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  1. Don Toovey Don Toovey says:

    This is where you find out why Batman has the moniker “the world’s greatest detect”You also get the most in depth analysis of exactly what makes the joker the jokerEven if you’re not a comic or batman fan definitely worth the read

  2. Brian Brian says:

    Fun and informative at least to forensic novices such as myself

  3. Adnan Ashraf Adnan Ashraf says:

    If you enjoy the 'Black and White' short stories and want something a little this is definitely worth checking out

  4. Jacobi Jacobi says:

    I teetered between giving this 3 or 4 stars but I settled on 3 While I definitely enjoyed this book it took me a while to get through because it can be dry and clinical at times That said this book is pretty damn cool The Forensic Files of Batman is written in the guise of being a journal kept by Batman an Alfred that documents what they learn in Batman's early years of operation for whatever purpose that could serve in the future This book could have easily been corny as hell but Moench did an excellent job here He balances out the Sherlockian elements of Batman's skills of deduction with hard factual references to criminology procedures and detective work In that way the book has educational elements as it takes detours to explain the FBIs use of body farms just exactly how it is fingerprinting works and the history of autopsies to name just a few topics that naturally arise in the telling of cases Batman is working in the bookMoench also has the voices of the main players down His Batman is cold distant and calculating His Alfred is charming witty wry and intelligent And his Gordon is good honest and kind of frustrated all the time The Forensic Files is definitely worth reading for Bat dorks like myself or for any fans who want a bit Detective in their Batman fiction

  5. Vicki-shawn Vicki-shawn says:

    THE FORENSIC FILES OF BATMAN THE WORLDS GREATEST DETECTIVE was an awesome read for me it was like CSI minus all the corny hollywood bullshit and made up nonsense in fact other than the fictional characters all of the forensic information contained within is legitimate Now the one thing that is most likely to drive the average reader away from this one is that a great deal of the novel reads like a text book but for those that like to learn new complex information in dry no sugar added text book style this book is a delight Now even though I say it is mainly dry info Mr Moench being a superb Bat writer does a great job of adding in elements that further pull you into the psyche of the budding Batman and his early universe I think one of my favorite parts was the interview with Joker I just wish it was longer and that there were similar elements in the book but all around it was a great read

  6. William William says:

    I have come to not expect much out of novels based on comic book characters but this may be the exception to the rule The author deftly displays both the dark detective's physical prowess with his superior intelligence and intuition While it is not a complete novel and is instead broken up into cases read short fiction the author introduces us to the many aspects of forensic science through Batman's eyes Mixed in with the four page chapters where BatmanBruce Wayne explains things like GSR rigor mortis and entomology are some well written action pieces in which the Bat gets to show us his knowledge of criminology while putting the boots to some of his most dangerous enemies Perfect read for fans of Batman and the hit TV show CSI

  7. Mike Mike says:

    Picked it up from the library on sale for 2I can't pass up stuff like thatInteresting novelization of classic Batman vs insert villain name stories Each chapter is either a diary entry from Bruce Wayne's logging of his crime fighting encounters or a synopsis of his training to become a crime fighter and what the different forensic techniues are that he will need to use in solving crimes and catching the bad guysUPDATE Not too shabby Although it lacked in interesting wordplay or sublime prose it was a novelization of Batman for pete's sake Easy to pick up and easy to put down Will look nice on my shelf with the Helllboy short stories

  8. C.O. Bonham C.O. Bonham says:

    This book is really a collection of Batman short stories interspersed with shorter educational pieces about the Forensic Sciences The educational pieces added much needed depth to the uickly paced stories and being written in the same voice as the stories they intergrated well and did not detract from the overall narrative Not to say that a common plot runs throughout but the stories do contain continuity thus making the stories if not actually interlinking at least related This book would be a good fit for anyone who is curious about forensic science but not actually motivated enough to jump right into a technical non fiction book on the subject

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    LAMESeriously The prose is juvenile the characters are flatand really you have so much to work with and the forensic facts aren't even that cool It's like someone's forensics for dummies threw up on the pages and attached Batman at the topThey also used the word Murdicide I could rant some but it's not worth it to expend the energy Although it would give me something to do

  10. Brit Brit says:

    While I thorougly enjoyed the case files in this book which were packed with evidence of Batman's detective skills the diary entries were incredibly informative It was like reading a forensic textbook than a regular book which is great because learning is awesome However it made the read somewhat slow and tedious at times Very good but dense on information when I was expecting less technical information and Batman being a kickass detective

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The Forensic Files of Batman [EPUB] ✰ The Forensic Files of Batman Author Doug Moench – Although strong and relentless Batman has no super powers His powers are his Sherlock Holmes like abilities of deduction and detection Two dozen entries from Batman's Case Files are featured here Most Although strong and Files of PDF/EPUB ½ relentless Batman has no super powers His powers are his Sherlock Holmes like abilities of deduction and detection Two dozen entries from The Forensic Kindle - Batman's Case Files are featured here Most are written by Batman himself but a couple are from Police Commissioner Gordon and there are a couple of Forensic Files of PDF/EPUB ç entries from the Batman's right hand man Alfred the butler Cases range from the puzzling to the bizarre and feature such classic Batman villains as The Joker Catwoman Poison Ivy and Two Face Interspersed among the Case File reports are sidebars that focus on specific kinds of forensic science that Batman uses to solve his cases These are brief and informative and allow readers to understand why a certain method of detection is chosen in a specific case The basics of forensics are presented in a clear brief and informative manner.