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10 thoughts on “Paint by Magic

  1. Xustine Yee Xustine Yee says:

    in the beginning i was so curious to what was happening FOr that reason i couldn't put the book down because i wanted to figure out just what was wrong with connors mother i loved the characters in the book from the past it's hilarious to read them saying thats the bee's knees or hay is for horses because no one says that any And i can relate to Connor when feels how the past is much healthier than the present day because there was no computers or tv so everyone was always outside playing having family dinners and real conversations and playing with puzzles Every day in the past is an adventure

  2. Brenda Brenda says:

    time travelartfamily

  3. Doris Doris says:

    This story of time travel wrapped in a centuries long tale of jealousy and revenge is a different twist on the displacement genre of books where someone travels to their own or anothers past life It begins innocently enough with a family of overachievers nestled in their core group of like minded people but uickly propels the reader outside that world into a new puzzling one where the high powered attorney Mom becomes something similar to a reincarnated early tv years sitcom mother housewife type In a way that was creepy enough but add in the evilness you sense around her the eerie way she seems to act and the changes in her makes you want to jump in with the main character Conner as he struggles to understand what is happening A very good read

  4. Lucy Lucy says:

    This book had some really interesting elements in the beginning the concept of a portrait model being literally trapped inside a frozen pose is legitimately terrifying as a depiction of the artist muse relationship but ultimately the book didn't deliver on its potential The central conflict was watered down into simplistic vague possessed by EVIL; the glorification of the good old days of the 1920s when women stayed at home and cooked for their families every night is presented far too uncritically for my taste I recommend Sunday in the Park with George instead

  5. Daymon Vargas Daymon Vargas says:

    I think the book “paint by Magic” is a very good read It has a fictional story that is very hard to put down once you get started The point of view is the protagonist in the book Connor and switches to a narrator at times during the book By doing this the author gives you the chance to be out in and out of Connors shoes and show his struggles in the book very well The main character Connor has to grow over time during the book as he hits problems throughout the book and you can tell as the dialog in the book changes Very good read

  6. Nicki Nicki says:

    I really liked this book It was fun to read it was never boring and I liked the characters I would rate it 486 out of 5 stars haha This is because there were some parts at the end where I wanted a bit of a detailed explanation of some things but overall there were no huge uestions unanswered all loose ends were tied up so to speak But yeah overall I really like this book and recommend it to everyone Can't wait to read of Reiss' novels

  7. Ember Ember says:

    My first ever Kathryn Reiss novel Captivated me and enthralled me to such a degree I couldn't put it down

  8. Primmy712gmail.Com Primmy712gmail.Com says:

    Cute intriguing book Time travel and mystery Interesting characters and setting An “easy read”

  9. Kim Kim says:

    Rosie Book

  10. Irdiena Ell Milla Irdiena Ell Milla says:

    One of the books that makes me think that the world is okay The setting is kinda all over the place but it still enjoyable read anyway Im glad I grew up knowing this kind of books

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Paint by Magic ❮Reading❯ ➸ Paint by Magic Author Kathryn Reiss – Something is terribly wrong with Connor's mom she keeps slipping into bizarre trances Connor suspects that the key to his mom's strange behavior is an old art book filled with paintings of a woman who Something is terribly wrong with Connor's mom she keeps slipping into bizarre trances Connor suspects that the key to his mom's strange behavior is an old art book filled with paintings of a woman who looks exactly like her But the artist who created those paintings died before his mom was even born Connor gets his chance to break the evil link between the past and the present when he is mysteriously whisked back in time to the s But can he save his mom and himself before it's too late.