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Nighthawk de Wolfe Pack #3 [PDF / Epub] ✪ Nighthawk de Wolfe Pack #3 ☆ Kathryn Le Veque – 1271 AD The Wolfe's greatest son is a man known as NIGHTHAWK Patrick de Wolfe is every bit his father's son cunning intelligent and ruthless An enormous man with his father's dark hair and his mother' AD The Wolfe's Wolfe Pack Epub Ú greatest son is a man known as NIGHTHAWK Patrick de Wolfe is every bit his father's son cunning intelligent and ruthless An enormous man with his father's dark hair and his mother's pale green eyes he's the man destined to lead William de Wolfe's great legacy He is so great in fact that the king has personally asked for Nighthawk de Kindle - his service as one of the king's personal body guards On the eve of Patrick departing for this auspicious assignment he finds himself caught up in a skirmish along the Scots border And a prize lands in his lap that will change his destiny A prize in the form of a Scots captive harboring a deadly and important secret one that could bring war de Wolfe Pack PDF ↠ and destruction upon those who shelter her When Brighton “Bridey” de Favereux is rescued by the powerful English knight she is taken back to the massive fortress of uesting Castle seat of the legendary de Wolfe family Having known nothing but hardship and cruelty her entire life she is surprised when they are kind to her The English who are supposed to be her mortal enemy are gracious and generous For the first time she understands that people can be kind to each other And the kindest one of all is the man who saved her Some loves are unexpected while others are instantly realized The love between Patrick and Brighton is something that comes from a deeper place of understanding and attraction a powerful love that cannot be denied but it is a love that may cost them both their very lives when Bridey's terrible secret is uncovered.

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  1. Lover of Romance Lover of Romance says:

    I have to say that I just can’t stop picking up this author’s books they are so fantastic and the narrator “Brad Wills” is simply so talented and easy to listen to I was eager of this family so I grabbed up Patrick’s book I am really in love with how these books begin They are so uniue and unlike anything I have ever read Patrick is the third son and one of the most talented of all of William de Wolf’s sons The story starts off with Patrick coming into the King to tell him of a story that will keep him of certain duties and goes back to three weeks previous The king himself wants to have Patrick be the head of his guard a prestigious position and a royal appointment that Patrick feels honored to be offered He is eager to leave for London soon but will miss the close ties that he has with his familyWhile with his men on a raid of Scottish raiders he stumbles across an innocent woman whom the Scots had kidnapped and taken captive And when a dying woman tells him of her true identity he knows that he is the only protection that this woman has Because she is the bastard child of the king of the northmen and a Scottish woman who was forced to leave Brighton at a nunnery for her safe keeping But now that safety is gone because Brighton was taken in the nunnery and Patrick is not one to leave behind a woman in need of protection especially when he gives her his vowPatrick and Brighton starts to get to know each other and a sweet love and affection forms between them Patrick decides that its best to head to his father’s holding to get his help and advice on the situation But William isn’t as sympathetic as Patrick expects him to be and he ends up being on the battle end of a verbal fight with his father which is hard on both father and son since they have such a close relationship But Patrick knows that his father is in the wrong and will fight and protect Brighton no matter what So he marries her against his father’s will Patrick knows that he may be in a great battle because certain truths about Brighton and an enemy that will seek her out no matter whatto kill her most cruelly Patrick needs the help of the King if they come against a fight against the church to protect the woman he loves But will Patrick lose Brighton to unforseeen enemies and be the cunning Nighthawlk and protect her no matter the dangerWhat a heartwarming and most beautifully written romance that I fell in love with here I honestly had a blast with this story and getting back with The Wolfe family was so uniue We see our couple from the first book “The Wolfe” and seeing them matured with children mostly grown and grandchildren was so charming We see how this family has grown so much and I really loved their family ties here This was a romance that was simply so heart felt and emotional at times I was definitely on board with the love story What I do love about this author is that the conflicts introduced aren’t on the intimate relationship but on outside forces that challenge the couple and I do LOVE that The relationship itself is low angst which I have been in the mood for lately And so this story really worked for me The history that Le Veue brings into the story is so on point as always and I felt as if I had stepped through time when picking this book up The story is so well balanced and you become caught up in the story very easilyNow this story is WAY shorter than “The Wolfe” seeing as its only 13 hours long instead of being almost 40 hours long ButI honestly didn’t notice any lack of depth or substance to the story which is the true testament of this author’s talent Every time I pick her up I just know I am in for an exciting ride through time and this book was no exception But I will warn you that it gets very EMOTIONAL in the end Like honestlygrab a box of tissues because I was sobbing because the ending is so happy yet sad at the same time Those who have read this book already know exactly what I mean Now I want to reassure you that there is a HEA but other elements are a bit sad but finalizingSo overall I would have to say that this a must read for any historical romance lover most especially if you have a secret love for the medieval era Or if you are eager to pick up an medieval romancegrab this author up and I guarantee you won’t regret it

