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eBoys The First Inside Account of Venture Capitalists at Work ✽ eBoys The First Inside Account of Venture Capitalists at Work kindle Epub ❁ Author Randall E. Stross – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Stross takes readers behind the scenes and inside the heads of the gutsy entrepreneurs who are financing the hottest businesses on the Web The six tall men who started Benchmark Silicon Valley's most Stross takes readers behind the scenes and First Inside PDF ✓ inside the heads of the gutsy entrepreneurs who are financing the hottest businesses on the Web The six tall men who started Benchmark Silicon Valley's most exciting venture capital firm put themselves at the cutting edge of the new economy by backing billion dollar start ups like eBay and Webvan.

  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • eBoys The First Inside Account of Venture Capitalists at Work
  • Randall E. Stross
  • English
  • 04 February 2016
  • 9780345428899

10 thoughts on “eBoys The First Inside Account of Venture Capitalists at Work

  1. Anuj Anuj says:

    A great narrative of what is recognized as the craziest investing period of venture capital Many anecdotes told today are brought up as well If you are a fan of the startup early stage investing space this will be a fun read you wished didn’t end

  2. Marat Marat says:

    Interesting story of Benchmark Capital a Silicon Valley VC firm and their investments during the dotcom boom in the late 90s and early 00s pre bursting of the bubble Conveys the atmosphere of the industry and the personalities all very gung ho and American which makes for entertaining reading The stories and mini case studies of individual investments are uite insightful there are a lot of pages devoted to Ebay's development and other less successful investments eg ToysRUs websiteInteresting to look up what happened to most of the investee companies mentioned Can't help but think a typical example of the dotcom mania is Webvan the Benchmark fund put in something like USD 3m into building a very capex intensive business raising follow on capital from other funds and eventually making a killing in the IPO where this loss making company with an unproven business model was valued at USD 100bn Webvan went bust in 2001 was eventually sold to and according to Wikipedia got the dubious honour of being named the largest dotcom flop in history by CNET No doubt a highly successful investment for the Benchmark LPs who cashed out in the public offering but from the perspective of long term value creation for the public who bought into the IPO a disasterPersonally another thing that surprised is the ease with which companies were rolled out and raised money you keep reading about 6 months and 12 months timeframes for follow on capital raisings and 18 months to IPO conferring ridiculous paper wealth on the founders Good times

  3. Bartosz Majewski Bartosz Majewski says:

    Eboys is a great account from Benchmark venture 5 first years It includes both wild ride of partners and some of their portfolio companies The fund returned 92x to their investors so by any measures was an anomaly similar to the times it operated in but to be honest anything that provides that kind of returns is an anomaly especially if you'll factor in the size of the fundIf you are in VC or VC backed startups this is a must read altough it's 19 years old so don't expect fundraising tactics hereIf there is anything close to good old days in sillicon valley this book might be the closest account to that period of time Great reporting great readPS Thanks to Olek Wandzel Bartek Gola who pointed me to the fact that there is an audiobook of eBoys in Audible

  4. Rogue Reader Rogue Reader says:

    Talk about a big gulp eBoys is about the biggest gulp ever despite its practice of low level euity position investing in early stage startups One of the write ups in the financial pages is that the tall boys of Benchmark acted as a pack consulting trading off negotiations making deals Dave Bierne the biggest gulper is large in the book but has since taken the fall for the internet bubble pop and has essentially been written out of Benchmark history Fascinating read of the biggest and smartest gamblers ever who won a lot and lost big too eBay is theirs now so is Uber among others Lost to time and bankrupcy is Louis Borders' idiocy WebVan Bierne's deal Stross does an excellent job as a bystander documenting this incredible piece of economic and social history

  5. Rohit Nallapeta Rohit Nallapeta says:

    This book was written at a certain age and time Some examples illustrated here as successes do fail later Read this for a snapshot of venture capital history and understanding the thinking that goes behind investments It certainly deserves attention for capturing the great hysteria on the first wave of Internet companies

  6. Looking Glass Looking Glass says:

    Ultimate fly on the wall story of VCHard to find a book like this it often reads as a verbatim Re telling of conversation after conversation among the Benchmark partners You gotta love Stross’s profile of Dave Beirne and his creation of his own executive search firm prior to joining Benchmark Story of answering machine message demanding payment a classic

  7. Anna Fuller Anna Fuller says:

    This book sits at the interesting and unfortunate vantage point of being published right before thecom bubble burst It was fun hearing doubts about the companies who made it successfully through and are still known today Priceline and eually fun hearing the author and VCs rave about companies that imploded shortly thereafter Webvan

  8. Colin Keeley Colin Keeley says:

    eBoys is the best book I’ve read on VC published in 2001 inside look at Benchmark partner meetings and debates about businesses story of ebay webvan and others 1st fund returned 92x 350m to each partner😲

  9. Sten Tamkivi Sten Tamkivi says:

    Good paced founding story of Benchmark told through the stories of their portfolio companies in the frothy years of the dotcom boom of the nineties eBay and Webvan as prime examples on uite opposite extremes

  10. Steve Biko Steve Biko says:

    Amazing fly on the wall account of an early venture homerun shop

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