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  1. Eilonwy Eilonwy says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book It's a combination of memoir and inspiration and as a non Christian and not particularly religious person I was a little nervous about that God reference in the title But I've been a fan of SRR for years and really wanted to read her story in her own words The memoir has a linear timeline but is also framed by the four P's the way Coach Clyde Hart teaches his athletes to run each 100 meters of the 400 meter race Push Pace Position and Poise SRR describes her athletic career from age 7 along with other highlights and challenges along the way and ends each chapter with a little boxed message about what she learned from her experiences and her faith and how the reader may be able to apply it in their own life I really appreciated that this is not just a book about winning SRR is open and candid about her disappointments and outright failures her struggles with injuries and Becet's disease and how hard it can be to be a woman focused on personal achievement and success She also makes it clear that while she obviously has an abundance of natural sprint talent training as an elite athlete takes a huge amount of effort and commitment From high school on she did a thousand repetitions of core exercises every single day If my boot camp instructor makes us do 300 abscore reps everyone moans I recommended this book to him so maybe I'd better hope he doesn't get any too ambitious ideas D She's also vocal about some bad experiences she's had with a few big names in track and field a coach; her first agent There is as promised a lot of talk about God But it's presented as Sanya's very personal relationship that provides her with drive strength focus and the desire to be the best person she can in all aspects of her life without proselytizing at the reader She's upfront that she hopes her example will inspire others to seek their own relationship with God so if that bothers you skip this book But I found her nudges to be gentle and non preachy The last chapter about SRR's decision to retire last summer before the Rio Olympics made me cry into my breakfast cereal it was that moving Well done Sanya and I will miss reading about you in Track Field News and watching you run that lap around the oval

  2. Cortney Cortney says:

    35 Stars Surprising and inspiring Heavier than I expected I’ve never known someone famous to speak about so candidly You don’t know the issues others are struggling with and we can always learn from our failures

  3. Schuyler Schuyler says:

    Sanya writes in a warm simple easy to read style It's a pleasure to read because it flows smoothly and almost feels like she's having a conversation with you I love conversational literature Her life of intense training on the track reminded me in some ways of the training process my sister undergoes for the Bible Bee competition it's a long process with a brief off season and she has to stay pretty intense and focused to keep in shape just like Sanya I was inspired by two things in particular one was the four phases of the race which Sanya calls the four Ps You cannot always run the race by pushing off and going at the top of your game and energy Eventually you have to pace yourself into a steady rhythm so you don't burn out The discipline of pushing hard at the start and then holding a steady rhythm made a lot of sense and I want to incorporate it into my projects and mindset as I work Another inspiring thing about Sanya's training was just the sheer discipline on the track every day I had a really tired week last week and didn't do too great on the rhythm side of things It's OK to take a break sometimes pacing after all but I want to press on and not fall into bad habits that could derail the work God has set before me I hope to remember Sanya's example and techniues to encourage me to run the race faithfully and constantly Also I loved the section when her body could no longer hold out in the running and she had to retire Passing the baton into the next season of life with grace was really helpful I loved the inspiring finish to her book I love Sanya's passion I'm passionate about what I do and this book gave me tools I needed to run the race well I highly recommend it for an inspirational and inspiring read I recieved this book from the publisher All opinions expressed are my own

  4. Ellison Ellison says:

    About a gal born and raised in Jamaica It is determined that the best way to get a scholarship is toMOVE TO THE UNITED STATES She attends a prep school her mom becomes an American citizens so they ride her coat tails She accepts Christ as SaviorShe attends the University of Texas on scholarship where her coach bullies her so she bullies a teammate for the good of the team of course Despite a decade as a runner she is easily manipulated by other runners She gets a boyfriend She is in the Olympics she travels the world running she gets a hives like skin condition she is sponsored by Nike she turns up preggers despite birth control she calls boyfriend he is silent she goes to the clinic for procedure then jets to the other side of the globe where she gets a Bronze medal She gets a gold in a relay but the team photo shows a not happy smile She and her lover what two years to marryHer body eventually gets old and breaks down so she gets out Scripture and color photos

