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And Then Youre Dead ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ And Then Youre Dead By Cody Cassidy ❅ – A gleefully gruesome look at the actual science behind the most outlandish cartoonish and impossible deaths you can imagine What would happen if you took a swim outside a deep sea submarine wearing on A gleefully gruesome look at the actual science behind the most outlandish cartoonish and impossible deaths you can imagine What would happen if you took a swim outside a deep sea submarine wearing only a swimsuit How long could you last if you stood on the surface of the sun How far could you actually get in digging a hole to China Paul Doherty senior staff scientist at San Francisco's famed Exploratorium Museum And Then Kindle - and writer Cody Cassidy explore the real science behind these and other fantastical scenarios offering insights into physics astronomy anatomy and along the way Is slipping on a banana peel really as hazardous to your health as the cartoons imply Answer Yes Banana peels ooze a gel that turns out to be extremely slippery Your foot and body weight provide the pressure The gel provides the humor and resulting head trauma Can you die by shaking someone s hand Answer Yes That's because due to atomic repulsion you've never actually touched another person s hand If you could the results would be as disastrous as a medium sized hydrogen bomb If you were Cookie Monster just how many cookies could you actually eat in one sitting Answer Most stomachs can hold up to sixty cookies or around four liters If you eat or drink than that you re approaching the point at which the cookies would break through the lesser curvature of your stomach and then you d better call an ambulance to Sesame Street.

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  1. Petra-X Petra-X says:

    I finished the book It got very repetitive despite the enticing chapter names 'You became an actual Human Cannonball' and 'You stuck your hand in a Particle Accelerator' for instance There are only so many ways to say your bones get crushed the water from your body boils your organs are mashed up because all the trillions of little cells in your body have been massively insulted The only difference is the amount of pain and how fast you die One slightly interesting fact was the story of a penny dropped from the top of the Empire State building on to someone's head and burning a hole the skull wouldn't happen A penny would twist and turn as it descended and while it might give you a bit of a bang that's it A pen that dropped straight down that becomes a speeding bullet and will kill youOnce you hit 25 your chance of death doubles every 8 years says Benjamin Gompertz's Law of Mortality he wasn't a scientist but in insurance At 25 you have roughly a million half hours left 'microlives' Two cigarettes cost you a microlife ten pounds overweight a microlife a day living in Mexico City's pollution a microlife every two days pollution isn't as bad for you as fat smoking or alcohol apparently But you can add microlives eating fruit and veggies 4 microlives a day two or three cups of coffee the author says will give you an other microlife and if you just simply stay alive you get an extra twelve every day due to medical advances Nevertheless no matter that you do everything right and adding microlives every day at some point your cells will give out and you will succumb to the Grim Reaper 100% guaranteedNotes on reading the book So far I've learned two important things One is that windows on planes are no than 155 wide and shoulders are at least 18 in an adult Therefore should one bust the person who has the window seat will only be half sucked out This might be very bad news for them but as they get stuck they provide a partial seal so that everyone else has a chanceThe reason you are told to put on your own oxygen mask first is that you have 8 10 seconds of lucidity before you might well be incapable of doing so but 4 minutes to brain death so put your own on then the kid next to you then say a prayer for the departed soul flown out the windowThe other thing I learned was about brain freeze When you eat something so cold it freezes up the vagus nerve at the top of the roof of your mouth the brain misinterprets this as the brain freezing So it immediately diverts as much warm blood as it can up there to save itself This causes the brain to swell and hit the hard ungiving interior of your skull and you get a fuck of a headache instantly I learned this on a chapter on the physical effects of freezing water on victims of the Titanic They had horrible headaches as they died slowly and painfullyOne thing that makes no sense The best way to survive an elevator rapid crash descent is to lie on the floor so that your organs won't pile up However the only person ever to have survived a major crash was found with lots of broken bones including a broken back sitting in the corner If she'd been lying down then the debris at the bottom of the shaft that penetrated the floor of the elevator would also have speared her and she would have died

