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Doom Patrol Vol 1 Brick by Brick ❮BOOKS❯ ✵ Doom Patrol Vol 1 Brick by Brick ✫ Author Gerard Way – The spirit of Grant Morrison's groundbreaking Doom Patrol is captured in this debut series starring the cult favorite misfits as a part of Gerard Way's new Young Animal imprintFlex Mentallo Robotman R The spirit Vol 1 ePUB ☆ of Grant Morrison's groundbreaking Doom Patrol is captured in this debut series starring the cult favorite misfits as a part of Gerard Way's new Young Animal imprintFlex Mentallo Robotman Rebis Crazy Jane and are back to twist minds and take control This new take on a classic embraces and reimagines the Morrison run's signature surrealism and irreverence Incorporating bold experimental art and a brash tone to match a Doom Patrol Epub / new generation of readers Gerard Way's Doom Patrol establishes radical new beginnings breaks new ground and honors the warped team dynamic of the world's strangest heroesThis abstract and unexpected ensemble series nods at the Patrol Vol 1 Brick by eBook ´ Doom Patrol's roots by continuing to break the barriers of the traditional superhero genreCollecting Doom Patrol .

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  1. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    An enchanted colostomy bag belches into existence The Bliznar an anthropomorphic multi gender entity whose left testicle is running for Mayor of Kandahar and who wants to write this year’s Christmas No 1 jig But a ragtag team of anti hero pro superhero anti hairdressers called Bloom 50 Suad have to lose the intergalactic atomic race and lock up the evil Princess Bitchtacular before the FixFaxes obliterate the comics universe of the 12th Dimension Better gwant up the pooble before sippy revs the teeser Ok that was deliberate gibberish I just made up and kinda reads at the end there like something from Rick and Morty’s interdimensional cable but it makes about as much sense as Gerard Way and Nick Derington’s unreadable first volume of the relaunched Doom Patrol If this title is an indicator of the uality to follow in DC’s new Young Animal line which Way is also curating then it’s gonna be Rebirth 20 I can’t pretend to be a fan of or know much about Doom Patrol as I’ve only read the first Grant Morrison book and it didn’t grab me so forgive me not knowing pretty much every character in this book Not that Way makes any effort to make this book accessible it’s basically Morrison fanfic for uber fans of Morrison and Doom Patrol He so desperately wants to be Grant Morrison and falls short by several light years So the premise is a magic ambulancesentient godlike entity called Danny is a portal to another realm where Flex Mentallo lives now that character I do recognise from the excellent Grant MorrisonFrank uitely book from the mid 90s highly recommended over this tripe The robot dude on the cover is living in a gyro yes the wrap snack many people enjoy on the reg and some dude called Niles Caulder is doing one page skits for no reason None of the Doom Patrol can remember who they are for some reason maybe it ties into the end of Morrison’s Doom Patrol I don’t know I never read it but it might well do given Way’s obsession with Morrison and this book is about gathering them together once again to stop some evil intergalactic corporation from turning people in hamburgers There’s nonsensical art school bollocks but it’s not worth going into it’s like enduring atrociously outstandingly bad Avant garde filmmaking Incoherent storytelling incompetent writing that mostly reads like cast off Danger Days era My Chemical Romance lyrics Way’s former band obnoxiously pretentious and incomprehensible in general I have no idea what the fuck this nonsense was but I know I was mega bored and thoroughly unimpressed with it You may as well zone out when reading this and come up with your own story because at least then something will entertain and make sense to you Gerard Way and Nick Derington’s Doom Patrol is all the reasons why Doom Patrol will never be a good comic Teese up that sippy poobles

