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White Fur [Read] ➸ White Fur ➵ Jardine Libaire – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk When Elise Perez meets Jamey Hyde on a desolate winter afternoon fate implodes and neither of their lives will ever be the same Although they are next door neighbors in New Haven they come from differ When Elise Perez meets Jamey Hyde on a desolate winter afternoon fate implodes and neither of their lives will ever be the same Although they are next door neighbors in New Haven they come from different worlds Elise grew up in a housing project without a father and didn't graduate from high school Jamey is a junior at Yale heir to a private investment bank fortune and beholden to high family expectations The attraction is instant and what starts out as sexual obsession turns into something greater stranger and impossible to ignoreThe unlikely couple moves to Manhattan in hopes of forging an adult life together but Jamey's family intervenes in desperation and the conseuences of staying together are suddenly severe And when a night out with old friends takes a shocking turn Jamey and Elise find themselves fighting not just for their love but also for their lives.

  • Hardcover
  • 305 pages
  • White Fur
  • Jardine Libaire
  • English
  • 09 November 2016
  • 9780451497925

About the Author: Jardine Libaire

I'm a fiend for books bookstores lit journals found poetry libraries graffiti artist books diaries screenplays anything that tells a story My MFA is from Michigan which is a dearly beloved program For the last ten years I've been living in Austin TX a city that is very sweet kind to artists ; Over the decades I've worked as a motel chambermaid real estate agent dishwasher ba.

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  1. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    UPDATE LOST REVIEW IS RECOVEREDHere is the LOST review I wrote Dec 11th my 38th wedding anniversary2016 I couldn't pull myself away from the story The aura feels raunchy and wrong and if I'm honest I was turned on and not by romance with candles and sweet talk I was also on the edge worried angry at times afraid sad hopeful and a few times just lost in the fantasy of our world is fairand we are all loved eually This is the type of tale that brings out emotions get some readers won't want to discuss It's private and raw We GET IT We SEE IT We FEEL IT Me I am passionate as hell about this book and I'll never be able to explain myself in my amateur review As I try to express myself I want to cry because if I share some of my favorite excerpts or even the details of the story it still won't be enough I'm afraid I won't be able to share The deeper things which back to me so much I don't want to drop 'pieces' of dialogue gutsy dangerous territory at times yet alive than daily life and if that isn't sad well yikes almighty My fear is readers will take sides their judgments will get the best of them but for those who are willing to read this book imagining being in 'every' character shoes as if they were YOU as if you CAN relate being ANY one of these characters with their background history I say HATS OFF TO YOUOne or two 'tiny' details Jamey Matt and most of his close friends grew up in the same block went to the same boarding school summered or skied together Theywere raised in a pod incubated in the thick and slippery gel of legacy They arrived at Yale intact as a clan Elise was from a different world a townie She didn't graduate High School Their worlds come together Elise a name we share you are a kick ass awesome characterThank You Crown Publishing Netgalley and Jardine LibaireWOWwho are you?NOTE I AM GLAD I FOUND THIS REVIEW THANK YOU CHERIIt's wonderful to revisit the 'feelings' of this story and I still deeply admire our courageous author JardineI read this last year early last Nov or Dec It's a GUT GRABBING page turnerRAW STEAMY SEXY Thought provoking gorgeously written Several people have written me asking where my review? THEY SAW ITIt's missing in action The scouts are looking for it until then I highly recommend it There are many wonderful reviews many of us loved this special bookReally Terrific

  2. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    This is a gritty story of a raw desperate love a clash of worlds colliding of power race privilege when the dirt poor school dropout mixed race and street smart Elise meets Jamey in New Haven Connecticut where the two coincidentally happen to be neighbours Jamey is a Yale man whose path in life is laid out determined by his wealth conscious emotionally distant parents and by virtue of his class The eponymous white fur is a jacket Elise has managed to acuire and wears constantly This is no sweet romantic affair it is a full blooded lusty high octane brutal passion a twentieth century Romeo and Juliet with drugs guns cruelty violence and mental health issues set in the brash lights and culture of New YorkElise is not happy to be hostage to the demanding nature of her emotional need for Jamey Jamey has been conscious of an emptiness in his life and in Elise he believes he has found the answer to the uestions in his life and love He has a position in New York and asks Elise to move there with him thinking their relationship will be sustainable there His desperate family are willing to do whatever it takes to break them up but Jamey doesn't care all he wants is Elise It is a fascinating look at the stultifying rigid and limiting world of white privilege a straitjacket from cradle to grave Elise's family is flexible and accepting their edgy world is geared to survival in sharp contrast to the playground of Jamey's world Is it possible for their love to survive with all that stands against it? Loved the 1980s vibe of New York City and culture Highly recommended