  2. Trish Trish says:

    I had played with the thought of reading this book but put it off a few times About a month ago I finally caved and went from reading just one sample chapter in the bookstore to reading almost half the book in one day before remembering that March was supposed to be my science month this year So with a heavy heart I read the books I had scheduled for February instead and waited to continuefinish this now Weird I know but not half as weird as the stuff in this book I assure youThe authors Cody Cassidy and Paul Doherty have come together to look at 45 ways to die technically it's a few because the What if you got stuck in chapter has several sub chapters Some are common some you definitely need your imagination forWe have the popular death by shark as well as the often fatally funny death by banana peel But there are also abstract ones such as death by back holeAll these musings are basically a very funny way of teaching the reader about the natural world and all kinds of sciences We thus get lessons in chemistry biology physics and look into issues such as magnetism astronomy the weather elevators or weird sexual behavior no I'm not kidding The authors also reveal what is an actual threat to human survival and what is utter nonsense people can't get out of their heads thanks to Hollywood coughsuicksandcoughsWhat struck me and made me burst out laughing regularly was how many of these chapters had notes on actual people having tried one or the other weird thing and subseuently died or didn't One of the most famous idiocies probably is going over the Niagara Falls in a barrel or various other objects but it was by far not the only or even silliest thing Seriously people are insanely stupid and here are perfect examples as to why there is such a thing as the Darwin Award it's an award given to someone for the dumbest way to die And if they aren't actively speeding up their own demise there are lots of hilarious accidents one really shouldn't be but can't stop laughing aboutPersonally I think that too many teachers around the world are really not very good at making science or any other subject comprehensible or approachable or simply interesting I bet if people had these two as their teachers there would also be much interest in scientific subjects I always thought the notion of science books having to be dull and serious was utterly ridiculous And this book proves that facts don't have to be tedious or boring on the contrary This is FUN science that makes you want to experiment with a bunsenbrenner thus earning you a spot in the book's seuel ;So if you're looking for a nice way to spend some jolly good time with morbid lookouts on a human's demise while still learning uite a lot this is for youFor those wondering the book was written by two authors the GR information is lacking Moreover the Paul Doherty who penned this book is NOT the historian who wrote several historical novels under a number of names I was confused at first so I thought I should mention it

  3. Figgy Figgy says:

    If asked to sum this book up in four words they would be hilarious gruesome informative and terrifying It’s brilliant and you should definitely read itIt’s a brilliant resource for writers those inuisitive about a variety of sciences and those who want to laugh It’s probably not the best for hypochondriacs but then you might be surprised at some of the things people could live throughThe only ualm this Aussie reader had with this book is that the units of measurement were in American terms As a result rather than being struck by the magnitude of certain heights temperatures or weights Aussie readers will first need to google said measurements and it does bring the reader out of the flow in order to understand exactly what is being discussedThis could have been helped with the listing of both measurements and would have made the whole book that little bit accessible for a global audience Of course there are still instances American place names being listed in a way that only those who have lived in America would really understand but as these are not listings of specific measurements they manage to not become major roadblocks to the readerBut beyond that this book is a whole lot of deliciously gruesome fun and is bound to teach you something you didn’t know before but in an easy to access collouial mannerThe rest of this review can be found HERE Before review You guys This book is hilarious and brilliantDon't even wait for me to finish reading and reviewing You need this in your lives NOWReview to come

  4. Rowan Rowan says:

    When I witnessed the sheer power of Niagara Falls first hand I couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like to go over them in a barrel Or without one It was only natural that I jumped at the chance to read a book like thisAt first the book felt really fun and engaging – how I wish my high school science classes had been Airplane windows popping out and great white shark attacks was an epic way to start – FYI I hope they bite my leg off cleanly so my femoral artery snaps back into the stump HahaNot every chapter was as fun or interesting though – learning why a banana peel is slippery just didn’t grab my attention the same way being swallowed by a whale did I was soon reminded why boredom resulted in me failing science class The “answers” became incredibly repetitive Chapters were heavy going and bogged down in atom and matter talk Every second story seemed to end up with ‘you’ the reader being scattered about the atmosphere as ionised plasma So if you’re into that – then cool I’m not The US imperial system of measurement is used too – with no metric euivalent; so half the statistics and measurements didn’t even make sense to meIt’s the kind of book to casually pick up occasionally and read a few random scenarios – not so much the type of book to read cover to cover in one sitting At times it sort of reads like random “Mythbusters” episodes It’s not always the most relaxing book to unwind with either – reading about the technicalities and science of black holes slowing tearing you apart isn’t exactly the most chill way to spend an evening Once deadly paper cuts start getting a mention and that turning a page of the book can kill you just like the poor English engineer in 2008 it becomes a hypochondriac’s worst nightmareDespite all of this there were some interesting facts and take aways – which was a key reason I read it anyway No uicksand deaths in history Growing up I really thought this would be a bigger problem in life Haha The Alaskan caribou alter their migration routes into colder areas to avoid mozzie bites Lie on your back if in a falling elevator – you need to spread the Gs evenly across your body 27 people die in elevator accidents each year in the States Don’t go lie in a ditch when in a thunderstorm Micromorts are the unit of measurement given to probabilities of death risk in certain activities You leave Everest Base Camp and you get 12000 micromorts – a 1 in 83 shot at deathOther chapters such as human stampedes and crowd crushes were really fascinating because I was easily able to apply them to my own life experiences While nuclear winters and the world’s most poisonous substances shout out to spy Litvinenko were eerily relevant to the current world climate – I don’t want to eat 144 cockroaches a day to survive nuclear fallout so keep your shit together guysOverall a bit disappointing recommend to only mega science buffs and fact nerds