  2. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    A young EMT named Casey Brink witnesses Robotman being hit by a garbage truck and she's pulled into the maelstrom of weirdness that is the Doom PatrolHere we are another decade another Doom Patrol book The Doom Patrol went from being DC's version of the Fantastic Four in the 60s to being the book that put Grant Morrison on the map in the early nineties There were a few attempts at a Doom Patrol series after Morrison's but they weren't very memorable although I still remember the landfill full of Robotman parts behind Doom Patrol headuarters during Keith Giffen's runAnyway the weirdest super heroes in the room are back And much like the Grant Morrison days I was only half aware of what was going on That being said I did enjoy myself in a nostalgic sort of way Robotman is still the most normal member of the Doom Patrol and my favorite He's like Moe of the Three Stooges struggling to keep the group together From being hit by a garbage truck to stomping off to go find some pants Robotman is the hilarious grumpy uncle of the team I also liked Negative Man getting back to something resembling the version I was familiar with though Larry wearing Rebis' shades was a nice touch And what the hell is up with the Chief Niles Caulder? Hell that alone makes me want to get the second volumeMuch like Shade the Changing Girl Volume 1 Earth Girl Made Easy I felt like this book was laying the groundwork for the series integrating Space Case with Robotman Flex Mentallo Negative Man and Crazy Jane However I didn't find it nearly as accessible as ShadeWhile it wasn't as enjoyable as I'd hoped I'm cautiously optimistic about the future of the series Three out of five stars

  3. Donovan Donovan says:

    Post Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol it’s easy to follow non derivative written with deep and interesting characters and the fantastic artwork keeps pace with the wacky world building Prior knowledge of the Doom Patrol will help but is not reuired Read this

  4. Chad Chad says:

    I'm not even going to try and give a plot synopsis because it's so convoluted that I'm not even sure what the hell happened I was very excited to see a new Doom Patrol book It's always been one of my favorite books at DC I liked the Kupperberg run the crazy weird Grant Morrison Vertigo run and Keith Giffen's run from about 10 years ago Gerard Way didn't even scare me away Umbrella Academy was actually pretty good But this just suckedThe Good Way brings back most of the team from Morrison's run and brings back plot points from than one of the previous Doom Patrol runsThe Bad The plot threads Way brings back are from 10 years ago and yet he gives very little reference so you don't really know what's going on The Ugly The plot was a mess There's so much going on I couldn't keep it all straight The book was weird but it wasn't interesting I found myself not really caring what happened Received an advance copy from DC and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  5. RG RG says:

    I re read this after going through the Morrison run It makes so much sense now I actually enjoyed it alot Characters are explained a little better in Morrisons run if you can believe that

  6. ☙ nemo ❧ ☙ nemo ❧ says:

    i received an ARC of this through NetGalley gerard way says in the afterword that we want you to feel like it's 300am and you have no idea what's going on but somehow you do? and he succeeded admirably in this goal this was a surrealist touching ingenious postpostpostpostmodernist masterpiece seriously put postmodernism and a whole lot of brilliance in a blender for a few hours and this will pop out probably another thing Way mentioned in the afterword was that a reviewer said that you can't really review this book because it's a book to be experienced rather than reviewed and i completely agree; mainly because if i say anything at all about the plot it will spoil a little bit of that experience one thing i can say this was incredibly well written with probably the best character development and storyline of any comic i've ever read it made me cry but in the best possible way and everyone should read it

  7. Rory Wilding Rory Wilding says:

    If you are interested in the arts you are an oddball to the general public but being an outsider allows you to be creative no matter what weird ideas that comes out of your mind However there is a tendency of being too weird and when it comes to comics no one epitomizes this than Grant Morrison a man with such a uniue imagination that either rises or falls depending on the material Amongst the number of creators Morrison has influenced Gerard Way has been very local about his love for the Scotsman in particular his run of Doom Patrol which not only inspired on his Dark Horse series The Umbrella Academy but also his own run of Doom Patrol as part of DC’s Young Animal imprintPlease click here for my full review

  8. destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries] destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries] says:

