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Starring Christmas [Read] ➵ Starring Christmas Author Rachel McMillan – Starring Christmas features two Christmas novellas by beloved novelists in one setFalling for a Christmas Star by Rachel McMillan Sam Medina has finally made it A last minute casting change finds him Starring Christmas features two Christmas novellas by beloved novelists in one setFalling for a Christmas Star by Rachel McMillan Sam Medina has finally made it A last minute casting change finds him en route to Toronto to star in the latest entry of the Serendipity Network’s annual Christmas movie extravaganza My True Love Gave to Me Finally he will have the chance to shake off his reputation for supporting roles as the best friend or kind hearted barista and prove that he is leading man materialMerry Strathford is too busy for love When she’s not pursuing a tenure track position in Medieval Women's studies she’s serving plum pudding lattes at the Holly and the Ivy Café Thus far the only romance in her life occurs when she falls under the spell of her favourite made for TV movies That is until Sam Medina walks through the coffee shop doorSuddenly both Sam and Merry are living the romance of a Serendipity movie But life isn't all snowflakes and sugar plums and real life and relationships are far from cookie cutter shortbreadLone Star Christmas Lights by Allison PittmanMari Medina is in lovewith her neighborhood She’s converted her historic ancestral home into a cool coffee shop and party space with an apartment upstairs big enough to share with her mother It’s a comfortable safe existence even if it lacks the spark to fuel her unsuccessful attempts to break into the world of writing romance Still she’s always on the lookout for a new taste to bring to her patronsLarsen Clarke had everything that comes with a successful career a luxury apartment a flashy sports car and his pick of society women When hardship strikes his family he gives it all up trading for a room in his brother’s home and a venture into creating craft beer He’s traded his expensive suit for a plaid shirt and the only risk he’s willing to take involves bold Texas based brewWhen Mari and Larsen meet it’s a collision of retail and romance She’s looking for a story he’s looking for himself Together they just might find a little lone star magic.

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  1. Melissa (LifeFullyBooked) Melissa (LifeFullyBooked) says:

    Adorable collection of two connected stories sure to please Hallmark Christmas movie fans everywhereMcMillan's story has two characters with chemistry that glows from each page The story gives many winks and nods toward Hallmark Christmas movies and will make even the most closeted fan admit to their addiction to these sappy yet feel good stories It also gives a bit of a look at how the characters may not be exactly as they appear on screen Pittman's tale follows the sister of one of McMillan's characters Her shop is a place I would personally love to visit what a clever idea and it makes the story fascinating and believable The sparks between Mari and Larsen are smoldering yet catch fire and the reader's heart at the same timeThe settings in both tales Canada and Texas are so well described that they become almost like characters themselvesFun stories sure to enhance your Christmas season in all the best ways I received a complimentary copy of this book all opinions are my own

  2. Nicole Nicole says:

    A delightfully charming Christmas duo that kept me reading way past my bedtime I adored these holly jolly novellas Fantastic character development and fresh writing galore the connection between tales in Canada and Texas was artfully executed Here's hoping for an encore

  3. Kara Kara says:

    Are you a Christmas movie addict like I am? I'm talking about the cheesy and romantic hallmark channel sort If so then I can pretty much guarantee you'll love these two short stories because they both read like swoony and fun Christmas movies I know both of these authors are fans and it so clearly shines through I loved every reference especially to a few favorites of mine Best of all though? Even as things happen pretty rapidly in the romance department the characters are so lovable and believable as they fall in love that it doesn't really matter The heroes are swoonworthy and gentlemanly both heroines are hilarious and sweet the chemistry is fabulous and the storylines are loads of fun Basically I just grinned my way through both stories and loved every single minute Even the cheesy and silly moments because what Christmas movie doesn't have those? The cheesier the better am I right? ; A perfect read for Christmas time

  4. Ian Ian says:

    I'm not a watcher of Hallmark movies we don't have the channel down under but I am a fan of Rachel McMillan's writing So it was an easy decision for me to grab this duo of novellas 2 stories 75 pages each uick reads and two different authorial voices I loved how Rachel Allison connected the two storiesa brother Sam Medina falls in love with Merry while making a Hallmark movie in Toronto Rachel's home and his sister Mari Medina falls in love with Larsen back home in San Antonio Allison's home as she plans a celebration of her brother's new movieWittyat times a little corny classic will heshe won't heshe standoffs and predictable endings as is consistent with a Hallmark movie Good fun with strong multi dimensional characters who have interesting careers and two cities that I'd love to explore now having read a little of them in these novellasGood holiday reads that make you smile

  5. Jocelyn Green Jocelyn Green says:

    I read this delightful collection in two sittings I loved it Starring Christmas delivers exactly what you would hope for wit laughter believable romance complete with awkward moments and evergreen scented happy endings Both McMillan and Pittman deliver laugh out loud lines and plenty of smiles A heart warming blend of Christmas movie magic and real people finding their own happily ever afters I normally gravitate toward reading thick historical novels but this contemporary Christmas duo was exactly what I needed to decompress and enjoy a generous dose of holiday spirit I'm hooked on these authors and will reading from them

  6. Rissi Rissi says:

    Read December 2016

  7. Meghan DeWalt Meghan DeWalt says:

    Instant classicsAbsolutely darling and delectable in their execution all the way aroundThe imperfect but lovable and strong leads to the beauteous vivid settings that instantly took the reader Right There Starring Christmas are two stories that will leave a mark and sparks of hope Truly delightful 200%

  8. Felicia Felicia says:

    This was cute pair of stories I liked the first story by Rachel McMillan I felt like the chemistry of that one was better But they were both cute

  9. Lillie Lillie says:

    Two sweet Christian Christmas romances as siblings find true love

  10. Romance is my Jam||Victoria Romance is my Jam||Victoria says:

    DNF Sadness Just couldn't get into it

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