  2. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    Re reading as part of the boxed set Brides of the Borders by Kathryn Le Veue Second readOriginal review For years my favorite historical romance has been The Wolfe by Kathryn Le Veue I've read the 909 page epic no less than 5 times The page turning romance featuring the legendary English knight Sir William de Wolfe and the Scottish lady Jordan is in my mind a masterpiece So when Ms Le Veue announced that she was writing a novel about the Wolfe's son I was thrilled I had high hopes I'm ecstatic to find that my expectations were not only fulfilled they were surpassed Nighthawk is Kathryn Le Veue at her very best The love story between Patrick de Wolfe Atty and Brighton “Bridey” de Favereux is so very sweet and moving Patrick the consummate warrior has been working his entire life towards the ultimate goal and has finally had his dream fulfilled He is about to embark on what would prove to be the pinnacle of any English warrior's dream career when he rescues a young postulate kidnapped by Scots reivers Almost immediately he is thrown into a uandary uestioning his emotions and his life long goal It started out as a simple rescue but as the puzzle pieces slowly come together turns into a situation that could have tremendous ramifications for himself his family and his country As if this isn't enough for Patrick he is keenly aware of his father's dreams for him and his legacy Torn between the expectations of his father his King and his love for Bridey has brought Patrick to an important cross road in his life How Patrick handles it all is edge of your seat reading Oh yes there is a lot of intrigue as mysteries are revealed In addition to Sir William de Wolfe and his lovely wife Jordan The Wolfe I was also thrilled to visit with my other favorite characters who played prominent roles in The Wolfe It was wonderful to catch up with Sir Paris de Norville Sir Kieran Hage and Jemma and meet their grown children and respective spouses It was just like visiting old cherished friendsYes I loved this book I predict Nighthawk will be re read by me many times And if you haven't had the pleasure of reading The Wolfe I highly recommend that masterpiece

  3. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  4. Rozzie Rozzie says:

    I have been anticipating this book by Ms Kathryn Le Veue for uite a while especially since I preordered the book when I first saw it on last year I knew my wait was going to be well worth it because when it comes to Ms Le Veue she never disappoints me as an author Her stories are so full of life filled with overwhelming detailed descriptions that you can picture yourself in either the heart of the battle or hanging out with the characters This is Ms Le Veue at her best the story is amazingly well written and the characters major or minor make you love them all It just pulls you in and just doesn’t let you go until the very end In fact when I think of Ms Le Veue’s stories this one most of all I seriously have to say that I have a book hangover that I really am not ready to read anything for a few days until I can get this book out of my system and have to reread it several times which yes I have already done I am not ready to read something else which in reality I am not ready to leave this story at all because I want to live in it just a little longerPatrick de Wolfe known as Nighthawke is at King Henry’s castle telling a most extraordinary story It is actually his story to tell and why he can’t accept the position of lord protector for King Henry Patrick recounts that a raiding party of Scots were heading away from the coast after having ransacked an English settlement and Coldingham priory taking two women one an old woman the other a young beautiful woman known as Brighton de Favereux According to the old woman Brighton holds a secret where men would kill her and bring war to three nations the Scots the English and the Norse What is Patrick to do return Brighton to Coldingham or protect her from all that want to do her harm even when Patrick can’t help but fall in love with Brighton and her with him? Their love could destroy not only them everyone they hold dear and cause war between three nationsThis is how Ms Le Veue should write her alpha heroes strong handsome of course arrogant but sensitive they love their family and are willing to sacrifice all for love Patrick just made me not only swoon but sigh thinking there is no greater hero even though Ms Le Veue has written other heroes that I have fallen for but I can safely say that Patrick is worthy in my eyes to be added to my ever growing list of book boyfriends I loved him from the get go which is unusual for me I love his charm his sarcasm his sense of humor okay just everything about him Well then what about Patrick’s love interest and soul mate Brighton? I definitely wanted a girl to be able to stand up for herself even when facing someone as fearsome as Patrick but still had to have courage determination and a certain feistiness to be her own person Brighton definitely had that even though Patrick seemed and was scary she had no problems telling Patrick how she felt So she was a good heroine for Patrick too Plus with some amazing minor characters Alec Colm Ansom Kerk and the rest with some old familiar characters William Kieran Paris Kevin Jordan Jemma and others I loved visiting old and new alike The saddest part for me was the ending and never wanting the book to end So of course I rated this book five stars when actually to me it deserves 100 Ms Le Veue really hit it out of the ballpark with this one

