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Love Me For Me ❰Read❯ ➯ Love Me For Me Author Sophie Brown – Launch Sale Just 99c guaranteed for 24 hours only Save 75% over the regular price of 399 A hot BWAM romance brought to you by Sophie Brown of BWWM Club Features a free bonus book Wendy is a gorgeous f Launch Sale Just c guaranteed for hours only Save % over the regular price of A hot BWAM romance brought to you by Sophie Brown of BWWM Club Features a free bonus book Wendy is Love Me PDF/EPUB or a gorgeous full figured black woman and a YouTube beauty star showing ladies of every size they can dazzle She’s delighted when she gets selected to compete on a reality TV show pitted against four other women to become the face of a top LA beauty company While on the show Wendy falls for the CEO and show host Kohei Soon they can’t keep their hands off each other Plus she’s managed to fight her way to the final Everything seems to be looking up but a snooty contestant and Wendy’s past relationship issues threaten to throw a spanner in the works Will things fall apart for Wendy and her new love Or will they find the strength to win their happy ending Find out in this thrilling sexy romance by Sophie Brown of BWWM Club Suitable for over s only due to steaming hot sex scenes.

6 thoughts on “Love Me For Me

  1. LavaCookie LavaCookie says:

    Expectations were dashedI read 26% of this book but couldn't bring myself to finish I love the concept of the MC but she wasn't well developed None of the characters were They all spoke and behaves like the protagonist The author has a bad habit of explaining things and not showing them The dialogue is super annoying No use of contractions and every character uses the same outdated slang The two male characters introduced in this book are forgettable but I couldn't continue reading after seeing the author describe the supposed love interest as speaking completely devoid of his native Asian tongue What the actual heck The author never mentioned that the love interest was born outside of America and even if he was Asian is not a language It is not a language There was no need to explain that he spoke similar to everyone around him In fact as a reader I would guess that he sounds similar to everyone else in this story unless stated otherwise The author felt no need to explain that Andi spoke in a voice devoid of her native 'European' tongueagain not a language so why was it necessary to mention this for Kohei? Answer it was not unless stated otherwise Kohei would have been assumed to be American and thus speak with an American accent or dialect specific to California if there is one Flat charactersflat storyline annoyingly repetitive dialogue1 star

  2. Monica L Monica L says:

    2nd Novel IrritationThe first book with Wendy and Kawada was cute especially during the competition The 2nd book with Julie and Steven was straight bBS couldn't even finish it Julie got on my last nerve especially with stereotypical BS behavior and BS attitude Didn't even finish the 2nd book I just fast forwarded to the end

  3. Angela V. Herndon Angela V. Herndon says:

    I loved Wendy's positive outlook on life and about self image This book made sure to emphasize on self love and motivation Definitely one of those types of books where beauty is not just skin deep And not only was it mitigative but there were so many funny parts to it as well A Great Read Indeed

  4. Rita Rita says:

    It could have been better It had a good storyline but it needed depth The ending was rushed This felt like a physical relationship I didn't feel a hint of love Nor did I figure it could turn into one Needed work

  5. Gladys Mills Gladys Mills says:

    Love me for me This book was cute and funny Wendy gets herself in a reality show that sends her into the arms of an Asian man who is willing to do anything to have her I enjoyed the plot between the contestants in the show All the bickering between women was true and crazy What happens in the end is great Good read  I voluntarily read a Review Copy of this book All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else’s

  6. Maria Hammonds Maria Hammonds says:

    Ready set work itSuch a wonderful empowering story From a negative relationship to youtube blog Where you gain fame to a reality show and job offer Did I forget the love affair Who would't love this book

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