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Slices of Life ➾ [Download] ➾ Slices of Life By Ruby Dixon ➳ – A collection of all Slice of Life short storiesHaving the Barbarian's BabyMegan's ready to give birth but she's not ready to let her mate leave her side When Cashol must go hunting to feed the tribe t A collection of all Slice of Life short storiesHaving the Barbarian's BabyMegan's ready to give birth but she's not ready to let her mate leave her side When Cashol must go hunting to feed the tribe they're separated for the first time since resonance Not Slices of MOBI :Ê a problem except the baby's ready to be born and there's a storm brewing Ice Ice BabiesIt's hard being a new mom on a barren wintry planet How about a mom times two Nora has to find a way to juggle babies her mate and friendships while catching the occasional nap Can she get her groove back CalmOne morning gentle Maylak wakes up and feels a sense of oncoming dread As the tribe's healer it is her job to ensure that everyone is safe happy and healthy and they are So what can be threatening her people AftershocksOn the day the world shook everything changed for the barbarian tribe This short story goes back to the event and gives additional insight How do Rukh and Harlow fare through the disaster How does the chief handle the destruction of everything he's ever known.

  • Paperback
  • 298 pages
  • Slices of Life
  • Ruby Dixon
  • English
  • 17 April 2016
  • 9781539557500

About the Author: Ruby Dixon

Ruby Dixon is the secret penname of a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author As Ruby she writes sexy barbarian aliens grumpy shifters and domineering bikers.

6 thoughts on “Slices of Life

  1. Kayla (onthefritz) Kayla (onthefritz) says:

    This is a collection of 4 kinda 5 of short stories set in the IPB world These stories are 65 66 75 85 in the regular series so if you have not read certain books in the series there will be spoilers Having the Barbarian's Baby Megan and Cashol 2 StarsA uick inside into Megan and Cashol's relationship This was written before their preuelpresent day book Megan is almost due to have her baby but Cashol has been tasted to go out on a long hunt in preparation for the Brutal Season Ice Ice Babies Nora and Dagesh 2 StarsWe follow Nora and Dagesh a bit and their life adjusting to having twins This sets up Asha's story and the start of their friendship and her helping with the twins Calm Maylak 3 StarsMaylak has a gentle unease and goes throughout the camp checking in on everyone while hours away from giving birth A small set up for Barbarian's Heart It was cute to get a pov from Maylak and see a uick peek at the entire tribe There was also a second part to this story that is just Farli helping Maddie movie into the single ladies cave with Asha That is all that happens Aftershocks various 3 StarsA great earthuake happens and changes the tribe's life forever We follow Harlow Rukh Stacy Pashov and Georgie Vektal This is the main eventset up for Barbarian's Heart

  2. Stacie Stacie says:

    I don't know if we necessarily needed a novella collection for the Ice Planet Barbarians but I'm glad it exists I love these characters so I'm happy to read about any random goings on that Dixon will give us Some novellas were stronger than others Aftershocks was the best one by far Anything that features Rukh will always get high marks from me though He's my absolute favorite in the seriesThis collection is a uick and fun little read Especially so if you're curious about what happens to certain characters after they've settled and started a family Again I wouldn't call this a necessary read but it was still nice to get these little snippets

  3. Selenity Jade (Coffee Addicts Book Reviews) Selenity Jade (Coffee Addicts Book Reviews) says:

    I've read all of these stories separately and loved each and every single one I definitely recommend the Slices of Life to any Ice Planet Barbarian fans

  4. Amy Amy says:

    I listened to the audiobook and the narrators do a great job This is a compilation of short stories

  5. Mari Mari says:

    Read as singles in order


    I couldn't help but wonder if these were deleted sad scenes from the original books The narration and writing were great I just didn't uite know what to make of this collection of snippets

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