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10 thoughts on “Barbarian Two (Alien Barbarians of Zandipor, #2)

  1. Leigh Leigh says:

    Another silly book that I enjoyed but this one was even shorter I enjoyed Rolanda and Pontuck but Avery just annoyed me The Cookie Monster name was annoying and she makes them look like fools Like I said in my last review these books are ridiculous but if you find yourself needing a mindless short read these seem to do the trick

  2. Mei Mei says:

    This is simple and highly hilarious series and this book fits in perfectlyIs it silly? Yes But it makes me laugh like crazy and for me it deserves 5 starsRolanda is a professional MMA fighter Her muscles have muscles and as she herself says I'm a killer It was hilarious to see how Pontuck Cookie Monster sees her like she's a fragile flower LAMOOOO

  3. Kiki Kiki says:

    As much as I love myself a blue seven feet alien it is REALLY hard to fantasise about hero named “Cookie Monster” no matter how fierce and honourable he is WTF was the author thinking???? 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. Barbara➰ Barbara➰ says:

    35 StarsI enjoyed this one I actually ended up liking Rolanda I wasn't sure I would but I did and she makes a great mate for Pontuck I have to say though I did not like how Avery was acting I felt she was taking advantage of her status I liked her in the first one but this one not so much From reviews I've read it doesn't seem she improves in book 3 which disappoints me

  5. ♛ Garima ♛ ♛ Garima ♛ says:

    That was interesting but not as first one Leaving the book like that in cliff hanger was savage now I need to know what happens next

  6. CC CC says:

    Seriously these books are funny 375 starsI loved Pontuck He was so sweet I loved how he thought Rolanda was singing when she was cursing a blue streakI did not expect to like Rolanda I cannot say that I find such a butchy woman attractive but he loved her thought her beautiful and brought out the girly side in her But never made her give up who she is And she is a total badassAnother great edition to the series

  7. Miku Miku says:

    This was an OK readThe heroine is a smart woman and knows how to fight and she was the only one among the group that can really kick ass even from the first book Rolanda was a fighter and had muscles to prove it She and Pontuck were very sweet She is probably the one that I think is leader material than Avery Avery in this book was just plain spoiled She doesn't really lead she just make the men do what she wants which is ridiculous I'm not even sure why the men follows her How can the men even respects her when she just lay and command Turic to massage her feet The first two couple was just plain stupid for me The story started on Pontuck's POV and calls himself Cookie Monster because Avery the Saku calls him that which is disturbing but I find his undying loyalty to the saku kind of cute even if the person in uestion is not deserving Pontuck works really hard for his mate and even though he was shot by an arrow because of miscommunication he still cares a lot for his mate He rescued Rolanda from the Creep whose name is basically Creepe Creepe didn't like Avery as a leader and didn't really respect her and doesn't think of her as a saku but a whore and in this case seeing how she leads her life it is pretty much understandable Rolanda didn't fall easily for Pontuck but with the way he looks at her and tells her how beautiful she is to him it was hard not to fall in love with the said guy Especially if the guy would die first just to see your safe and that's what Pontuck is Their story was just very sweet but still lacking for me to really love it

  8. Dora Dora says:

    Rolanda Vogel aka Xena the warrior woman? still lost in the Zandipor land was fierce fighting for her life but also sort of naïve When she faced the blue aliens she was not at her best Why did you consider yourself a good judge of character? I laughed a lot reading how she interpreted the facts and reached conclusions And around Rolanda the poor Pontuck aka Cookie Monster was lost than a cockroach in the chicken dance What a pair It was so amusing their interactions before the translator Liked Pontuck’s perseverance his attentions to Rolanda his wooing skills and his mighty survival power Seems Rolanda found the one who cared and wanted her for herself And that Avery what a naughty girl Two very different characters Rolanda and her Mandy is still missing and to complete evil is around the corner The story was very entertaining and amusing with some tender moments passionate scenes some fierce fights and the end suggest that something very bad is going to happen Each time the stories get better

  9. Nike Nike says:

    I love Rolanda; she is my type of h strong kick ass and no nonsense I would have enjoyed the book without Avery in it though

  10. Crystal Crystal says:

    Hilarious alien romance with plenty of laughter sexiness and danger Rolanda was a Mixed Martial Art fighter on earth and at the top of her class But after being abducted by aliens and crashing on an alien planet she has to convince her self that she is still the bad ass fighter that she was on earth As she fights for her life against creatures that she never could have dreamed up she wishes like hell she was back on earth Pontuck aka Cookie Monster has been given the task of finding the missing humans from the crash when he comes upon Rolanda he is amazed at her strength fierceness and beauty When a giant blue alien appears out of nowhere and saves Rolanda she is happy the thing trying to eat her is dead but not so sure what to do with her blue alien savior especially when he tried to mate her With one misunderstanding after another poor Rolanda and Cookie Monster get into and trouble Will they live long enough to get to communicate with each other?

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Barbarian Two (Alien Barbarians of Zandipor, #2) ❰KINDLE❯ ❃ Barbarian Two (Alien Barbarians of Zandipor, #2) Author Kim Fox – I love to fightI'm a badass cage fighting chick who knows how to handle her fists I've knocked out every girl in my division on my way to dominationBut this planet is bringing me to my kneesMeteors al I love to fightI'm a badass cage fighting chick who knows how to handle her fists I've knocked out every girl in my division on my way to dominationBut this planet is bringing me to my kneesMeteors aliens monsters dinosaurs and annoying robotsBut there's someone else bringing me to my kneesAnd truth be told I kinda like it down hereMy sexy blue savior Pontuck is making sure of thatI thought I was a fighter but Pontuck is on a whole other levelHe's relentlessBecause this big blue alien barbarian is fighting for my heartAnd he may just win Book Two in the Aliens of Zandipor series Standalone but better enjoyed after reading the first book HEA.