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My Enemy's Cradle [Epub] ➢ My Enemy's Cradle ➣ Sara Young – Popular Book, My Enemy's Cradle by Sara Young There are many interesting things in this book format Paperback and others 387 pages and has a text language like English isbn 9780007268535 Popular Book, My Enemy's Cradle by Sara Young There are many interesting things in this book format Paperback and others pages and has a text language like English isbn .

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  1. Svetlana Svetlana says:

    You know when you read a book and you love it so much you’re sad that it’s over? Well that’s how I feel about this one I loved it SO much “Prisoners From the camp there Hundreds They all looked the same with their grey skin their shaved skulls their grey uniforms I couldn’t tell one from the other; I didn’t even know if they were men or women They were skeletons” Anneke and Cyrla were cousins who looked very similar in every way except for one thing Cyrla was half Jewish and hiding Anneke was carrying a German soldier’s child and was expected to go to Lebensborn but her sudden death left Cyrla with no choice but to take her place In the enemy’s lair how was Cyrla going to deceive the doctors and the other pregnant women? How was she going to escape before her true identity was revealed? ‘Lebensborn’ which translates to ‘wellspring of life’ or ‘foundation of life’ was one of the most horrific and unknown Nazi projects As Germany’s birth rate had dropped after the First World War Heinrich Himmler founded the Lebensborn project in 1935 in order to increase the German population SS and Wehrmacht officers were encouraged to have children with Aryan women who sometimes were as young as fifteen They had to be ‘racially pure’ blond hair and blue eyes by passing a ‘racial purity’ test Himmler believed that these Lebensborn children were going to grow up and lead a Nazi Aryan nation The purpose of this project was to offer Aryan women the opportunity to give birth to a child privately in safety and comfort However the babies and children at the Lebensborn homes were often neglected Mothers who gave birth at these homes were unable to find their children after the war as all records were intentionally hidden or destroyed This project affected both women and children across Europe and yet it remains to be one of the least known aspects of World War 2 history When Cyrla was at Lebensborn I felt like I was there with her and it felt like a prison “One day became another indistinguishable from all the others unmarked even by walks out of doors Lunch after breakfast night after day sun after snow” My Enemy’s Cradle was a poignant story about loneliness and abandonment about the atrocities against Jews But it was also about love and hope and endurance at a time when the world was at war with itself I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and I’m very grateful to have learnt about this particular part of history

  2. Christina Christina says:

    I’m uite sure that I say this entirely too much but I could not put My Enemy’s Cradle down I was completely riveted enthralled with the characters and sucked into a part of Nazi Germany I knew nothing about It’s a strong book all the way through Beginning to endMy Enemy’s Cradle is love story filled with tragedy heartbreak and devastation Which sounds incredibly contradictory but it contains so much hope and love that the contrasting feelings pull the reader in one hundred directions and push the reader to the every endA nail biting book that had me frantically turning the pages My Enemy’s Cradle is filled realistic characters and a solid historical plot Particularly the characters of Cyrla who feels guilty for taking her cousin’s place and torn between being half Jewish and half Dutch“The world was cracking in two One world half boy solders who missed their sisters and longed to sit in cafés with girls The other held me who wrapped girls’ faces in latrine filth and sliced my family from me and who would not let me pass into a park or a train if they knew who I was The world was cracking in two and I was falling into the void” pg 26and Nurse Ilse who feels guilty for even being apart of the Lebensborn program but cannot leave because of parlaying fear of what they will do to her father and because she wants to provide hope for the girls who come to the maternity home alone and afraid“I am a coward Yes I look away I don’t allow myself to think about certain things I can’t it would kill me So this is how I survive This is how everyone I know survives except we can’t even talk about it We’re all cowards” pg 243For me though the most interesting part was the Lebensborn program which including the breeding of a “superior race” Because the male population had been decimated at the end of World War I the birthrate plummeted and the Nazis set up Lebensborn a maternity home stock piled with food medicine and other scare items so girls as young as fifteen could present their country with new citizens and future soldiers If a child was not born as apart of the “superior race” such as one friend of Cyrla’s whose baby was born deaf they are disposed of My Enemy’s Cradle is a fiction account based on a horrifying truthYoung has done a fantastic job of highlighting the horrors of Hitler’s Germany while still maintaining a gripping love story making this adult debut a compelling and emotional read

