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Donkey Doubled [PDF / Epub] ☃ Donkey Doubled By Stephanie Brother – Twice as Good Jenny This can’t be happening As if falling in love with two people instead of one wasn't complicated enough before I pluck up the courage to tell them how I feel they decide to accept Twice as Good Jenny This can’t be happening As if falling in love with two people instead of one wasn't complicated enough before I pluck up the courage to tell them how I feel they decide to accept a football scholarship and move out of state Finally as though someone’s playing a cruel joke on me I find out they are about to become my stepbrothers The two God like men I've spent my entire adolescence crushing on The next door neighbors I could never bring myself to tell how I felt The only two people in the entire world I've ever wanted to be with To me they are Jack and Zach two men so perfect they could be a product of my imagination To everyone else they are simply Donkey Donkey because they wore the same costume in the nativity play Donkey because one nickname is good enough for two and Donkey because all of the outrageous rumors are true And now I've got one chance to tell them how I feel because as soon as they go even if they wanted to I'm not sure how we could Those perfect eyes those incredible physiues the mouth watering panty melting possibilities It gets my heart racing just thinking about it and I'm trying as hard as I can to believe in miracles Two of them built like Greek Gods and hung like Mexican donkeys This full length stepbrother menage romance is light on the sports and heavy on the steam It is a love story with a full carefully developed plot a happy ever after and absolutely no cheating For a limited time only this edition also contains two additional novels HEATED and CHARGED.

10 thoughts on “Donkey Doubled

  1. Annmarie Annmarie says:

    Nice read but confusing I couldn't tell what was real and what was her imagination and writing No cheating 3 way relationship 2 brothers and a neighbor girl HEA

  2. Samantha Samantha says:

    DoubleOverall I enjoyed the story It did get a little wordy for me there in the middle though I wish there was story with them together A lot of the story was her fantasy or they were just all apart I did like they grew up together and were friends that knew a lot about each other What I didn't enjoy was the whole situation with her parents I get stuff happens but I didn't like it and she didn't seemed to be bothered by it We're as I probably would not be talking to my father for some time The fantasy scenes were pretty steamy Towards the end the steamy parts actually seemed like someone else was writing them To me it felt different from the rest of the book as well as different words that weren't used before A little disconnect there I also really liked that the fact the boys were popular and football stars but weren't total manwhores that slept with anyone They knew what they wanted and waited for it Overall the story itself was good I do love step sibling books and really liked the ending

  3. Rebecca Grove Rebecca Grove says:

    Jenny has had a crush on the twins next door for what seems forever Jack and Zach are identical twins who do everything together As kids they wanted the same part in the Christmas pageant so they became the Donkey That name stuck with them because it fit them in many different ways Jenny writes hot stories about sexual encounters between her and Donkey and reads them to her best friend I found this part really confusing since there is no clue whether a scene is fiction until the end At the end of the school year Jenny and Donkey share an incredible kiss but then Donkey has to leave the state to go to college Jenny finds out that her Dad and Donkey's mom have divorced their first spouse and now dating each other When Donkey comes to town to play her local college Jenny decides to go all out for Donkey and hopefully get to enjoy them before they become step siblings Donkey willingly go along with her plan and they wondered why they wasted so much timeThis a hot steamy book between Jenny's fictional accounts and her real life I did find it confusing deciding what was real Jenny was a great character with a lot of depth and emotion Donkey didn't show much personality or any distinct characteristics I did enjoy Donkey's lack of extreme ego which is rare in sports romances I voluntarily received a copy of this book and this is my review

  4. Sony Sony says:

    This book was just ok for me I can’t say that the idea of having sexy twins as my lovers is what made this ok cause that was hot It was an age thing I just didn’t feel the three had as much of a connection for this type of relationship Maybe if they had stayed close friends all through high school it would have made it work for me I did like that the heroine Jenny had been dreaming and writing about her encounters with the brothers before she even knew how the dynamics would work I do have to say that Jenny Jack and Zack’s parental relationships were fcuked up but unfortunately it happens I guess you would have to read for yourself to see what I meanI voluntarily received this ARC in exchange for an honest review This is my honest opinion and has not been influenced by the author in anyway

  5. Doris Doris says:

    If you write things down will they really come true? Evidently this works for Jenny because that’s what she did with her hot as hel neighbors No body writes steamier stepbrother romances like her Jenny has had her eye on the boys for uite some time and she has let her fantasies run wild making sure she writes down all of these dirty little thoughts Lucky her because the boys feel the same way and the twins do “everything” together These boys know how to treat a woman right Now what happens when their parents want to get together? This is another hot read by Stephanie Brother I always look forward to what she will give us nextI received this book as an ARC for a freely given honest review

  6. Shay Shay says:

    This was a miss for me I never felt a connection between Jennifer and the twins oddly referred to as Donkey It seemed like an obsession rather than a friendship turned romance The step relationship was a non issue considering how their parents came together There were a lot of foreign phrases used by what was supposed to be Americans like wank and metres Not one of my favorites by this author

  7. Jamie Leigh Jamie Leigh says:

    Three for one readI have this three stars for an average Donkey doubled was a four star read Charged was a zero since I didn't finish it heated was a two star

  8. April Symes April Symes says:

    Ever want your wildest dreams and fantasies to come true? Well Jenny’s does in this sexy and saucy story by Stephanie Brother Jenny has been neighbors with identical twins Zach Jack for several years She's had a secret crush on them both for a long time knowing it will never go anywhere especially now that they are going off to college Thing is they too have feelings for her as well Jenny likes to take note of her fantasies and write them down of her and the Donkey twins –its all so hot and erotic When the twins come back to town to play her local college Jenny gets an idea and she acts on it before her her Dad and Donkey's mom end up married Ahh this is one read that keeps you guessing until the end There is so much going on the twists and the turns kept me on my toes yet the read was very hot and the boys were oh so good I loved the sassiness of Jenny and how she went after what she wanted The POV is mainly told by Jenny although there were some times we did get to see the twins POV it was mainly told in Jenny’s POV My Rating 45 stars I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  9. Emily Emily says:

    Loved itI loved this story Jack Zach and Jen were adorable I LOVED that we finally got a book where the super popular boys in high school were NOT sleeping around with all the girls except the one they wanted Being each other's firsts made it that much better This whole story was so sweet I loved it The only reason it's a 4 star not a 5 is because the boys weren't different enough With the exception of Zach's occasional lack of esteem they were basically interchangeable

  10. K K says:

    I really love Stephanie Brother's books she's one of my go to writers However this one for me really drug Has a happy ending and the characters are really in depth but it feels like something was missing I realize Marcy is really not part of the story as far as the twins are concerned but the book feels unfinished even for her relationship with Jenny It just felt as if something else was missing

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