  5. Maria Maria says:

    Superbly and Masterfully Done A tale to keep in my library for sure A new Knight immerged one who captivated my interest and earned a spot in my heartSir Patrick de Wolfe he is half English and half Scot but completely an English Knight in training and in his mentality He is the Garrison Commander of Berwick Castle He has Black Raven Wing Hair and eyes the color of Jade and is known as The Nighthawk because he is cunning very swift and merciless in battle That alone is very impressive but add on to this he is the son of the legendary Willam de Wolfe The Wolfe All of these ualifications have earned him his most coveted position of being the head of King Henry's Lord Protectors A position he has worked very hard to achieve As he is getting ready to fulfill his new assignment he must handle a skirmish which is taken place along the borders of Scotland and England close to his current post There he rescues a female Captive and from someone else's lips learns the knowledge of her existence may cause a war that no one has ever seen the likes of He knows he must seek counsel from the most important knight he knows The WolfeBrighton de Favereux a postulate has been known snapped from a priory and is in the middle of a battle When all is said and done she is left with the English instead She is terrified and the enormous knight promises to keep her safe Brighton fears the English They are her enemies This is what she has been told her entire life Now she will learn real world truthsSir Patrick may come to realize with time what this beautiful captive can do to his mind soul and to his very existence Brighton may come to learn that all is not at it seems and that new emotions can exist and possibly death along with itA fantastic story in itself but made so much meaningful with the de Wolfe characters and antics of old

  6. Maree Repa Maree Repa says:

    Five Amazing StarsSons of the FatherI absolutely loved this amazing the seventh amazing story de Wolfe Pack This wonderful story o the son of de Wolfe Written by the exciting author Kathryn Le Veue I completely loved this fabulous book of his son Such an unbelievable wonderful romantic tale to enjoyPatrick was was son to William de Wolfe He is known as Patrick the NighthawkIn this dangerous and violent fight When suddenly sees a woman named Brighton de Faereux She was hiding in shrubs nearby I completely adored all this marvellous amazing characters it was simply one of my all time favourite historical talesI completely loved this astonishing most exciting adventurous Scottish tale I simply couldn’t put it down once Such an exciting book I recommend this book to everyone

  7. Cathy Carpenter Cathy Carpenter says:

    This is the third in a series The Wolfe was interesting; this one and Warwolfe weren't as good

  8. Anne Anne says:

    Another fabulous book by Kathryn Le Veue Loved Nighthawk very strong characters as always and such a great story too Always sorry to finish it yet have to keep turning the pages a sure sign of a fantastic author I am very pleased to have found her books

  9. Maysa El Maysa El says:

    Adeuate but a slog to get through I liked the story and the characters somewhat they're both perfect saintly amazing people apparently so not very multifaceted but nice enough The historical setting and grammar and world building are fine The biggest let down and the reason for my lower score is really just how long winded the descriptions were It was a huge drag and it seemed like dialogue and monologue just continuously went over the same ground Adeuate but a slog to get through

  10. Catherine Kittle Catherine Kittle says:

    Another great De Wolf novelI love each and everyone of these novels I read about the De Wolf family I can’t get enough of them

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