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    Bloodlines, the thrilling conclusion to Vanessa Skye s The Enemy Inside trilogy, is all that I have come to expect from Vanessa.Lots of twists and turns in this one, and they leave both the reader and Berg squirming Once again, we re introduced to one seriously messed up antagonist In fact, in this book, you could say there are several I found the rape plot in this to be something very new, something that made me think about what it would take to encourage someone to do something like that It sent shivers up my spine.Murder, mayhem, marriage, blackmail and lies all spiral together around Berg and Jay It is a truly great conclusion to this trilogy.If I had one complaint it would be the ending It felt a little quick, a little rushed and fractured It added to the frenzy of the climax, but it didn t feel like it was completely formulated It was only a minor thing, I was pleased with...

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    Original Blog Post Blog Tour, eARC Review Giveaway Bloodlines Edge of Darkness 3 by Vanessa SkyeReview by RamonaBloodlines exceeded my expectations, Vanessa Skye I had read the first book, The Enemy Inside, but somehow missed the second, Broken Yet, I was able to understand and get into the final installment with minimal problems in the beginning By mid story, I was reacquainted with the original characters and also on good terms with the new ones Not often a crime suspense series is written with such brilliant continuity Alicia Berg seems to be a better version of herself on the outside Inside, there is still that struggle to keep herself from getting the punishment she feels she deserves Yes, she is a masochist but for all the wrong reasons Or not Maybe all those rumors about her helping hands are true The Jay I knew and loved in the beginning seems to be all but gone What happens screams of a desperate man, not the confident, positive, good cop he started out as Yes, he loves Berg, but have her actions pushed him too far I could only hope he was strong enough to redeem himself as well as Berg There is no way I could have predicted what was to come next To say I was as confused and c...

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    I received a copy of this book from NetGalley Originally posted here book was an intense journey I was shocked, disgusted, worried, surprised I honestly felt emotionally drained when I was finished.Skye doesn t disappoint with the final book in The Edge of Darkness trilogy Berg and Jay have finally settled down into a happy relationship, things are going well at work, and then everything goes to hell.While dealing with violent serial rapists and horrifying drug dealer mutilations, Berg is trying to hold things together as secrets start to unravel about herself and her past When ASA Carla Maroney who, by the way, is a woman I would very much like to punch right in the face takes great pleasure in revealing Berg s biggest secret about her involvement with Chicago s newest drug lord to Jay, it s like a bomb goes off in her happy world.I did not expect what happened next The slow revelations of what happened to Jay when he went undercover, along with the things that Berg does to get him back, and don t even get me started on what happened to make him stay undercover, all made me want to scream at this book It was so unexpected for me I was ready to start hating Jay and then we find out why he s done ...

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    All the pieces finally come together for one of my favorite characters Is it perfect No, but then, neither is Berg And that is the very thing I love about her In pure Vanessa Skye style, Chicago s streets are rife with secrets, but this time, the cat s not only out of the baghe s on the prowl What starts as a standard sexual assault on a college campus case becomes personal as Berg, Jay, and the rest of the detectives in Chicago s 12th Precinct attempt to discover who s trying to take over the very city they ve vowed to protect From Alicia s brokenness and struggle to find her way to Jay s sweet charm and need to protect those he loves, Ms Skye once again does what she does best characters We know them Somehow, it feels as though we ve met these people and recognize them with each page turn Arena s quirks and personality really shine as we get to see him free of any puppet strings Carla s ability to manipulate a situation If...

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    After having read The Enemy Inside and Broken I embarked on what to be my most enjoyable read of the Edge of Darkness series with Bloodlines The way the author has intertwined multiple storylines through the main character Berg, she had me enthralled from the very beginning I found myself wanting to skip ahead to see what came next as my heart raced, however I controlled the desire and read every word Yes this is a dark series of detective thrillers, however sometimes you need the dark to gain a greater appreciation of the light.Do you have to have read the previous two books in order to understand what was happening No however I wouldn t recommend it Without the other two books your investment in the somewhat fl...