  5. Jessica Jessica says:

    Sighhhhhhh this was really disappointing I am a fan of Sanya Richards Ross for many reasons but this book left me feeling less excited about her Most of her stories felt like she glossed over any depth in order to get to an end moral that related to one of her core beliefs I imagined her reading this aloud for a group of people while smiling and slow blinking through all of the difficult parts of her life I'm glad she attempted to open up of her life to her fans and I'm glad she gets to tell her story without TV producers editing what seems best I am not glad that this book missed the mark on a memoir Although Sanya complained about the lack of complexity in her reality show portrayal there is a lack of complexity here as well I made it a third of the way through the book before I started skipping through looking for deeper stories I'd rather watch another season of their show than read the rest of this

  6. Heather Durick Heather Durick says:

    Disappointed a little with this one I wanted something from this book She tried to make it too many things I appreciate that she wants to make it as sort of a devotionallife lessons but it muddled her story some She had some very real and interesting moments in her life that I would have liked to hear about and I thought that the coverage on a lot of them was very superficial Barely a chapter on her 2012 Olympic Gold???? Kudos to her for being brave enough to talk about her struggles prior to the 2008 Olympics but there were other tough moments her time at UT for example that she glossed over I think it would have been better to do this as two separate type of books

  7. Julie Julie says:

    The first two chapters seemed like something written for young adults maybe it's just the stage of my life I'm in but I'm not looking for self help and motivation at this moment Things improved as it went along and got into about her life and career and lessons learned along the way

  8. Shannan Harper Shannan Harper says:

    Nice read She talked about her life and about God in her life

  9. Madlyn Madlyn says:

    It was an alright book

  10. Erin Erin says:

    As an avid fan of the Olympics even if not so much track and field I was glad for the chance to read Sanya Richard Ross's autobiography I really knew very little about her beforehand but she covers everything from her childhood to her retirement before the 2016 Olympics in Rio Sanya was a fast rising track star in Jamaica before her family realized they would have opportunities if they immigrated to the United States The Richards family settled in Florida and Sanya ran her way through school and on to her collegiate career at the University of Texas I especially enjoyed the parts about the three Olympics at which Sanya competed Athens in 2004 Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012 She goes into details like who always travels with her what her race day routine is like etc One of the things to which Sanya credits her success is surrounding herself with a good group of coaches and supporters I liked this uote from Chapter 10 In the end it won't be the medals or the promotions that mean the most; it will be the people and the memories you create along the way The most heartbreaking portion of Sanya's story comes in 2008 when shortly before the Beijing Games she found out she was pregnant She chose to have an abortion literally days before flying to China for the competition and was still suffering the physical effects during her disappointing 400m race there Sanya does not glorify this choice and she talks about how it has affected other parts of her life including her marriage It does seem that in seeking spiritual healing for this devastating time Sanya really and truly encountered God's love for her It was after this part of the book that the spiritual insights seemed to become deeper and authenticAnother part that spoke to me was towards the end as Sanya was dealing with injuries and having to consider retirement Just taking the next step I realized is an act of hope as you trust God to see you through she said in Chapter 13 That could apply to all uncertain times we find ourselves in I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys reading about athletes their story their faith the way our lives are similar or different Thank you to the publisher for my copy of the book All opinions in this review are my ownThis review originated at

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Chasing Grace ❮Epub❯ ➚ Chasing Grace Author Sanya Richards-Ross – “For as long as I can remember life has been measured in seconds The fewer the better”Most people euate success with having but Sanya’s uest was always for less She started running track as a li “For as long as I can remember life has been measured in seconds The fewer the better”Most people euate success with having but Sanya’s uest was always for less She started running track as a little girl in Jamaica and began competing when she was only seven At she’s had a career’s worth of conditioning to run a meter race in seconds hopefully or even better When she started training with her coach Clyde Hart they divided her race into four phases push pace position poise and with the inherent prayer For years Sanya worked to hone every phase in practice so that when it came time to race her body would respond as her mind instinctively transitioned from one phase to the next As she got older and embraced a life that measures than just a number on the time clock she has realized the genius of this strategy for not just racing the meters but for living her best lifeSanya shares triumphant as well as heartbreaking stories as she reveals her journey to becoming a world class runner From her childhood in Jamaica to Athens Beijing and London Olympics readers will find themselves inspired by the uniue insights she’s gained through her victories and losses including her devastating injury during the Olympic Trials forcing career retirement just weeks before Rio Sanya demonstrates how even this devastating loss brought her closer to the ultimate goal of becoming all God created her to be”Sometimes you think you are chasing a gold medal but that’s not what you are chasing You’re racing to become the best version of yourself”.

  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • Chasing Grace
  • Sanya Richards-Ross
  • 17 July 2014
  • 9780310349402