  3. Larry H Larry H says:

    What a crazy terrific book Being a child of the 1980s and given the fact that's when this book takes place nothing captures the essence of White Fur better than these lyrics from the song Obsession by Animotion You are an obsessionI cannot sleepI am your possessionUnopened at your feetThere's no balanceNo eualityBe still I will not accept defeatI will have youYes I will have youI will find a way and I will have youLike a butterflyA wild butterflyI will collect you and capture youYou are an obsessionYou're my obsessionWho do you want me to beTo make you sleep with meYou are an obsessionYou're my obsessionWho do you want me to beTo make you sleep with me The moment Elise Perez sets her eyes on Jamey Hyde in their New Haven neighborhood she knows she wants him Although they live next door to each other they couldn't be different Elise was raised in housing projects all over Connecticut—she never knew her father and became familiar with a life of sex drugs violence and neglect all too early Jamey on the other hand is a blue blooded child of privilege—scion of an influential banking family heir to a fortune and son of an unstable film actress He finds Elise fascinating sexually alluring and yet can't figure out why he'd want her in his lifeBut Jamey doesn't want to know her for the same reason that—his brain starts fuzzing up here trying to save him from the thought he's about to think—for the same reason a farmer isn't close to his animals—it's not supposed to lastIt starts out as purely sex—Jamey doesn't take Elise out on dates or invite her to parties or even over to his house but Elise knows she has baited the hook and will ultimately reel him in Elise wants wants it all but it isn't because of Jamey's money or his social standing which she doesn't really understand at first anyway it's because she wants everything—love sex companionship the kind of relationship she's only seen on television and in moviesShe's always been an outsider She isn't clearly black or white or Puerto Rican and the world where she grew up was easier if you were one thing or the other or if you claimed one thing or the other which she could have done but never didJamey feels simultaneously drawn to Elise and repelled by his attraction and his growing feelings to her He knows this isn't what is expected of him not what he was raised to do yet the he realizes he cares for Elise as than a source of constant sexual fulfillment the he becomes enad of the way it will upset the apple cart of his social circle He doesn't want anyone to judge him or their relationship although he doesn't realize exactly how he's treating Elise at the same time And then his family gets involved and the whole game changes White Fur explores the age old theme of dating outside your social strata disobeying your family and deciding to follow your heart instead of what you've been raised to do This is a book about how love can change us in ways we want it to and ways we hope it won't and whether giving in to those feelings is surrender or the right thing to do And beyond that this is a story of whether a love which causes so much trouble is the right love or simply an act of rebellionBased on the way the book begins I was expecting the story to unfold very differently than it did but I loved the path that Jardine Libaire took her plot down These characters were fascinating frustrating at times even a little repulsive but I couldn't get enough of them Even though there are elements you expect the plot takes many different twists one which I wasn't uite sure about and you find yourself rooting for these two to last even if you're not sure whether they willLibaire was tremendously attentive to her book's 1980s vibe and the grittiness of New York City where much of the book takes place This is a book that is a little raunchy a little romantic a little predictable but you can't stop reading because you wonder how the plot will be resolved Just a surprising terrific readNetGalley and Hogarth provided me an advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks for making this availableSee all of my reviews at

  4. Mischenko Mischenko says:

    You can also see this review and others read some reviews for White Fur last year and after reading the blurb it sounded like a book I would enjoy Books like The Notebook and movies like “Pretty in Pink” are faves and this story is about a rich boy who falls for a low class girl and they do fall in love but it certainly isn’t that simple and not really what I expectedMay contain mild spoilersJamie is a Yale boy who comes from a wealthy family They have high expectations of him and there’s no uestion about the direction of his future until Jamey meets his neighbor Elise and discovers he’s both fascinated by her and repulsed at the same time He develops a hot and heavy sexual relationship with her but fears intimacy Elise is like a polar opposite; she’s low class comes from a multi racial background never graduated high school doesn’t know her dad and learned about sex violence and drugs at a young age She wonders about Jamey and why he’s distant from her outside of their sexual encounters What she really wants a normal relationship with him and for him to see her–the real her The truth is Jamey knows he shouldn’t want Elise because she smokes curses and he has issues with her behavior; not only that he’s reminded by his best friend and family repeatedly that this simply can’t happen but he can’t seem to shake the feelings he has for herTime moves forward and Jamey invites Elise to live with him in New York where there are less distractions The hope is that they can continue their relationship without drama but unfortunately Jamey’s gang of a family won’t leave it aloneThe story is gritty and definitely cringeworthy I felt that the writing was beautiful and detailed but for me it was way too wordy for this type of story I found the multiple breaks in the narrative confusing and didn’t like the characters Jamey and Elise’s relationship is pretty much all sex with zero romance for the majority of the book and I can’t understand how this book is described as a modern ‘Romeo and Juliet' To me in a Romeo and Juliet like story couples don’t have sex with other people nor do people in love for that matter but that’s just my personal opinion I didn’t have any emotion until the last 30 40 pages or so as things started to pick up and it was or less over the dog There just wasn't enough going on to keep my interest It had an unexpected ending but not one that I was really pleased with because I felt like the future was still so uncertain for them I’m wondering if there might be another book?This is obviously just not my favorite kind of book but I know others will like it Don’t skip the book because of my review if this sounds like one you’d enjoy3I'd like to thank Netgalley the publisher and author for an ARC of White Fur in exchange for a review 

