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  1. Koen Koen says:

    Didn't finish it So predictable So nothing new Of the many scenes of violence I learned nothing new from this former SAS operative about professional or non professional violence what a let down Of the many reviews I read here the one closest to my heart was by Kees van Duyn who also provides the author's real name Colin Armstrong Here are my translation from the Dutch KK some of his lines ' Above all Ryan seems committed to investing his story with the maximum amount of mayhem He has obviously succeeded so the reader doesn't risk a moment of boredom That being said however suspense would have made for a better story Now in essence it's a flat thriller devoid of any profundity' I concur writing this while only half listening to part two of the well read audio version on Youtube and abandoning it right now

  2. Nick Brett Nick Brett says:

    A Danny Black story Here he is part of a team sent into Mexico to help take down a drug cartel On arrival everything goes wrong and it looks like the bad guys are aware of their supposedly secret mission The SAS team are up against the very worst and it looks like they are on their ownI uite enjoyed this it's fairly gritty and not much is held back I did very much enjoy the wider aspect and involvement of the Regiment itself This does end slightly oddly and felt like a slight anti climax but there is still plenty here to enjoy

  3. Rupert Matthews Rupert Matthews says:

    A good Chris Ryan book Plenty of action and a good plotline with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing about what was going on The only issue that I had with this was the last 30 pages of the book were entirely predictable Once it had been revealed who had been doing what and why there was only one way it was going to end But overall this is an exciting and action packed adventure story Good stuff

  4. Liza Gusarova Liza Gusarova says:

    Chris Ryan at his bestBe prepared for your blood pressure to skyrocket and your heart beating madly from the first page of Warlord where Danny Black and his mates from SAS are fighting vicious drug king of MexicoThe book is so well written that I felt like I was a part of action witnessing those abominable crimes of inhuman criminals and painsorrow and courage of SAS soldiersWarlord is the frightening book with action moving very fast with lots of gruesome details with a lot of sadness felt by professional soldiers who deal with the dark side of life but who fight and die to defend and protect us all against evilWarlord is one of those books which stir your feelings and stay with you for a long time

  5. Lufieres Chew Lufieres Chew says:

    They said don't judge a book by its cover I'm glad I did for this one First Chris Ryan book I read now I'm hungry for Interesting to see how some events seems isolated but are actually small puzzle pieces making a complete story no loose links no nonsense no wastage Truly enjoyable and it is difficult to find a page to stop to take a break Felt as if you are part of the operation and would feel bad leaving your teammates behind

  6. Wilde Sky Wilde Sky says:

    A crack team of soldiers is sent to Mexico to disrupt the activities of a drugs cartelThe story and characters were good but the writing was clunky repetitive – a good edit could have made this a really good book

  7. Roboshow Roboshow says:

    Danny Black has uickly become a favourite of mine another addition to my reg reading of Spider Shepherd and Orphan X Love the way Chris Ryan writes having gone through similar missions himself This book Danny doesn’t seem to be at his sharpest missing clues and making strategic mistakes that lead to huge conseuence Some as the reader you could clearly see The only grip with this book is the ending the reason I like Black compared to Shepherd sometimes is his lack of compassion for the enemy but the ending of this book is a little sickening even when happening to the families of the most brutal people Sometimes I think a mix of Spider and Black would be the perfect SAS man Leather and Ryan should do a co write interesting to see Spider and Black meet Anyways another good Black book off to finish 6 and then get into the rotation of waiting for new Spider Orphan and Black books to release

  8. Kt Kt says:

    I’m very partial to SAS novels and while there are many ex SAS and armed services people who write these kind of novels Chris Ryan is the best He writes both stand alone novels as well as a couple of different series; however the Danny Black series is my favouriteWarlord is another excellent read by Ryan in the Danny Black series It has a fantastic plot with several twists and turns; and like his other books I couldn’t put it down The characters are interesting clearly a sign of Ryan’s time as a member of the British SAS Whilst it does help to have read the books in the series before it it certainly can be read as a stand alone novel If you like authors like Vince Flynn you’ll love Chris Ryan I highly recommend Warlord along with all of Ryan’s other books

  9. Trevor Snape Trevor Snape says:

    This is another great book in the Danny Black series Take a four man SAS team team them up with a three man CIA team to take on a Mexican drug cartel Throw in a informer somewhere amongst these seven men and an connection to London crime baron and you the ingredients for an explosive novel The book is fast paced and unputdownable The story is fresh and uses all the up to date technology weapons and vehicles and deals with real life problems that exist today in the southern states and wider of the USA Read it you will enjoy it

  10. Paul Tipping Paul Tipping says:

    A good readI enjoy SAS stories in the main Obviously the author has a lot to do with my enjoyment I picked this book because my regular authors did not have anything newI found the storyline to be addictive although I also found the UK action and drama to be a little flat The hostage taking taking of an old man I found a little tedious and I uick read through it to get back to the story proper But if regimented action is what to like then enjoy

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Warlord ❮PDF❯ ⚦ Warlord ✐ Author Chris Ryan – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk On the border of the United States and Mexico a war is raging that can never be won by conventional meansThe drug cartels are rampant Their victims number in the tens of thousands Men women and childr On the border of the United States and Mexico a war is raging that can never be won by conventional meansThe drug cartels are rampant Their victims number in the tens of thousands Men women and children are butchered in the most obscene ways imaginable Of all the cartels the most violent is Los Zetas originally made up of former Mexican special forces turned bad they are perhaps the most ruthless and highly trained criminals in the worldWhich is why only the most ruthless and highly trained operatives can ever hope to be a match for themEnter the RegimentWhen the CIA reaches out to the British military for help SAS legend Danny Black and his team are despatched to give the Zetas a taste of their own medicine Working deniably and under the radar their mission is to sow death and mayhem among the cartel and to coax out from hiding their elusive leader the iconic ZBut as Danny is about to find out the arm of the cartel is long their sickening strategies underhand and brutal And in the dog eat dog world of this clandestine bloodthirsty war nothing is ever uite as it seemsIt will take all the SAS team's skill to break through to the heart of the cartel And even that might not be enough.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 400 pages
  • Warlord
  • Chris Ryan
  • English
  • 17 June 2016

About the Author: Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan was born in in a village near Newcastle In he joined the SAS During his ten years in the Regiment he was involved in overt and covert operations and was also Sniper team commander of the anti terrorist teamDuring the Gulf War Chris was the only member of an eight man team to escape from Ira of which three colleagues were killed and four captured It was the longest esca.