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I really wanted to like this book because I am a fan of historical fiction particularly that dealing with Jews and WWII Unfortunately I found the plot predictable the characters flat and the tone of the book to be too light for such a serious issue as a half Jewish woman living as a fraud in a Lebensborn home for women pregnant with children of Nazi fathering to add to the Master Race Although I do not know enough about Lebensborn I feel as though the author paints too glossy of a picture of life during war ravaged times especially for a Jew in a Nazi run maternity oasis The love story that evolved out of the plot was cliche and intensely contrived leaving me feeling as though the book was written for someone who wants to see the world through rose colored glasses rather than the harsh reality of what actually happened I'm not saying that I'm looking for a pessimistic story; rather I expect the author to deliver one that is realistic and allows the horrors of what these women must have gone through to penetrate its readers' hearts I was severely disappointed when I finished this book

  4. Leanna Leanna says:

    I picked up Sara Young’s My Enemy’s Cradle after reading a review in USA Today a few weeks ago The book centers around the German Lebensborn and I was intriguedDespite inundating myself with “Third Reich” literature over the last several years I’d never before heard of the Lebensborn homes for women impregnated both willingly and unwillingly by German soldiersFair haired Cyrla the book’s protagonist has a Dutch mother and a Polish Jewish father For five years she lives with her mother’s family in the Netherlands and hides her Jewish ancestry When the family receives threats for harboring a Jew Cyrla knows she must fleeCyrla Young doesn’t explain the name's pronunciation—Curla—until well into the novel; unpronounceable names is one of my pet peeves assumes her cousin’s identity and takes refuge in a Lebensborn The premise of this book is intriguing and I have a strong desire to read about the Lebensborn Rather than a historical narrative though the book reads like a predictable romance novel As a romance novel I enjoyed Cradle I was interested in Cyrla and her romantic entanglements I wanted a happy ending and even shed a few tearsAs a Holocaust narrative though the book leaves much to be desired Young’s tale romanticizes the time period Although it refers to the horrors and atrocities committed during WWII and the Holocaust the book glosses over these passages Instead Cradle concentrates on Cyrla’s love life and less on the truly perilous situation she and her family members find themselves in

  5. Diana Diana says:

    This novel has the most irritating protagonist I’ve ever encountered in fiction Completely self absorbed oblivious to what’s happening around her in Nazi occupied Holland utterly unconcerned with anyone’s feelings but her ownGod what a useless wench The only reason I kept on reading was that it concerned the mysterious Lebensborn program during World War II Little is known about it and that little is still not talked about very much It concerns illicit sex and unmarried motherhood both frowned on in the 1940s even in wartime Germany I also hated the author's precious writing style She kept on about the sunlight “spilling” Sunlight does not spill liuid spills Neither does sunlight “pool” By the end of the book trees were spilling down the cliff Give me a break At least she had the grace to write in the past tense I abhor novels written in the present tense and usually refuse to read them I'd recommend this book only to those who have an abiding interest in the Lebensborn program and are willing to read a fictional account of it

  6. Sue Sue says:

    This was an interesting book about a part of WWII that I knew little about The story highlights the Lebensborn a birthing center for Aryan children The story is about Cyrla a half Jewish young woman who is finding that life in the home of a Dutch relative is getting increasingly difficult as the Nazi's impose stricter and stricter laws on anyone Jewish Cyrla is best friends with her beautiful blond cousin Annika Not only are they best friends but they look uite alike Without giving the story away Cyrla must take on Annika's identity at the Lebensborn where she has gone to 'hide in plain sight' I very much enjoyed the beginning and middle of the novel but I have to admit to feeling cheated at the end I felt like the end came too uickly and seemed abrupt It is a heart wrenching emotional story I just wish the ending had been better