  5. Deanna Deanna says:

    My reviews can also be seen at StarsThe description for WHITE FUR had me extremely intriguedA stunning star crossed love story set against the glitz and grit of 1980s New York City June 1987 The book starts off with an extremely tense situation in a motel room Two people have been locked in the same position for over two hours A decision will need to be madeThe author then takes us back to the beginning January 1986 in Connecticut Where it all beginsTwenty year old Elise Perez lives with her friend Robbie Robbie found her one day sleeping in the backseat of his current boyfriends car In her fur coat that she traded a can of Pringles for she looked like an animal curled up in the backseat He took her home and they bonded uicklyneither of them knowing what to do with their livesThey live next door to a couple of rich Yale boys Elise makes her way outside one night after she sees the boys on the front porch smoking They invite her in for a beer and she accepts The neighbors Matt and Jamey are very different Matt is cocky and has a coldness about him Jamey is relaxed and seems kind When Matt suggests it's time for Elise to leave we find out the real reason she went over there She has seen Matt trying to entertain his friends by making fun of Robbie Mimicking his walk and mannerisms when Robbie doesn't see And if you ever get near my friend Robbie again let alone make fun of him like I seen you do I'll burn your motherfucking house down It almost seems like Matt is going to attack Elise and barely controls himself However when Elise looks at Jamey she sees something different in his eyesrespect?It's not long after that the relationship between Elise and Jamey begins Elise a high school drop out left home a year earlier She left to save herself from being pulled under by her family Though they loved her and she loved them she needed to get out Dirt poor she's struggled and fought since the day she was born Since leaving home she's done things she may not be proud of but needed to do to surviveJamey grew up with the proverbial silver spoonThere was nothing he wasn't given The Golden Boy He was very young when he realized that everyone thought he knew something that they didn'tThey think he knows the secret to life They get mad when he doesn't offer it up As the months go by Elise and Jamey grow closer their crazy wild and obsessive relationship taking many unexpected turns The feelings they have for each other surprising everyone including them But so much is working against them They come from completely different worlds But the connection pulling them together is so strong With everything and everyone trying to tear them apart how can their relationship possibly survive? What sacrifices will they have to make in order to be together?This was a very different novel for me I had so many different thoughts while reading it My feelings were all over the place I'm not a prude It's not that I don't like gritty grungy sexy stories because I do But there were some parts that were just too much for meI couldn't decide how I felt but I kept reading I'm angry at him her both of them neither of them ARGH Some of it was painful but I didn't stop readingCertain parts of their relationship make me uncomfortable Some of the descriptions and decisions made are supposed to be of two people in love But I know that we are all different That every relationship is different But some of it just didn't sit well with me But really who am I to judge anyone?I think I could be in the minority on this one I didn't hate it but I didn't love it I've seen a lot of great positive reviews and that's awesome But we all can't love everything we read Unfortunately there were uite a few times where things just didn't make sense to me times where the writing confused me Honestly I had to look up the definition of than a few words That doesn't mean I couldn't see the beauty in some of the writing though But after a while some of the detail seemed excessiveOh but there was a lot I DID enjoy about this book A lot of the writing I highlighted and absolutely loved And I still wanted to know what was going to happen with Elise and Jamey So there was no way I was going to stop readingIn the end I'm still glad that I read this book I was okay with how it all came together in the endI think I just found the trip a bit turbulent And of coursethis is just my opinionThank you NetGalley and Crown Publishing for providing an advanced readers copy of this book for me to read in exchange for my honest review

