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Writing Radar ★ Writing Radar PDF / Epub ✪ Author Jack Gantos – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The Newbery Award winning author of Dead End in Norvelt shares advice for how to be the best brilliant writer in this funny and practical creative writing guide perfect for all kids who dream of seein The Newbery Award winning author of Dead End in Norvelt shares advice for how to be the best brilliant writer in this funny and practical creative writing guide perfect for all kids who dream of seeing their name on the spine of a bookWith the signature wit and humor that have garnered him legions of fans Jack Gantos instructs young writers on using their Writing Radar to unearth story ideas from their everyday lives Incorporating his own misadventures as a developing writer Gantos inspires readers to build confidence and establish good writing habits as they create revise and perfect their stories Pop out text boxes highlight key tips alongside Gantos's own illustrations sample stories and snippets from his childhood journals More than just a how to guide Writing Radar is a celebration of the power of storytelling and an ode to the characters who many unwittingly inspired Gantos's own writing career.

  • Hardcover
  • 203 pages
  • Writing Radar
  • Jack Gantos
  • 10 February 2014
  • 9780374304560

10 thoughts on “Writing Radar

  1. Cassie Thomas Cassie Thomas says:

    Teachers if you do not have this preordered DO IT NOW This book has changed my whole attitude about inspiring students to be the writers they can be Coming from Jack Gantos I knew it would be amazing but he takes things to a whole new level He's inspiring and hilarious This is written for students but it's an amazing teacher tool as well He provides so much insight on how to pay attention to everything around you and how everything can be a potential story He shares writing tips in every chapter he draws little pictures that correlate with what he's talking about he says he doesn't just stick to one writing journal but with a small notebook stickies big notebook It truly is a remarkable resource Comes out late August and as a 5th grade teacher I can't recommend enough

  2. Scott Fillner Scott Fillner says:

    A must have if you have students and you teach writing I take that backyou will WANT to have it

  3. Brenda Kahn Brenda Kahn says:

    I waited on a line at AASL to score an autographed copy and began to read it with my eyes I suddenly wondered if he narrated this and found that he had Best read with the book in hand so as not to miss the fantastic illustrations Really a must purchase

  4. Margie Margie says:

    When you hear something on a monthly or sometimes weekly basis for most of your life it starts to not only take root but to grow and flourish in your mind As far back as I can remember my mom told me I was going to write a book She was downright giddy when I was given the opportunity to be a teen reporter for our capital city newspaper She saved every single article I wrote Not once did she ever waver from this conviction of my becoming an authorMy writing four to five hours for five to six days a week is not toward the publication of a book but thanks to my mom I do write drawing attention to the work of other authors and illustrators What these people bring to children's literature is making our world as a whole better with every book I feel honored and compelled to talk about them and their work BUT I can almost hear Mom laughing from heavenI read a book yesterday which made me want to rush out buy a fountain pen open up one of my collected journals and start writinga book Writing Radar Using Your Journal To Snoop Out And Craft Stories Farrar Straus Giroux August 29 2017 written and illustrated by Jack Gantos is one of the best titles on writing I have had the privilege to read It's bursting with good solid doable advice on the art of writing And it's loaded with hilarious momentsJack Gantos's hilarious moments which are unlike any other kind of funnyMy full recommendation

  5. Ashleigh Rose Ashleigh Rose says:

    Any kid who has even the slightest spark of desire to want to get into writing needs this book Honestly it's great for adults too Had me snooping all the great family Thanksgiving uotes into my own notebookJack Gantos writes a book that is eual parts how to be a writer motivational kick in the pants hilarious personal narrative uirky illustration and fun writing exercises Not only is it a great intro to how to read in the genre of self help it's fast paced and written in the most kid friendly language He dispels the ever disempowering notion that nothing interesting ever happens to me by encouraging students to snoop out the world around them and write down anything that strikes them even if it isn't the perfect first sentence or ending or climax it will be useful and handy sometime I'm excited to recommend even parts of this book to students as we embark on our realistic fiction unitIf we'd had this book as kids who knows where we'd all be now I'm still excited to see where it takes me and my students

  6. Linda Epach Linda Epach says:

    Writing Radar by Jack Gantos is a humorous instructional guide showing younger writers exercises and suggestions designed to improve their creative writing skills It encourages journaling and looking at everyday life and themselves to garner inspiration to create their stories Something as simple as looking at scars or body parts for ideas different areas of focus in a re write and writing examples are given in the book as well as cute illustrations Kids who enjoy writing should enjoy the helpful hints while struggling writers may learn some things that will make writing less of a task

  7. Marcia Marcia says:

    Jack Gantos shares the secrets to crafting great books and he knows how he has penned some great ones for all budding authors Infused with his highly funny personal stories and concrete ways for kids or adults for that matter to collect ideas and organize them into winning stories this will be a great addition to the classroom Jake believes in us so we can believe in ourselves as writers I've read every book he's written and been fortunate to hear him speak several times so many of the stories in the book were familiar My one uestions is why has the Pagoda family become the Deals??? I bet there is a funny explanation Terrific book

  8. Karen Kline Karen Kline says:

    The book is chock full of ideas for gathering inspiration for writing and turning those ideas into a well polished story It’s also full of clever little stories that help the reader analyze the ideas that Gantos suggests for taking your writing to the next level These stories had me chuckling and laughing out loud Run don’t walk to your nearest library and read this book Thank me later If you like this book you’ll also want to read Gantos’s other books including Dead End in Norvelt the Joey Pigza series and Rotten Ralph series I’ve read all of these and they are amazing

  9. Dan Dan says:

    In the fall of 2015 I briefly met Jack Gantos at the ALAN Workshop during an author signing During that brief encounter I asked him to sign a book to Spud Readers He stopped and took out a small sticky note with a sly grin and began writing as he looked up at me and said something around the lines of Wow so are you saying your school's mascot is a potato? That is pretty funny Spuds huh? I hope they like my book as much as I like their mascot's name In those brief moments I saw a man who delights in the world is inuisitive and naturally funny Little did I know at the time his sticky notes were a piece of his writing process for snooping out storiesWriting Radars mixes great writing advice with classic Jack Gantos' storytelling to show readers how stories are all around us and how the world can offer us a great number of story ideas if we are listening carefully and have ways of writing ideas down when they come to usGantos' uses a tiny wallet journal pocket notepad sticky notes and a larger journal to capture his thinking as he begins to craft his storiesGantos' examples of how to utilize the world and your journal for stories is accessible and easy to follow At one point he encourages the reader to find where their last name would be in the library and ask them to make a promise to themselves that they will write a book and get it published From inspiring moments like this to concrete examples of how to craft stories and make them better Jack has added yet another wonderful book about the power of stories and the need for us the readers to write our ownI can’t wait to share Jack’s book this fall as my students and I work on crafting our own stories

  10. ~Loaf Of Read ~ ~Loaf Of Read ~ says:

    This was such a great read and inspiration for writers of all ages Plus it was funny

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