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    How awesome I get to be the first person to review this For science, of course Granny Hanna disapproves of every girlfriend her grandsons bring home for dinner Sometimes, bad things happen to these females who are not worthy of Greg and Brian The rest of the family thinks she might even be a witch This year, for Christmas Eve, Greg has brought new girlfriend, Joy, home, and sure enough, Granny Hanna is NOT a happy camper.She does the unthinkable and summons Krampus to deal with the wicked Joy, who hasn t really done anything but be the poor unfortunate soul who is dating one of her grandsons But no matter She must go Standing in front of her was a huge goat like creature standing on two legs, draped in large, rusty chains The beast stared at her with glowing red eyes and his breath poured from his nostrils in clouds of steam in the cold night air.Granny is not without mercy, though If Joy promises to break up with Greg, Granny will call off Krampus and his elves.Well, Joy is a feisty one and refuses to give up her love because of a crazy old lady Tell your goat, or whatever the f he is, to do his worst You don t get to tell me who I can love This is another one of thos...

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    Greg brings his new girlfriend Joy to his parents place on Christmas He s nervous, his grandmother can be a bitch, but Joy insists to meet his family, grandmother included Granny Hanna is an evil hag who instantly hates Joy and wants her gone.Granny summons the Krampus She gives Joy two choices Either she leaves his grandson, or the Krampus will get his way with her for the whole night, his minions included.But Joy, she basically gives Granny the middle fing...

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    This was my first monster porn, and it wasn t half bad __ Granny Hanna was quite harsh..I came upon this book via Sh3lly Bring on the Weird because she read this and that got me curious you should click on the book and find her review, I m pretty sure it s the top one of the community ones, if you do not follow or are friends with her already , so if anything, it s all her fault for introducing me to monster smut and now also this author xDBut yea, this was alr...

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Taken By Krampus Greg S Family Has A History Of Strange And Frightening Occurrences That Befall His Family S Romantic Interests When They Spend Christmas Eve Around His Great Grandmother, Granny Hanna Nonetheless, His Girlfriend Joy Insists On Accompanying Greg To The Holiday Celebration At His Mother S House True To Form, Granny Hanna Greets Joy With A Chilly Reception, But That S Just The Beginning Soon Joy Finds Herself Visited By Krampus, The Dark Spirit Of Christmas, And He And His Minions Have Some Very Large Packages To Deliver To Her This Book Contains Explicit Depictions Of Sexuality And Is Intended For Mature Audiences Only.