  6. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    I don't even know how to put this book into words I'm sure there are so many words out there in the English language that I could come up with but I really don't know This is about Elise who came from no where but somewhere This is about Jamey who came from money but learns there is something else in the world At first I thought this was just going to be a sex book after a few pages in I mean yes they have sex all of the time Nasty raunchy make you aroused when you shouldn't be sex It's hardcore and too much for me at times Elise and Jamey live next door to each other Elise lives with Robbie who is like a best friend to her She takes up for him when the jerk Matt that lives with Jamey gives him trouble Sure yeah Elise lights a Newport King She stands to blow smoke in his face And if you ever get near my friend Robbie again let alone make fun of him like I seen you do I'll burn your motherfucking house down No holds barred Elise is just that person She's good people And there are some good people in the book as well People I would love to meet in my lifetime And there are others that are horrible those you never want to meet This is a crazy journey that Elise and Jamey take together I really thought Jamey was going to let her down I thought he was going to blow her off after he got out of college He didn't want to be seen with her at times but things turn out in ways you would never believe If we could all have a dream come true Mel ♥ Thank you to BloggingForBooks for a print copy fo this bookMY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

  7. Rachel Rachel says:

    Alright guys it looks like I'm gonna be in the minority with this one This is Fates and Furies all over againWhite Fur was a long painful slog for me I thought this book was overwritten and vapid; the characters were loathsome and one dimensional; and perhaps most frustratingly there was a distinct lack of subtlety to a narrative which was anemic to begin with Filthy rich Jamey falls in love with Elise from the wrong side of the tracks and they have a lot of sex That's it That's the book If you're expecting a nuanced examination of class differences keep looking because there's none of that hereTake this passage where Elise is meeting Jamey's family Elise should be a Dartmouth lacrosse star whose granddad went to Groton with Bats and she should be bronzed from the Vineyard lips opauely shiny from Chapstick So happy to meet you Mr Hyde But no Jamey is pushing forward the real Elise in couture dress shins bruised from basketball cornrows latticing her lean head feet wedged into slingbacksGetting hit by a freight train whose sides are painted with the words THEY COME FROM DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS may have been subtle but okay And this wouldn't be uite so bad if it weren't literally the entire book There is absolutely no depth here Jamey is rich and handsome and discontent and restrained and Elise is poor and crass and loud and impulsive Jardine Libaire leaves all her cards on the table by the end of the second chapter There is nothing left to discover about these characters when every facet of their practically non existent personalities has been spelled out from the very first pageThere's something undeniably voyeuristic about the way this story is spun This book isn't romantic It's gritty dirty raw It's about the ugly sides of relationships about jealousy and obsession But that wasn't the problem because in theory that all sounds great to me I love books that take a conventional premise and then spin the narrative in a different direction It's Romeo and Juliet but instead of love it's passion lust obsession? Cool Sounds funBut it wasn't I just didn't care Why was I suffering through the uncomfortable experience of acting as a voyeur into the lives of these two characters who bored me to tears? The answer is because I don't DNF books That's it That's the only thing that kept me going There was absolutely no intrigue and absolutely no payoff for sticking with it as long as I didI thought the prose was terrible It was trying so hard to come across as devil may care that I felt an acute sense of secondhand embarrassment for how much it did care Each sentence felt artificially manufactured with MFA degree precision not that there's anything wrong with getting an MFA in creative writing but sometimes it just shows; what should come across as effortless becomes painfully obtrusive on every page What we're left with isn't artistic or poignant or emotional or insightful it's mostly just insipid Vaguely NSFW text ahead this uote is taken from a sex scene Jamey is starting to operate in a trance biting his lip He's a mystical vision of an orangutan in a nature show He actually has the thought I'm a monkey and that's okay He's got a dumb look on his face and that's okay For a minute an hour later right before he comes again with two tongues licking him like kittens he understands everythingI'm sorry but what is the point? Is this supposed to be profound? Sexy? Shocking? It's not any of those things It's awkward It's dumb It's embarrassing I could not stop cringing the entire time I was reading thisBut in an effort of not ending on a terribly negative note none of my Goodreads friends who have read this have given it less than 4 stars This is clearly a matter of personal taste so if you think this sounds like the sort of thing you'll like give it a try And I'm sorry for being so negative but this is one of those books which managed to tick every item on a checklist I didn't even know I had of things I hate in fiction Sorry White Fur we were like oil and water from the beginning Thank you Netgalley and Penguin First to Read for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review uotes are taken from an ARC copy and may be edited before publication

