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  1. ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰ ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰ says:

    25 Disappointed Stars I was looking for a hot uick manage to fill a gap but got a weird push pull finding yourself story that occasionally had sex scenes involving three people I thought the plot held promise and it could have been great but it just wasn't done well There was stupid editing mistakes that pissed me offOne of the biggest problems was the lack of character description I mean come on people you need to be able to make a visual of the characters to get the full experience even if it's just a smutty read The hero's gave contradictory statements about the h throughout the book like saying she had large lush curves but at another point saying she was so small The 'Billionaire' thing didn't come into play really either What I'm trying to say is And I would not recommend this one

  2. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  3. Tori Macallister Tori Macallister says:

    This book is solidly written but could have been a lot better I didn't like that the first sentence started in the middle of the threesome having sex there was no emotional investment on my part or character development so the scene felt boring as a result The fact that both Mindy's and Ethan's commitment phobia is never explained in any real way also lessened the strength of the plot to me; it ended up feeling like her mugging and hospitalization was an easier work around than having a few characters actually work through some real issues And that her biggest worry is that they'll think she's a gold digger and then zero time or energy is spent on that made the real estate spent on discussing her worry as time wasted by the reader

  4. Adrianne Adrianne says:

    Surprisingly good read I loved Ethan book boyfriend bad boy perfection

  5. Elysian Fields Elysian Fields says:

    This was just an okay book or me I was looking forward to this story line as it sounded interesting but from the very first page I was a little thrown off There is NO character build up page one and I was reading about their encounters I did not learn much about the characters or why they were together until later in the book and by then I felt like so little too late I felt like I was jumped into a story that had already progressed from another book and I was lost I had no feelings for the characters or their relationship The writing was good and the details were there but the way the story was laid out it just felt off and turned me off as a reader The concept was good and the authors writing ability is there it was just the story that I did not like The characters had they been in a different story were great and I enjoyed their interactions This was a “hook up” book not really a romance story The characters had no romantic feelings for each other so I did not have any for them There were a few sexy scenes with brief rather bland interactions and then it was over I will read from this author in the future if any of the books catch my interest however; I will actively wait for this author’s next book I received an ARC and am leaving a voluntary review

  6. Dora Harvey Dora Harvey says:

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this bookThis was a great story This book was well written with a blisteringly hot look into the private lives of those in a ménage This is the first time I read a book by this author Jay Wilder but I assure you it will not be the last I loved the three characters of Zack Mindy and Ethan Zack returns home after his father dies to take care of his business Mindy and Zack grew up together and he always had feelings for Mindy Zack and his best friend Ethan had one thing in common—always shared women—now Ethan wants to share Mindy Will Mindy decide to have a casual affair with both Zack and Ethan? Will Zack want from Mindy or will Ethan want from Mindy? The scenes are well written fast paced and flow smoothly from one scene to the next There is something so good about reading a good book and this book was awesome The book will piue your interest and draw you in from the beginning to the very end

  7. Teresa Christianson Teresa Christianson says:

    Ethan is only looking for one night stands with his best friend Zack and a girl He doesn't want anything to do with commitment Zack has a history with Mindy from years ago when they were younger and she walked away from him when he says he wants from their relationship Now Zack is rich like Ethan and Mindy is a nurse in the Bronx They start out as just having sex but it starts to mean to all of them but no one says anything until months later when the guys finally decide to say something Mindy runs away from them when she realizes that she is in love with them and is scared and the guys tell her that they want from her Will the guys be able to convince her they are serious and that they really do love her? Will she admit to herself and them that she loves them too?

  8. Pamela Lilley Pamela Lilley says:

    A super sexy MFM romance definitely not a book for those of you who don’t like to read about a adventurous out of the normal sexual lifestyle Read only if you like this genre and know that it’s super cheesy but that said it is an enjoyable easy read A complete feel good story following two friends Ethan and Zach who like to share one woman The woman they currently have their eye on is Mindy an ex fling of Zach and his all time love Mindy however is unaware of that small fact Zach is desperate to reconnect with Mindy and he’ll do everything in his power to make that happen Ethan however is commitment phobe and Mindy is not looking for anything than one night so it was interesting seeing these three twenty somethings negotiating their feelings An entertaining read that allowed me to just switch off and relax for a couple of hours

  9. Nora Flood-Houston Nora Flood-Houston says:

    Two is betterThis book was amazing I loved it Mindy an ER nurse sees Zack a love from her past and it brings up old feelings and doubts Zack still wants her but now he shares his women with his best friend Ethan They hook up agree to keep it casual Casual doesn't work for any of them Mindy doesn't want to appear as a gold digger and Ethan is a commitment phone Will they be able to get past their fears? This book is hot they are explosive together Ménage at its best

  10. Jessica Ramsey Jessica Ramsey says:

    HotCharacters 35Plot 45Romance 45Mystery 05Action   25Darkness 05Humor 05Stars   4 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆Would I recommend this book Yes Would I read future books by this author Yes✔Plot was good ✔Characters were okay not my faves•Mindy is fabulous Strong independent and full of life•Zack realizes what he wants and goes for it He open and honest•Ethan is very insecure but when he almost lost everything he changes for the better ✔Oh so hot smoking✔HEA

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Two Billionaires Next Door ❮Download❯ ➽ Two Billionaires Next Door Author Jay S. Wilder – A nurse next door Two billionaire best friends One explosive attraction She's about to create her perfect matefrom the best of both bad boys A full length standalone romance with an HEA ending and Zer A nurse next door Two billionaire best friends One explosive attraction She's about to create her perfect matefrom the best of both bad boys A full length standalone romance with an HEA ending and Zero Cliffhanger Ethan I'm a pompous entitled prick who happens to be a billionaire I keep women at a safe distance Except for the ones my best friend Zack and I hook up with Yeah we like to share one woman at a time Zack's father dies and as he closes out his father's affairs Mindy Two Billionaires eBook ´ shows up and upsets the balance Mindy is not like any woman I've ever met before I can't trust woman to begin with and am even suspicious of one who wants nothing from me Until I begin to need of her Mindy I haven't seen my old next door neigbor Zack in over seven years His dad dies and he shows up to tie up loose ends Except he's now a billionaire His proposal of a no strings attached hookup with him and his best friend Ethan is right up my alley Until I do what all single women looking for love do at one point in their livesI fall hard Twice Zack Mindy is the one who got away I see her near my late father's house as I'm taking care of his affairs and I'm hooked again Except now I'm different My best friend Ethan and I like to share one woman Mindy likes the idea of a casual thing with both of us Until I decide it's no longer enough Author's Note This is a MFM ménage romance that is all about the woman There are no MM scenes This story is all about TWO hot bad boy biillionaires who fall for the same woman.