  5. Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* says:

    This was a pretty interesting book but at the same time I got really bored during some of the chapters even though they were short I just didn't care about the specifics of some of the ways you might die because they were just so utterly implausible if not downright impossible For instance what happens when you jump off a spaceship and fall to Jupiter Or vacation on Venus Or stand on the surface of the sun Or what would happen if you were raised by buzzards I mean reallyHowever I was really terrified when the book talked about botulism H and the poisoning by polonium 210 was interesting in a corrupt government kind of way As Figgy said this book is great for writers who need to know gory details

  6. Brent Brent says:

    Fun and useful resource for Science Fiction or extreme action stories So many ways to go

  7. Pamela Pamela says:

    Despite the totally lamo cover and cart before the horse subtitletitle this was a totally cool fun and informative fascinating great read Surprises not only come in small packages but in blinding neon yellow books too Had I come across this book displayed at the library or bookshop I would have passed on by without a second glance Obviously not being blind I noticed the HAZMAT YELLOW COVER but it didn't and still doesn't appeal to me It says Caution avoid this area keep on walking Oh but maybe the book design gurus thought it would say CAUTION HAZARDOUS EXPLOSIVE DEATH ASSURING TOPICS THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND SO BUY THE BOOK AND SATISFY YOUR MORBID UIRKY CURIOSITY Okay so maybe it's just me More radically cool and youthfully in tune readers might be bowled over in LOVE with the cover Anyhow I'm thankful to have discovered this book via a Penguin Books newsletter I was absolutely drawn in by the article It sounded like my kind of uirky good engagingly fascinating teach me something new book I love reading bite sized sciencegeographyhistory nugget filled books that feature radically complex stuff written in attainably digestible laymen terminology with a touch of humor; books geared toward passionate insatiably curious readers who desire explanations for uniue ideassubjectsthemes without going uber deep Although the book blurb eluded to seriously gross and gruesome content in spades It's a misnomer Sure some topics were a bit grizzly And some things like your atoms exploding into a spray of plasma did make me shutter However the author's writing style and satirical humor made most things not seem overly gruesome or distastefully graphic He keeps it real without utilizing tacky shock and awe ramped up verbiage Some of my favorite chapters What Would Happen If You Were Attacked by a Great White Shark; Your elevator cable broke; You Were Caught in a Human Stampede; You Toured the Pringles factory and Fell Off the Catwalk; You Stuck a Really Really Powerful Magnet to Your Forehead; You Ate as Many Cookies as Cookie Monster; You Jumped in a Black Hole I learned a lot about physics theoretical thinking historicalgeographicalhuman factoids space the natural world and dumb things that people do Plus I discovered things that have a bearing on action seuencesscenarios within science fiction and suspense thrillers My curiosity relating to probability feasibility and impossibility has been piued What are the odds that Clive Cussler's Juan Cabrillo can actually accomplish AND survive his many death defying feats???? HmmmWell here's what might really happen if you take a chance on a blindingly yellow inanely subtitledtitled book hinting at excessively graphic subject matter that you typically avoid like the plaue You might really really like it Reading outside your wheelhouse won't kill you Unless of course you do so while diving into a black hole or being shot from a cannon or swarmed by bees Then the odds of death are definitely in your favor Favor being relative ; FOUR WOW ME WONDERFUL MINDBLOWING SCIENCEPHYSICS FACTOIDS FOR THE INSATIABLY COURIOUS IN NEED OF LAYMENS CLARITY AND A TOUCH OF HUMOR STARSNote The author's views appear to be that of Darwinism but yet certain references do not negate God as a Creator

  8. Kusaimamekirai Kusaimamekirai says:

    So once I was swimming and this shark comes up behind me this is what they do sinks it’s teeth into my leg and starts thrashing its head from side to side also what they do As I started to bleed out from my carteroid artery I thought to myself it would be pretty cool to have a book that details what’s going to happen to me over the next 4 minutes before I lose consciousness Ok this never happened but turns out it’s still cool to have a book like this If you are ever attacked by that proverbial shark sucked out of an airplane window at 30000 feet or have the urge to eat 100 cookies in a single sitting I once tried something similar by eating 39 gyoza in 20 minutes in a contest with my friend that went terribly terribly wrong Not recommended this book has you covered While extremely entertaining if you have a morbid sense of humor there is also some fascinating science explaining exactly how and why you would die a horrible death in a multitude of different scenarios often in painstaking detail Most involving your atoms being dispersed vital organs crushed into themselves this happens in an alarming number of scenarios or you being instantly transformed into a shimmering ball of plasma What’s not to like?

  9. Bryan Alkire Bryan Alkire says:

    Upon reflection I give this a 4

  10. Anna Anna says:

    crazy hypothetical situations and sassy science this could not get better

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