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End of Days (ARKANE #9) [Download] ➽ End of Days (ARKANE #9) By J.F. Penn – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The thousand years are endedAn ancient tablet is found in the ruins of Babylon that warns of the resurrection of a banished serpent in the final days A sarcophagus is discovered in the deepest ocean l The thousand years are endedAn ancient tablet is found in the ruins of Babylon that warns of the resurrection of a banished serpent in the final days A sarcophagus is discovered in the deepest ocean locked by seven seals that are scattered through the ancient worldAs the Brotherhood of the Serpent race to find the seals before a End of PDF/EPUB or rare lunar eclipse over the heart of Jerusalem Agent Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber battle to find them firstBut this time evil threatens to destroy all that Morgan loves and she must wrestle her own fear as well as an apocalyptic foeIn a fast paced adventure from the ruins of Ira to the snake handling churches of the Appalachian Mountains from archaeological digs in Israel to snake worshipping cults in Egypt Morgan and Jake must find the seven seals and stop the resurrection of the Serpent before it’s too lateEnd of Days is Book in the ARKANE action adventure thriller series but can be read as a stand alone story.

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  1. Toni Osborne Toni Osborne says:

    Book # 9 in the Arkane seriesMs Penn does extensive research before writing her books by visiting places and immersing herself in the culture In “End of Days” is a twisted original story taken from her experience mixed with some mythology religion beliefs and amazing layers of history This book reads beautifully as a stand alone storyThe author admits to have taken some artistic license with the location and has put forward a fast paced adventure bringing her protagonists Morgan and Jake from Ira to the Appalachian Mountains to Israel to the tombs of Egypt in a race against the Brotherhood of the Serpent to find the seals before the resurrection of an evil from his prisonFor those who may be longing for something apocalyptic and find mythology of snakes fascinating this is a story for you definitely writing about ancient serpent and experiences of believers is not for everyone Mithridatism is a real practice exploited here Definitely Ms Penn possesses not only knowledge but also a fertile imagination and a great sense for drama As always the style shines is richly written and expertly said the narration and dialogue comes as expected from Ms Penn excellent The multiple characters held their places also Having said this this story wasn’t for me Sometime didn’t click and I had a hard time staying focused Maybe too many serpents and weird action I simply couldn’t enjoy this twisted storymaybe it was too twisted for me I am a huge fan of Ms Penn and have enjoyed many of her books some than others of course but unfortunately this latest missed the mark for meI received an ARC from the author for a honest and unbiased review

  2. Icy Sedgwick Icy Sedgwick says:

    JF Penn really knows how to put her characters through the wringer and End of Days is no exception If you thought the climax of Crypt of Bone was painful then End of Days is completely gruelling Which is really what you want from a thriller I found it difficult to put down and even when it did I found myself dreaming about snakes which was disconcerting to say the least But Penn isn't just capable of thump you in the guts thrilling action She's also a ueen of smack you in the feels emotion which she uses to fine effect here If you've never read the ARKANE series before then go and check out Stone of Fire so you can enjoy the build up to End of Days And if you have read the rest of the series then you'll get everything you wanted from an ARKANE book in this one MarvellousI received an Advance Reader's Copy of this book but this review is my own opinion and is not influenced by the author

  3. HornFan2 HornFan2 says:

    I received a free advance copy from JF Penn for my honest review and I also pre ordered it from Something I like to do to support my favorite authors Absolutely addictive JF Penn's writing style just sucks you in your right their in the action on the edge of the seat cheering that Morgan Jake Martin and the rest of the Arkane crew to defeat evil and it's a read that you don't want to see end This is so well researched like all the historic sites included in her reads even if she adds extra elements to it what an amazing imagination and it's always done right Penn has mastered the ability to stay the straight and narrow keeping everything realistic believable even with a supernatural element add to it and the cool thing is she puts the reader right their into the pages your right their for all the heart pounding actionThe snake handling scene in the Pentecostal Church with Lilith in the Appalachia Mountains in KY is perfectly written and it ends creepily with her holding three Rattlers Lilith's character is amazing Penn actually made me like a evil character for a change but what I really like is that at least I had a premise that she created a unknown element and once the bad guys get the seven seals In the end Lilith embraced her destiny welcome the great serpent without fear and no surprise considering that most bad people are fueled by fear regardless how evil they are Definitely if you haven't tried J F Penn's books before do yourself a favor and give her a try This is the cool thing with ebooks embrace the technology it'll open new worldsgenres in your reading and you'll discover authors like JF Penn who write gems like End of Days The best thing with Penn's writing she ends it with a sneaky peek at the next Arkane adventure and gets you excited for what's next

  4. Jane Blanchard Jane Blanchard says:

    Another great ARKANE book End of Days by J F Penn features agent Morgan Sierra This fast paced thriller is about finding seven seals that will open the sarcophagus of a banished serpent whose resurrection would bring on the end of days Racing against time a special lunar eclipse Morgan and Jake Timber must out maneuver the Brotherhood of the Serpent in order to save the world from an apocalypseWhat I especially liked about the book was that Morgan showed depth susceptibility and conflict uestioning whether to continue working for ARKANE or to “settle down” Morgan become multidimensional and plausible as a characterIf you have enjoyed the ARKANE series to date you will love this book