  8. Cheri Cheri says:

    NOW AVAILABLE Your lights are on but you're not homeYour mind is not your ownYour heart sweats your body shakesAnother kiss is what it takesYou can't sleep you can't eatThere's no doubt you're in deepYour throat is tight you can't breatheAnother kiss is all you need Robert Palmer Addicted to LoveElise is street smart; she has no illusions about her life the kind of girl who grew up on the “wrong” side of the tracks in the projects in Bridgeport She knows who she is but she also knows how others see her and she knows she wants better for her life She leaves home runs away trying to leave behind the mother she loves but can’t live another day with and her younger siblings who need her protection She has no real place to go no real money to live on so when she finds an unlocked car one night she crawls in Desperate for sleep When Robbie and his boyfriend of the night the owner of the car return and find her they see her for what she is ”An elegantly sad runaway in generic white sneakers and gold bamboo earnings” Robbie takes her home rescuing her from a far worse fate and they become roommates Friends It is out of this window in this apartment where Elise first sees Jamey with Matt two guys from Yale They live in the townhouse next door a relic and reminder of better days in the neighborhood stately glimmering with the fractured dancing lights of the chandelier fallen from grace Without pausing to think Elise heads out not wanting to wait for that chance encounter she knows she has to grab this chance herself Fate is fickle And so Elise and Jamey meet she’s wearing her signature white fake fur jacket that a girl gave her in exchange for a half eaten can of chips Matt does almost all the talking; Jamey introduces himself but not much ”But it’s the dimpled one Jamey—she didn’t know he could exist until tonight; it’s like she was watching a jet cross the sky then realized it’s a bird She has to reorient herselfJamey is the son of money his mother a Hollywood starlet in her day his father an investment banker Power Jamey has the manners that come with money a projected life following in the footsteps of his father at the firm handed down through his grandfather When Jamey is offered an internship in New York City he invites Elise to join him for a week or two suddenly realizing how much he’s come to want her near Little by little this leads to They fall into this lust raw gritty lust it permeates everything Almost everyone else is against this relationship; each of them tuning out those who try to warn them that this has no chance of ending well The they are cautioned the less they hold onto that convention of caring what others think They move from being enthralled by each other to spellbindingly obsessed this raw physical passion inescapable A love born of clinging to each other in a world destined to turn against them and lust New York City in its 1980’s fusion of lust and grime and greed the neon lights adding that glittering aura of the era and the location that has it all from every level of the “haves” to the “have nots” living as neighbors behaving as strangers From Trump Towers to the darker streets that exist outside the reach of its glittering lights those years the days and nights in this magical city come alive in Jardine Libaire’s “White Fur” For me this was the real magic of this story of this novel the streets and the city come alive as though it were a fairy godmother overlooking this fiery passionate couple seemingly destined to those all around to end in flames Perhaps that is what stars are made of and perhaps it is up to the stars to decide their fate Pub Date 30 May 2017Many thanks for the ARC provided by Crown Publishing Hogarth

  9. Karen Karen says:

    Everyone really is just looking for love This story is about two young people from different sides of the track who fall into a deep intense relationship full of lust and grit and tragedy It's dark it's dirty it's raw and comical in some partsThis all takes place in the 1980's in New York I really felt for the young man Jamey who is due to inherit much from his wealthy family He has never been happy in his life until he meets Elise who had left her dirt poor home to come to New York to try and find a better life and ends up loving Jayme too muchThank you to NetGalley Crown Publishing Hogarth for the ARC

  10. Jessica Sullivan Jessica Sullivan says:

    Fewer than 70 pages into this book I made the decision to continue hate reading It is so painfully shallow it reads like bad YA If the characters were any one dimensional and under developed they wouldn't even existMarketed as a modern day Romeo and Juliet which honestly should have been warning enough White Fur is the story of Jamey a WASP y heir to an investment bank fortune and Elise a half white half Puerto Rican who grew up in public housing on the wrong side of the tracks or whatever I hate myself for describing them in such cliches but I'm just taking what I was givenJamey and Elise meet and fall in lovethough I honestly have no idea why because there's no character development or insight into anything that happens They basically just really like having sex with each other and then one day they're in love and Jamey decides he needs to relinuish the fortune he was supposed to inherit so he can distance himself from his predictably shitty family Oh and it takes place in the 1980s in New York City for whatever reasonThenthings get really weird Like I wouldn't even be able to explain what happens without it sounding so silly and out of left field which is exactly what it is even though it's supposed to be really sad and tragic or somethingI don't know you guys I was originally drawn to this because I thought maybe it would explore class issues in an intriguing way but it brings almost nothing to the table and what it does bring is predictable and cliche

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