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    Anytime I can read about something new in well written historical fiction I'm all for it The author of this adult novel taught me something and had me googling before I had even finished the book It's a tale of the Lebensborn a home for girls who were breeding good German stock to carry on the work of the Fuhrer WowreturnreturnCyrla is 12 Jewish and her father sends her to the Netherlands before Hitler starts raising too much heck But the war catches up with her in the Netherlands No one knows she is 12 Jewish maybe but she can't keep up appearances with her Jewish boyfriend any Her cousin and best friend wants to marry a German soldier who has gotten her pregnant but things don't usually work out during wartime Then enters the Lebensborn These homes were full of girls who were raped or freely having German babies Some were even like factories churning out the Aryan race for Hitler Wow That's really about all I can say The novel reads uickly and easily but things were wrapped up a little cheesily for me at the end

  8. Leah Leah says:

    The woman whose kids I babysit lent me this book Apparently she got it as a gift and couldn't put it down This one is definitely a page turner It's kind of like historical chick lit I liked that it dealt with an aspect of Nazi Germany that isn't talked about very often which is the Lebensborn project This project was a breeding program designed to propagate the Aryan race Girls who passed rigorous tests to determine their heritage and who were carrying German babies were allowed to give birth in a Lebensborn home The babies were then given to German families to raise In addition married men were encouraged to participate in the program by impregnating as many girls as possible The story centers around a girl Cyrla with a Polish Jewish father and a Dutch mother She has blond hair and blue eyes nothing about her appearance suggests her Jewish heritage When WWII begins to heat up she is sent to live with her mother's sister's family in the Netherlands who have a daughter Cyrla's age I don't want to give too much away but she ends up in one of the Lebensborn homes under a false name trying to hide her Jewish heritage So interesting concept which I applaud because there is altogether too much holocaust fiction on the market today But I hated this main character She was an idiot She was immature naive whiny and never thought through her actions even when they could have seriously harmed her and her loved ones and often did You'd think that after a few incidents she might have wised up She didn't She was an idiot throughout the entire book I HATE when that happens I hated it even because the book portrayed her in this antiuated paternalistic light which basically says women are too emotional to make rational smart decisions On the other hand the men in the story were always the sane smart ones trying to help her and in return she brushed them off didn't take their advice and continued to put them and herself in harm's way because she was stubborn just wanted to do something and never seemed to realize the danger of her situation And this is written by a woman Come ON I couldn't relate to her at all Think Bella from Twilight or Scarlett O'Hara although Scarlett was mean AND an idiot This girl was just dumb So That was my big beef with this book Interesting and well written but ultimately disappointing because of the spineless main character The End

  9. Edel Edel says:

    I did not enjoy this book at all the main character Cyrla was very immature and shallow Besides the poor character development the main concept of the book was interesting because I had no idea such pregnancy homes for women existed during World War II and how the Nazis took these children from the mothers after they were born Most of the book consisted of Cyrla wallowing around pregnant and thinking about Izaak a man who got her pregnant so she could go take on the identity of her cousin at the Lebensborn Izaak who she continuously pines after shows her NO affection what so ever and she doesn't even realize that Izaak is indifferent towards her She even goes so far as to tell Izaak that she loves him and he does not respond SHE still does not get the hint that he doesn't love her even after that She comes off as very weak and dependent on men to take care of her The book becomes progressively worse when towards the end of the book she falls in love with her late cousin's boyfriend named Karl who got Cyrla's cousin Anneke pregnant in the first place This book was ridiculous and offered no character development and the story line was very unrealistic Cyrla freuently visited Izaak in the beginning of the book even when their were Nazis all over the place Ok if there were SO many Nazis around how could they not catch Cyrla and Izaak???? Overall I was very displeased with this book it had the potential to be good

  10. Kolleen Kolleen says:

    I am one of those people that love books on the Holocost true or not Call me morbid if you have to This was a novel but focused on Lebensborns which are an aspect of the Holocost that has never been focused on before and something that I didn't even realized existed The characters in this book were so well defined that I felt like I knew them and could understand all of their thoughts and feelings I was so touched by this book I loved the characters I loved the ending and I really really hope this is a movie because I would love to see this brought to life so I can share it with all of my non reader friends Great book Even if you are not into the Holocost it is a must read You will not be disappointed

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