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Selling Out to the Billionaire ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☄ Selling Out to the Billionaire Author Penny Wylder – He's rich arrogant and he's about to make me lose everything Derek Conway is my first client I was so excited about selling a house and finally making some money But I never expected him to be the cli He's rich arrogant and he's to the MOBI õ about to make me lose everything Derek Conway is my first client I was so excited about selling a house and finally making some money But I never expected him to be the client from hell Even if he's got abs of steel and a jaw that could cut through glass the guy is completely awful I'd punch him if I wasn't busy drooling on his shined shoes Nothing Selling Out ePUB í I show him is good enough In fact the only thing that has caught his attention is me How can he eye screw me while scolding me at the same time And why does it turn me on so much If I don't get him to close on a deal soon I'll end up on the street I'd work with someone else but Derek won't let me He demands all of my time Just when Out to the PDF ✓ I think I've given him enough he asks for How far does he plan to push me And what if I can't say no This is a standalone novella with a HEA and NO cheating Penny Wylder writes just that wild romances Happily Ever Afters are always better when they're a little dirty so if you're looking for a page turner that will make you feel naughty in all the right places jump right in and leave your panties at the door.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 90 pages
  • Selling Out to the Billionaire
  • Penny Wylder
  • English
  • 16 August 2016

10 thoughts on “Selling Out to the Billionaire

  1. ♡Tonya♡ ♡Tonya♡ says:

    ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewOne of the many reasons that I enjoy a Penny Wylder story is the fact that it's hot and there is no cheating Derek in my opinion was very closed off and hard to warm up to He was very arrogant I like a jerk hero who redeems himself however he didn't uite redeem himself for me He was very difficult and had Penelope running in circles to make him happy It was explained why he did that but it seemed kinda lame to me There was also a feeling of a backstory of his youth but he was never delved into other that the fact he was a playboy Derek Conway is LA’s favorite billionaire playboy The most eligible bachelor The guy consistently photographed in illicit trysts with supermodelsPenelope was a great heroine She was desperate to make a sale or else she essentially was going to be homeless She was so attracted to Derek and tried to resist him to no avail no cheating no owom drama whatsoever some slight push and pull steamy sex scenes HFN ending that unfortunately was very disappointing to me It was a slight jump ahead and I would have liked

  2. Mindy Lou& Mindy Lou& says:

    35 StarsThis author knows how to write a short novella that packs a punch and that's why Penny Wylder is a must read for me I love her writing her characters and the hot scenes she's known for She warns us in the description that Derek is an arrogant jerk and she delivered but maybe a little to well I will admit I wanted Derek and less jerk It's the only reason I knocked my rating down half a star Derek didn't redeem himself for me until the end when he reveals why he was a jerk and made it all better Still a hot read and I look forward to Penny's next book

  3. Gi& Gi& says:

    375 Stars

  4. Steffi De Ceuster ♥ Steffi De Ceuster ♥ says:

    I really liked this one it is a very short oneSo to fall in love with it it's to short but to have a good and hot time this isfabulousThe blurb had me hooked it was a story that I don't think I've ever read before All the talking about the large and expensive houses made me dreambut then again who wants a big house? All the cleaning Or knowing me I would get lostIt was also very steamy with big windows in the bedroomI would suggest it as an in between or when you got little timeSorry for the short review but I'm not good in reviews when it's a short one

  5. MrsJoseph *grouchy* MrsJoseph *grouchy* says:

    Reading Selling Out to the Billionaire was an exercise in frustrationAnd it's left me somewhat speechless Throughout the entire short the hero is a complete and total jackass JACKASS And the heroine has sex with him Multiple times After he's treated her like complete and utter shit I'm sorry I have way respect for myself than that It makes me wonder what young ladies are being taught these days No way in hell I'm giving some of my good pussy to some jackass who treats me like shit So I was confounded throughout my read The epilogue did nothing for me

  6. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    My favorite PW so farDerek and Penelope's voyeurism filled insta lust story was hot I mean really hotPenelope is a newly listed realtor Her first job is to sell a house to Derek the billionaireHe soon becomes a tough client to sell to but an easy one to lust and FckI enjoyed it especially the wall and office and limo scenes Safe read45

  7. Linh Linh says:

    35 Stars

  8. Book Snob Sue Book Snob Sue says:

    I had no idea that being a real estate agent was so damn hotpretty sure people are going to be trying to change careers after reading this booklmaoI really liked Penelope Derek but I wish the entire book would have been told from both points of view we only get Derek's at the very end And at the beginning of the book he didn't come off as the best guy but if we would of had his point of view then that would have shed some light on why he acted the way he did He wasn't a bad guyjust hot and cold and you weren't sure why He was just a little insecureapparently billionaires can be insecure too when they want something He actually was a really sweet guy that knew he wanted her the moment he saw herhe just didn't handle it very well Make no mistake these two had scenes that were hot as hell their raw chemistry just drew you in I loved itlike I said people will be trying to change careers after reading this bookI also have to give a shout out for Anna Penelope's best friendbestest friend ever We should all be so lucky to have our own Anna

  9. Kate Kate says:

    I'd like to sell a house to DerekThis book is hot uick and dirty a lot like Derek Penny's interactions for most of this book A uncomplicated story you easily get swept along in the read enjoy your time trying to sell a house to a difficult billionaire A hot sexy demanding billionaire with a filthy mouth an exhibitionist streak a mile wideFloor to ceiling windows anyone?

  10. C C says:

    45Hot fast safe readSlight push and pull

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