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  1. Anne Anne says:

    Buddy read with my Supergirl Sophie's reviewIt was very cool It had a lot of superheroes in it and a little bit of villains My favorite was Supergirl Because she's cool and nice My second favorite was Harley uinn because she found out where all of the superheroes were but she accidentally fell into the cage and then she helped them get out bounces on feetAnd guess who was the person who was doing the bad stuff? The bad person in the suit?It was view spoiler Lex Luthor hide spoiler

  2. Sesana Sesana says:

    My niece will love this The art is super cute and the story is simple fun The focus characters not coincidentally mainly characters included in the doll line are given plenty of context for new readers unfamiliar with them which will probably cover a lot of the target audience There are tons of background characters from the DCU making a kind of bonus for those who do know who these characters are For an adult it was a pretty enjoyable read but I think the actual target audience will probably like it uite a bit

  3. Diana Diana says:

    I have been curious about the DC Super Hero Girls line for uite a bit and finally I decided to read the first volume While the artis greatand really fluid and it is adorbs to see the adult characters re imagined as young ones on a sort of high school thingie I have to be honest and say that the plot is really childish Which considering it's a collection destinated to a younger audicence shouldn't be a shocker but the thing is I didn't expect it to be so childish I mean directed to younger audiences yes but it looks like this one could be read by little kids Seeing as there are a line of dolls and all maybe it is destined to an audience of 8 10 years?

  4. Althea J. Althea J. says:

    I LOVE THISFor years I've been longing for a book like this to give to my nieces that celebrates my favorite female DC super heroes and villains AND in an age appropriate way they're now 7 and 10 but I suspect they will still flip over thisThe art is so deliciously cute I feel like a kid again I want all of these dolls Seriously young me would've fallen in love with these characters and their world Present day late 30s me certainly hasI love seeing who pops up in the story The high school context provides so many great story opportunities where all of these characters interact And the nods to their adult characterizations make my heart flutter Batgirl has an Oracle watch and is the most prepared student in school Harley's way of talking is so spot on I imagine the little girl version of the Harley voice of Batman the Animated Series The writer Shea Fontana must be a longtime DC Comics reader to have captured so many diverse characters and be so accurate in how their characters would translate into this G rated high school contextI probably should've waited until I came down from my fangirl post read high before writing this review because I can hardly represent the love I have for this book in this blissed out state But hey that's my reaction so this is my review

  5. Shreya Karnati Shreya Karnati says:

    25 stars

  6. Mehsi Mehsi says:

    I loved the first book of the DC Super Hero Girls written by Lisa Yee and when I heard there would also be graphic novels about this series I knew I had to get them as I probably would love themAnd did I love it? Yes yes I did Unlike the Lisa Yee books since she will be writing this one focuses on than one MC We got various ones actually and their stories all connect in the end Superheroines but also supervillains From Wonder Woman to Harley uinn I loved that we had so many various charactersAnd I loved each and everyone of them though I have to say my favourite girls were Batgirl and Harley uinn It was fun to see them go through their daily life to see them not only think about their superhero duties but also see them go through daily normal things Like exams friendship parties and so much Often you see superheroes just being superheroes though these days you see and comics about superheroes and their daily lives and their superhero duties like Hellcat or Suirrel Girl so it is lovely to see them also worry and do other things It makes them seem even human Hopefully that doesn't sound too weird I am not entirely sure how to put it in words in a review so I hope I have it right Also I loved that we saw other characters as well It was a delight to see Starfire be as she always is broken English not understanding everything that is said but it was also fun to see Beastboy again I wouldn't mind seeing of the boys both villains and heroes I know this is the series for DC Super High Girls but I wouldn't mind seeing the girls talking to the boysforming friendshipsmaybe some romance DI was also curious what was happening to the girls and who was the culprit If they even had the same culprit or that some organisation was working on things I do have to say it got a bit repetitive because I knew by girl #3 what would happen it was just waiting for it to actually happen So there is that but luckily the last story just combines it all and shows us a kick ass girl who isn't going to let anyone mess with her friends When we do find out the whodunnit I was delighted Yes That character is in this graphic novel what a delight that they are also featured And the reason why they did what they did was also interesting and kind of made sense and connected to other things considering what we already read in the first book by Lisa YeeI didn't particularly like how the school reacted at the end Not only dislike but I also thought it was a bit weird if anything they would understand no? I mean this is a school for superheroes you would expect such things would bring some sympathy I won't say much discover what happens yourself I really like the art it is just fitted the series perfectly The style is just great fun and playful The characters look perfect All in all I would highly recommend this graphic novel to everyone and I really can't wait until the next one comes outReview first posted at

