain effects that have caused me to accuse wheat and grains of being “perfect obesogens”—foods that are perfect for causing weight gain and obesityPart of the Undoctored way of thinking is to never accept “health” advice on blind faith This is especially true of nutritional adviceTap into the online conversations at uantified Self uantifiedselfcom to get an idea of some of the new and extraordinary observations emerging Individuals from varied backgrounds—engineers teachers biochemists college students and the curious—apply self observation and uantification to solve health problems in unexpected waysCurious thing If you go to a lab and ask for the direct to consumer price not the price charged to health insurance it is typically much lower often 70 to 80 percent less since direct to consumer lab testing lacks the added layer of costs introduced by health insuranceYou will find that by eliminating wheat and grains by not limiting fat or calories by avoiding processed foods and by gravitating to real whole foods many of the elaborate rules advocated in dozens of diets become unnecessary We will not get bogged down with elaborate swaps point systems or dietary phases or other complicated rulesStop eating wheat and grains and what happens? All hell breaks loose for about a week—an opiate withdrawal syndrome causing 5 to 7 days of misery an issue we shall discuss in detail later But like a drug addict who will do almost anything for another “hit” having a secret stash of cheesy crackers hidden in the hall closet can as sure as real cheese does not come whizzing from a can booby trap any effort to purge grains from your lifeThere will be no mad scrambles for food due to overwhelming hunger no sneaking ice cream in the middle of the night no hidden snacks around the house No one will be anxiously counting minutes until lunch or dinnerLikewise the Sausage “Rice” Skillet recipe illustrates how we use riced cauliflower as a substitute for all forms of rice without sacrificing taste or textureIf probiotics and fermented foods are the seeds for bowel flora what are the “water” and “fertilizer” that nourish them? These are called prebiotic fibers fibers that you ingest but cannot digest leaving them for microorganisms in the intestines to consume Some call prebiotic fibers resistant starch since they are impervious to human digestion and digested by microorganisms Getting prebiotic fibers is crucial to your health and the success of your dietBy removing wheat grains and processed junk foods as well as Bt toxin and glyphosate residues that come via genetically modified corn and soy you have eliminated factors that are known to disrupt bowel floraIf you use tap water to ferment vegetables the chlorine and fluoride will block fermentation Likewise watering houseplants with tap water can make them wither Avoid unnecessary antibiotics There will be times when antibiotics are unavoidable But steer clear of them for uestionable indications such as for a viral illness “just in case” it converts to a bacterial infectionAvoid aspartame saccharine and sucralose These artificial sweeteners have been shown to modify bowel flora and increase potential for prediabetes helping explain why sugar free soda drinkers are no slender even heavier than sugared soda drinkers 23 Choose natural and benign sweeteners instead such as monk fruit erythritol and steviaYou can assess vitamin D status by measuring the blood level of 25 hydroxy vitamin D a simple and inexpensive test that you can even do on your own with a finger stickOnly choose oil based gelcaps or liuid drops of vitamin D 3 never tablets Most tablets are erratically absorbed or not absorbed at all while gelcaps and drops are reliably absorbedBut a 25 hydroxy vitamin D blood level is the one truly essential measure to obtain beyond routine values like blood glucoseBut clinical trials have repeatedly demonstrated virtually no benefit with calcium supplementation—no slowing of bone thinning no reduction of osteoporotic fractures Likewise people who consume plentiful dairy products containing calcium do not have better bone health One thing that people who supplement calcium do have is death from heart diseaseIodine protects against or can reverse fibrocystic breast disease Fibrocystic breast disease believed to be a precursor to some forms of breast cancer occurs to greater degrees in women with iodine deficiency and can be reversed in many women with iodine restorationThere are plenty of good reasons to supplement omega 3 fatty acids Omega 3s are essential not optional fatty acids with a very clear performance depression impaired childhood development dry skin dermatitis and neuropathies Many clinical studies demonstrate that higher intakes and blood levels of EPA and DHA yield reductions in sudden cardiac death heart attack heart rhythm disorders autoimmune inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus and a variety of cancers as well as improved brain development in childrenIt means that for years minerals were prevented from being absorbed whenever any phytate consuming grain was in the vicinity blocking the absorption of even mineral supplements Advice to include grains in every meal and snack predictably caused deficiencies of positively charged minerals especially magnesium calcium iron and zincIn these cases zinc supplements—such as zinc gluconate zinc sulfate and zinc acetate—can enhance dietary intake As with magnesium and iron look for the uantity of elemental zinc in the preparation not total weight Because zinc supplements are indeed meant to supplement dietary intake a modest additional intake of 10 to 15 milligrams per day is reasonableThe Undoctored nutritional supplement program restores nutrients that address intrinsic human needs Here are the most important ones • Vitamin D provides far reaching and magnificent benefits when restored We aim for a 25 hydroxy vitamin D blood level of 60 to 70 ngmL typically achieved with 4000 to 8000 units per day of vitamin D 3 in gelcap form Delay measuring blood levels for at least 2 to 3 months after initiating or changing dosage to allow the full effect to develop • Calcium is not part of the Undoctored process as it does not yield bone health and poses increased risk for cardiovascular disease • Iodine is an essential trace mineral that is increasingly deficient in modern populations We aim to obtain 500 to 1000 micrograms of iodine per day from kelp tablets or iodine drops • Fish oil and seafood are the only reliable sources for the omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA as the ideal daily intake of 3000 to 3600 milligrams EPA and DHA is only achievable by this route and not with linolenic acid–containing foods such as chia or flax or krill oil • Magnesium is the most commonly depleted mineral from prior grain consumption—with restoration yielding substantial benefits We aim for a daily magnesium intake of 400 to 500 milligrams of elemental magnesium • Zinc iron vitamin B 12 and folate can be deficient in some people so awareness of how to identify and correct these deficiencies can be situations

  10. Nancy Dardarian Nancy Dardarian says:

    I already knew a lot of this but it was a good read

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