    You don't know what's going on inside of someone really There's a hidden universe in there full of secret stars In this issue of Doom Patrol Gerard Way puts his own uniue spin on a classic set of characters While you may recognize the cast everyone can find something brand new to love in the beautiful bold artwork and zany dialogue of Brick by Brick The afterword of this graphic novel summed up so many of my thoughts regarding the book Gerard wrote “We want you to feel like it’s 3am and you have no idea what’s going on but somehow you do” and that is such a fantastic fucking way to phrase how I felt throughout the entirety of this comic book I wasn’t raised on comics much because I didn’t have a lot of access to them or exposure so this was my very first taste of Doom Patrol I’ll be upfront with you guys I reuested this ARC on NetGalley primarily because I have never outgrown my absolute adoration for My Chemical Romance or Gerard Way as an individual and when I saw his name on it I had to have it That said I thoroughly enjoyed this comic bookThe characters are absolutely brilliant I wanted most of them to be real just so I could befriend them all because they’re so clever and enjoyable The dialogue is fun and I’m certain it will bring a smile to your face though than once it made me pause and think for a moment too as with the uote I used at the top of this review The artwork is glorious and colorful and vibrant and everything that I want in a graphic novelOverall though I’m going to have to agree with the thoughts I’ve seen from a lot of reviewers as well as the reviewer that Gerard himself uoted in his afterword I can’t review this story It isn’t that I didn’t love it – because I did – and it isn’t that I was confused by it – because I wasn’t not by the end at least It’s just that this comic is such an experience Like any other roller coaster ride someone could tell you about it all day long but you’d never fully understand the delight of it until you strap yourself inI would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys Doom Patrol DC comics or just a damn good story I can’t wait to see what else Gerard has in store for the world

  9. James DeSantis James DeSantis says:

    This is my first Doom Patrol book Which might not be the best ideaStill I was really surprised by this So what's the plot? Well a bunch of people very weird and different people start coming together There's a ambulance driver who's ready to save everyone she could A magic wielding woman who blows up her roommate Then a walking talking robot who kicks ass You got a dude who transforms into a mummy like person Then youwait did I lose you? Yeah it's zanny as fuck but this is how a group of unlikely people come together to fight evil together Least I think they're evil Good I really enjoyed the zanny nature of this comic Over the top and balls to the wall it's always entertaining even when confusing I love the main lead and her hopeful lookout on things but also her confusion in her role in it all till she takes it by the balls and kicks some ass There's a ton of good chuckling moments throughout here as well Bad Some of it tries hard to be funny and falls flat I let it slide due to the nature of it but it's still there Also sometimes the art looks to emulate old when it shouldn't I think the story can be jarring for a lot especially new comers and they may be too confused to continue Overall this is jam packed with crazy hijinks and twisted fucked up stories While I didn't Love it I was entertained throughout I'ma go with a 35 for this one but I have a feeling the I read the I'll fall in love with this series

  10. Artemy Artemy says:

    The first time I read Way's Doom Patrol without any context or prior knowledge of the team I absolutely hated it I thought it was nonsensical Now after reading Grant Morrison's iconic run and watching the very good TV show adaptation I actually really enjoyed what Way is doing in this book It was still really tough to get into at first the first two issues just throw so much random stuff at you without any context but if you power through and let yourself just experience the events of the book it actually explains a lot of things about itself and unravels into a story that's generally pretty easy to understand Honestly if this had Grant Morrison's name written on the cover instead of Way's most people wouldn't even notice the difference that's how true it feels to his original run — it's definitely bonkers but in a way that kind of makes senseThat said previous Doom Patrol knowledge is absolutely reuired to read this you would be completely lost here without it How else would you even understand Danny or Jane or those Niles Caulder bits sprinkled throughout or Larry Trainor and the Negative Spirit? You just wouldn't I didn't when I first read it and it made the reading experience miserable I applaud Way's boldness to not try and explain those things and I understand why he wrote it in such a way — Doom Patrol comes with so many crazy concepts already baked in it would be very hard to explain those things to newcomers and not kill the momentum that the actual story he tries to tell here reuires Do yourself a favour just watch the TV show first then check out Morrison's run then come back here and enjoy this story as a worthy seuelOh and I absolutely have to mention how good Nick Derington's art is — the book is an absolute eye candy so vibrant and dynamic with playful character designs and gorgeous environments Tamra Bonvillain's colours are gorgeous too — she's uickly becoming one of my favourite colourists in the business every book she touches looks incredibleI'm really glad I decided to revisit Gerard Way's Doom Patrol It's definitely a worthy continuation of Grant Morrison's seminal work and just a very enjoyable read once you get a handle on general Doom Patrol mythology It also makes me want to go and read other authors' runs on the book because it's clearly not just Morrison's work that Way is referencing here especially most of the stuff with Dany who may be my absolute favourite Doom Patrol member

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