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Clockwork Universe [Reading] ➻ Clockwork Universe By John W. Dennehy – Ferocious beasts wreak havoc in an alternate Victorian world An enhanced mix of Leopard and Rhino the predators are impervious to conventional weapons Death follows their every tread British big game Ferocious beasts wreak havoc in an alternate Victorian world An enhanced mix of Leopard and Rhino the predators are impervious to conventional weapons Death follows their every tread British big game hunters are dispatched to Boston with orders to take the creatures down Now young Kevin Barnes mysteriously travels from his cushy modern world into a Steampunk universe where clockwork controls the cosmos Kevin finds himself joining the hunters and a stoic debutant in the chase Will Kevin measure up and defeat the Rhino pards or become another victim.

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  1. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    Steampunk world next to oursClockwork Universe is an interesting and easy read that takes a guy on a train to a different world back in time to and to an alternative universe He meets a lovely girl and a courageous hunter of wild beasts A beast that nobody has ever heard of before is lurking around and killing people and our young hero is drafted into helping the hunter find and kill the creature It is a fun fantasy

  2. Frank Errington Frank Errington says:

    Kevin Barnes is a commuter headed to Boston from the Merrimack Valley in Southern New Hampshire On the weekends he performs in a throwback punk band and he looks the part with a purple Mohawk diaper pins in his ears wearing jackboots with crimson lacesPrior to boarding a stranger asks him to watch his briefcase for a moment when the man doesn't return Kevin boards with the briefcase and begins a journey he won't soon forgetKevin is thrown into a time and place he barely recognizes a Boston where the patriots lost the revolution and steam is the primary source of energy Here he meets big game hunter Silas Cunningham and his companion Niles Barton The Englishmen have been tasked with capturing and destroying two dangerous animals which have become loose in the cityWe are facing Rhino pards Cunningham explained They are part rhino and part leopard Some sort of vivisection done on the Ivory Coast A mad French scientist shacked up in a village doing unusual experiments on animalsThe trick with enjoying this debut novel from John W Dennehy is not to ask too many uestions uestions like how did a simple commute to Boston result in arriving in an alternate universe in a different timeline and why was there a ray gun in the stranger's briefcaseIn the end I found Clockwork Universe to be an entertaining story that could have been so much There is this wonderful world in which Kevin finds himself and yet most of the story as good as it is is spent chasing Rhino pardsClockwork Universe is published by Severed Press in both paperback and for the Kindle If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can read it at no additional charge Also if you are an Prime member you can read it for FREE using the Kindle Owners Lending LibraryFrom the author's bio John W Dennehy is a writer of Horror Suspense He has three books under contract with a publisher that will be out soon Clockwork Universe is his first published novel

  3. Brian& Brian& says:

    A steampunk hunting adventure 425 out of 5 starsI have to start my review by stating that I haven't really ever been a fan of steampunk Now that doesn't mean that I hate it I just never really was interested in it So when I saw what this book was about I was hesitant at first But Dennehy put me at ease almost right from the gate The way that Kevin was introduced to this new world really eased me into the steampunk ness of it allClockwork Universe didn't take long to get started and from the very beginning it was full of action and adventure There were nights where I just wanted to go to sleep but I had to read a few pages to figure out what was going to happenThe combination of the environment the animal that they were hunting and the hunters made this book for me That mixed with Kevin and his modern reactions to an alternatenon modern environment kept me interested throughoutI won't ruin anything for anyone I've been trying not to for this book but it's difficult but the ending made my heart happy There are times where you are pretty sure you know how a book is going to end But when they do a uick change on the reader it's always a surprise Thankfully this time it was a happy surprise in my opinionThis was my first book from John W Dennehy and I hope that I will be reading in the future Especially from Severed Press That publishing group really knows what they are doing I only wish they had books available in audiobook format

  4. James Marquis James Marquis says:

    Wow this novel was a real treat It felt a bit like an Edgar Rice Burroughs story set in a steampunk era Lots of action great characters and dialogue that really paints a picture for the reader I was worried that maybe this kind of thing has been done too much but the author proved me wrong

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