  7. Lexie Lexie says:

    So much fun I genuinely enjoyed the take on the different heroes and villains and the fact the book illustrated how each hero operated individuallyisually and as a unit I'm excited to share this with my niece and to follow as the gals continue on For a long time I've bemoaned the fact that while its cool and all for my niece to be into Batman and Superman I wish there was something age appropriate to give her that made the female heroes and villains just as much fun We tore through Tiny Titans and Lil Gotham but those were still pretty dude centric When I heard about this series I was cautiously excited DC has had some issues in recent years with marketing and understanding what makes their females so great While this was clearly marketed for a much younger generation I was worried they would then treat the characters kiddishAs a first volume for the interconnected series of DC Super Hero Girls this was so much fun The bright colors snappy dialogue and emphasis on individual talents as well as group dynamics was very welcome The fact that this book also doesn't ever have any of the girls judge each other is a real refreshing thing as well The girls are obviously competitive or have uirks the others don't like but not once does that keep them from doing the right thingThe inclusion of well known male super heroes like The Flash Green Lantern Beast Boy etc was cool and Vice Principal Grodd is HILARIOUS I didn't guess the villain of the piece though they weren't really the focus of it anyhow The nods to continuity were fun for adults reading the book Supergirl's horse Comet Batgirl talking to Oracle Harley's speech patterns and Ivy's favorite pet venus fly trap and all the puns ever for Bumblebee I honestly didn't know you could make that many about beesCan't wait for the next volume and now excuse me I have some toy stores to raid because I need all their dolls like yesterday

  8. Steven R. McEvoy Steven R. McEvoy says:

    I recently read this book with my youngest daughter and she loved it And even with the inconsistencies it was a fun read Super Hero High is preparing for final exams And the night before the finals some strange start happening In this volume you have a lot of super heroes and a few that that are uestionable that are friends at school Bat GirlSupergirlPoision IvyKatanaBumblebeeWonder GirlHarley uinnAre our main characters Even my daughter who is only 6 asked about Ivy and Harley she wanted to know when they became good And Amanda Waller as a principal at a high school? My daughter loved how they worked together to become a team and how Harley was the first to figure out that something was wrong My daughter also loved the bright vibrant illustrations It will be interesting to see how the series progresses Will the villains turn or is this a new sugary side of the DC universe Either way a Book that my daughter read through three times is a win in our house A fun read and we will give others in the series a tryRead the review on my blog Book Reviews and More

  9. Kate Kate says:

    A great tie in to the recently launched cartoon series and toy line that teaches kids all the right lessonsFunny achieving just the right tone for all age groups without resorting to corny or condescending gags Art work is solid and appropriate for the market with bright colouring and graphicsWhile primarily aimed at the 'girl' market in an attempt to even up the gender imbalance of the comics world Marvelyou need to step up here there's plenty here for everyoneThe ultimate test was when I handed it over to my six year old Batgirl fan She raced through it and has read it several times since loving every page

  10. Brittany Brittany says:

    This series is a mashup of multiple DC Superheroes from across the spectrum all attending high school at Super Hero High With that many superheroes all in one place things are bound to go wrongDC has been doing a wonderful job of empowering young boys and girls with this series and showcases the powers of friendship and teamwork to defeat any foe; whether that be a villain or homework All of these young superheroes work together to defeat any obstacle in their wayI am an adultI swear I'm an adultand I absolutely adore this series all aspects of it The movies graphic novels and books all intertwine and are thoroughly enjoyable and a fun way to escape reality

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