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  • Kindle Edition
  • 457 pages
  • Heavenly Bodies
  • Rochelle Allison
  • English
  • 09 June 2017

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    Heavenly Bodies is written in my favourite Rochelle Allison signature dreamy and poetic style Whilst the story revolves around the protagonist, Isla and her developing relationship with Rigel, it s Allison s obvious affection for her beloved hometown, St Croix, that is the other heavenly body in her book Allison s ability to describe the surroundings through Isla s eyes almost makes you feel like you are there with her when I Googled some of the places Allison names in her book they looked exactly as they were described and I swear I could smell guava at one point But most of all Heavenly Bodies makes you remember what it was like in high school the awkwardness and insecurities you felt, the wonderful friendships you made, spending hours at the beach with those friends and falling in love with that boy for the first tim...

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    I love Rochelle s writing style It s slow and sweet and transports you wherever she wants to take you through her descriptions Can t wait to read from her

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    Heavenly Bodies is a must read Rochelle Allison is one of my favorite authors and she never disappoints She does the teen years so well and has a talent for taking you back to those glorious mostly days of youth It is so relatable you can hardly help becoming invested in these characters that remind you of yourself or someone you knew Or of those crushes that were so all consuming or even your first love This story follows Isla, who is excited to start her Senior year of high school with her best friends and the classmates she has known since childhood and the possibility of a burgeoning relationship thats finally coming to fruition Her happiness on this front is short lived as her family has to make some tough decisions that will tear her away from her life as she knows it Its easy to sympathize with her and imagine yourself in the same situation or relate to it if you have been.Isla is forced to start her senior year in a whole new place while watching the lives of her friends and would be BF carry on without her through social media and FaceTime chats However, on this new journey she begins to rediscover her family s culture and roots , while growing closer to distant relatives All this and the beauty of her new Caribbean home help her to realize th...

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    Heavenly Bodies, oh where do I start Right from the beginning, I was hooked Telling the story of a young woman being pulling from everything she s always known and into a world she had no plans of being a part of has been done before But not in the way Rochelle has mastered it From the inner selfishness that any teenager would feel even deep down in her heart Isla was doing the right thing for her family, to learning that change isn t always bad and can even result in the greatest discoveries of all It s the kind of story you sink into, picturing yourself there living it as well The kind of book you can t stop reading and never want to end Rochelle has always had a flow to her writing, an ease that traps in the best of ways She knows how to connect you to the characters, gives you reasons to feel good and bad This book may be fiction, but it s one of many truths A romance that reminds...

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    FIRST LOVE FLUTTERSNo one crushes summer romance and first love better than Rochelle Allison Heavenly Bodies is just what we needed to take us out of this cold winter I love a good book that makes me feel the first love flutters but I also love it when an author can immerse me in the setting Rochelle wraps you in her words, sinking you right into the sunny sands and salty shores off the Florida coast as you experience youth, island adventure and the pitter patters of true love Heavenly Bodies isn t just a feel good, fun summer romance, it brings the rich island culture to life, making you feel like you ve boarded that plane with Isla and her family and flown straight to St Croix beside them I loved touring the island with Isla and her friends, but nothing topped the sweet...

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    This story encompasses many of the feelings you run through growing up the feeling of being young and in like, the playfulness of friends and the anguish of change Set mostly in the beautiful St Croix, we get a peek into what it is like to live island life Isla is handed change that is not of her own volition Uncertain of what this new life may bring, she navigates through it with a level head and an open heart I know when I read one of Rochelle Allison s stories I can count on a myriad of emotions Her words timelessly evoke the way it felt to see your first love that first time And you remember fondly, the touches and whispered words that were all your own I found myself immers...

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    Heavenly Bodies is a perfect beach time read Starting from Atlanta, Isla is the typical teenage girl, heading into senior year Her world is upended, but she soon finds her stride with new friends and an interesting boy Riley is easy going and doesn t say much, but he doesn t have to He draws you and Isla in, leaving you waited with bated breath t...

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    Spoiler free review Heavenly Bodies belongs with its brother and sisters in the sky Allison Rochelle story is so well written and it catches you from the get go Circumstances out of her hands takes the main character Isla on a trip of finding herself The teenage years brings many challenges and Isla faces hers with such dignity and grace and in between finding her ...

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    I thoroughly enjoyed Rochelle s first book, and her second didn t disappoint The story kept me reading and interested the entire way through Isla is a character who readers can identify with no matter what their age She s searching for who she is in a world th...

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    I loved this book I loved the YA of it Isla was uprooted unexpectedly by her mom to take care of her ailing grandfather The way Rochelle describes the island I felt like I was there.I loved Isla Rigel together I hope ...

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Heavenly BodiesIt S Summertime In Atlanta, And All Isla Kelly Cares About Is Hanging With Friends And Snagging Her Longtime Crush But Weeks Before Senior Year Starts, Her Mother Announces They Ll Be Moving To A Tiny Island In The Caribbean To Take Care Of Her Ailing Grandfather Having To Leave Her Best Friends And The Only Home She S Ever Known Is Bad Having To Leave Her Father Behind, Too Awful But As Isla Reluctantly Starts Adjusting To Island Life, She Discovers That St Croix Isn T The Disaster She Thought It Would Be Making Friends And Growing Closer To Her Mother S Side Of The Family, She Realizes She Has A Place In This Close Knit Community And Then There S Rigel, The Fascinating Boy At Her New School Everyone Knows Rigel Thomas, His Reputation, And His Somewhat Notorious Family From The Pool At School To The Best Beaches On The Island, He Makes It His Mission To Win Isla S Heart But Life On St Croix Isn T All Sunsets And Stargazing, And As Isla Is Pulled Deeper Into Rigel S World, She Learns That Some Things Can Only Be Discovered By Slipping Far Beneath The Surface.

About the Author: Rochelle Allison

Rochelle Allison has been living, and thriving, in her imagination since she was a little girl in the Caribbean A true lover of words books thesauruses , she can usually be found crafting stories, inspired by people, conversations and the world around her.A wife of one and mother of two, Rochelle lives just outside of Atlanta She s a lover of hiking and the outdoors, photography and baking.An