  5. Cath Cath says:

    This is book 9 in the ARKANE series This one involves ARKANE agents Jake and Morgan having to head straight back out on a mission to find clues to the End of Days and the rising of an ancient serpent that heralds this event It will be triggered on a night where the planets align for the first times in a thousand years with a series of Blood Moons They have to race against the Brotherhood of the Serpent to find seven seals for an ancient sarcophagus hidden in the deepest section of the Mariana Trench all those years agoThe chase takes them all over the ancient world from Ira Israel Egypt and the snake handling churches deep in the Appalachian Mountains The Brotherhood has a large following with some of their leaders in each faith Jewish Muslim and Catholic working together to hasten the End of Days coming Morgan and Jake find themselves ahead at some locations but also in danger at others It seems someone is helping the other teams and trying to harm other members of the ARKANE team to stop themA great thriller with a good bit of a history lesson and amazing locations to be discovered You get to follow the main characters from one historical site to another whilst evading their rivals or trying to survive an attack There is lots going on all the time and the pace is great You can never tell what will happen from one moment to the other and which team will win in the endBoth Jake and Morgan have to look deep into their beliefs having seen many paranormal and religious artifacts and what power they can produce and fighting for good against the power of those with evil as their aim It can take a toll on anyone and sometimes family must come first This book reminded me a lot of the TV series – Warehouse 13 – which was a secret warehouse that housed ancient and powerful artifacts and had a team of agents that would go out and rescue artifacts that are disrupting normal lifeI really enjoyed this book and even bought it while it is reduced and already have one of the other books in the series and will now have to start back at the beginning to see what else has gone on with the ARKANE team I thoroughly enjoyed this one and it is just the sort of book I like to read I was lucky to receive an ARC copy of this book from Hidden Gems and I have freely given my own opinion of the book above

  6. Graham Downs Graham Downs says:

    I say this every time but I feel like this series just keeps getting better and better Each instalment focuses on a different myth or legend some ancient evil that if unleashed could destroy the world This one deals with the Great Serpent and Lillith and the Seven Seals of Revelation It drew me in immediately because these are topics I used to know a great deal about and have a great interest in I wasn’t disappointed and if you’re interested in such topics neither will you Until now I’ve been of the opinion that all these stories can be read as standalones and in any order But in this one some things happen that drastically change the characters and the world in which they inhabit You could’ve read any of the previous instalments in any order but I think once you’ve read End of Days you won’t be able to go back So if you’re thinking of reading this book but you’ve not read the previous ARKANE instalments yet stop Go back and read from book one This book is the turning point Click here to find out where you can get your hands on a copy Note That's an affiliate link so if you click through to a store and end up buying anything I might earn a commission from your purchase

  7. J.E. Grace J.E. Grace says:

    I received an Advance Reader's Copy of this book but this review is my own opinion and is not influenced by the authorThis is another great read from J F Penn I've been a reader of her Arkane series and it is as awesome as the othersHer characters are well developed and the amount of history woven into the storyline is amazing I felt like I was right there along with themIn this book the team of Morgan Jake are taken on an adventure to search for seven seals in order to stop the early End of Days Visiting different countries with just the right amount of history thrown in made for a great story I couldn't stop reading I had to find out what would happen next I found myself so enthralled with the characters especially MorganI would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a fast paced action packed thriller

  8. Renee Arthur Renee Arthur says:

    ARKANE is an agency that investigates supernatural mysteries around the world mostly involving artifacts that could be dangerous in the wrong hands They have a new artifact that tells of an ancient evil that must be investigated Morgan and Jake have just returned from a mission but now they have a new one To investigate this artifact and try to stop The End of Days foretold in ancient biblical prophecies They'll travel the world steps ahead of and behind the people wanting to bring about the end of days Their search includes references to serpents and the seven seals that can release a great serpent that begins the end of days The plot is awesome and includes a lot of travel for Morgan and Jake It's a great actionadventurethriller that kept me reading every chance I gotI'm so glad to have gotten a review copy of this book It didn't affect my review at all I loved it

  9. Heather Heather says:

    I received a free ARC copy of this book from Hidden Gems in return for an honest review This was a decent mystery adventure story along the lines of Indiana Jones The characters were interesting and well developed and the story flowed along fairly well There were some strange slow gaps where it went into personal interactions between the characters and that slowed the story down a bit I liked the historical information throughout the story but the author had a tendency to over explain facts ie I think most people know what a lunar eclipse is and there was some redundancy in the language Also for all the buildup the final action took place over just a few pages; it would have been nice to have it last longer and not have been so easily resolved

  10. Roger Roger says:

    End of Days ARKANE #9 my fifth read from author JF Penn is captivating with well developed characters coupled with an outstanding suspense story line with its intricately woven twists and turns I'm a character reader I get into what makes characters tick who and what they are Penn does a good job with her character development; you can like andor hate these characters I was given an Audible copy of this book back in August of 2017 lost track of it and am just now getting around to voluntarily reading reviewing it Narrator Veronica Giguere's narration adds to the book's enjoyment RIP Marley January 20 2014 July 24 2018I'll be reading by this author when I buy of her books RIP Marley January 20 2014 July 24 2018

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