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    This is the first novel I have read by this author What I really liked was the heroine in this story was flawed She wasn t this perfect individual But a woman who broke the law and made her choices that were best for her and her loved ones, even though she was a cop Not that I am going to suggest that everyone needs to out there and break the law But people need to stop doing what everyone thinks they should do and start doing what makes them happy I enjoyed the twist that popped up in the middle of the drama with Berg and Jay With each page I passed by I really wanted to see what was going to happen with the story line and the main characters.I think this is a solid 4 star book The only reason this isn t a 5 star is because I felt like some of the dialo...

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    So good As with the previous two books in this series, I absolutely loved it The pacing was great, there was nice dry humour to lighten the very dark tone, and all the characters completed a satisfying arc from books one and two Berg in particular is fantastic I loved that she didn t completely go back to her old ways when...

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    Review BLOODLINES by Vanessa Skye Edge of Darkness 3 The conclusion to this trilogy is purely gritty police noir and close up underside of the crimes, sins, and failings of humanity Chicago Detective Alicia Raymond is living a life of m...

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    Detective Alicia Raymond aka Berg has been keeping secrets from everyone, including her lover, Jay O Loughlin Brutal rapes, murders, drug dealers, gangs, and a crime drug lord attempting to take over Chicago combined with her secrets puts what little Berg holds dear at deadly risk.Berg has been straining under the weight of blackmail Now, despite her best efforts her darkest secrets have been revealed to the only one who matters to her, Jay It was just a matter of time really but the resulting fall out is as bad as she d feared Her fragile happiness, that she wanted yet feared and never felt she deserved, has been shattered The old Berg would return to the clubs seeking solace but what will the new Berg do Has the new Berg learned the value of hope Will she spiral back down into the abyss Berg s life may be falling apart but crime doesn t take a break If anything Berg and Arena suspect something big and wicked behind the torture deaths of two small time dealers Chicago is on the brink of war with Berg, Arena, Jay, indeed the whole police and justice system of the city, in the crosshairs.Anyone who s read the first two in Ms Skye s Edge of Darkness series knows it s violent and occ...

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Bloodlines Following The Acclaimed Debut Of The Enemy Inside And Its Sequel, Broken, Comes The Stunning Conclusion To The Edge Of Darkness Series By Investigative Journalist Vanessa Skye, Blood Lines Detective Alicia Berg Raymond Is Lying She S Lying To The Chicago Police Department, To Her Boyfriend, Captain Jay O Loughlin But Most Of All, She S Lying To Herself About Her Past, Her Future, And Her Ongoing Addiction As Berg Investigates A Series Of Brutal Rapes And Sinks Under An Ever Increasing Caseload, She Finds Herself Juggling Every Aspect Of Her Life Finding Justice For Victims Of Crime, Keeping Her Own Sordid Past Buried From Her Colleagues, Struggling With Blackmail That Threatens To Push Her Over The Edge, And Protecting Her Lover From The Details Of All Of It Wrapping Her Damaged Head Around Living In A State Of Domestic Bliss She S Certain She Doesn T Deserve, Berg Is Driven By The Need For Justice And A Determination To Stop A Rapist Before Any Innocent Lives Are Ravaged But When Enemies From The Past Threaten Her Present, She Is Once Again Vulnerable To The Demons That Have Plagued Her Every Day Of Her Life It S Only A Matter Of Time Before Her Lies Unravel And The Fairy Tale She S Finally Started Believing Implodes But The Biggest Threat Of All, As It Turns Out, Is Her Very Own Bloodline Can She Save Herself, And The Casualties Of Crime, From The Lurking Darkness Waiting To Strike, Or Will Her Own Mistakes Drag Her Under This Time For Good

  • Kindle Edition
  • 264 pages
  • Bloodlines
  • Vanessa Skye
  • English
  • 16 June 2019

About the Author: Vanessa Skye

Vanessa Skye has always had a love of words and spent her school years writing poetry, speeches and fictional essays.After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Print Journalism and studying Psychology at Charles Sturt University, Vanessa got a job at Rural Press Australia s largest publisher of regional and agricultural news and information where she worked as a journalist in the Central West of NSW f