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God Knows My Size Silvia Tărniceriu [Reading] ➶ God Knows My Size Silvia Tărniceriu ➬ Harvey Yoder – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Is there really a God This is the uestion 13 year old Silvia faced Her teachers laughed at the mere idea of God Yet her parents and pastor not only believed in God but served Him devotedly Which of th Is there My Size eBook ↠ really a God This is the uestion year old Silvia faced Her teachers laughed at the mere idea of God Yet her parents God Knows MOBI :Ê and pastor not only believed in God but served Him devotedly Which of them was right So Silvia decided to find out for herself if God was Knows My Size MOBI ò real She asked Him for three things a pair of shoes a sweater and a coat For a large poor Christian family in communist Romania these things were almost impossible to buy How could she expect a miracle But it happened God answered her prayer in a way far beautiful than she expected And the truth He showed her then sustained her years later as she faced persecution and even prison for Christ's sake read Silvia's story and you will find yourself challenged by the faith and dedication of Christians behind the Iron Curtain You will share in the sorrows and triumphs Silvia faced as she served her beloved Lord with all her heart And through it all you'll discover the loving personal care God shows to all of His children read this book and find your faith in God strengthened.

About the Author: Harvey Yoder

My childhood My Size eBook ↠ and teen years were in Oakland MD among the Amish there When I was I left the Amish and joined the Mennonites where God Knows MOBI :Ê I met my wife Karen Anderson from CA I was a teacher in Christian schools for Mennonites for years We have children all married now Knows My Size MOBI ò and currently have grandchildren I have been writing books for years and I travel all over the world to get informatio.

10 thoughts on “God Knows My Size Silvia Tărniceriu

  1. Jennifer Thompson-Thalasinos Jennifer Thompson-Thalasinos says:

    One of my favorite books It’s about Silvia a girl growing up in Communist Romania who is a Christian along with her family Silvia and her family live in poverty but remain faithful As Silvia grows older she helps smuggle Bibles which leads her to her greatest struggle Everyone who’s a believer needs to read this

  2. Terry Sutton Terry Sutton says:

    This book is an amazing book on the faith of a faithful servant of God Sylvia learns young how God provides so faithfully and how He will sustain us even when we don't expect Him to Fabulous book

  3. Bridget Bridget says:

    This book is incredible

  4. Melissa Melissa says:

    Growing up in communist Romania Silvia whose family is strongly Christian has many obstacles ahead of her Her family is extremely poor so they send her to live with her aunt and uncle Silvia is taunted in school for being one of the repentant but she herself is not sure there is a God Wanting to know for sure Silvia asks for a miracle She asks for a pair of shoes a sweater and a jacket things which were nearly impossible for poor families to buy new Will her prayer be heard? It is heard and within a week or two a box arrives with exactly the items she prayed for and in her exact size As she grows older Silvia earns a high school education and gets a good job in a factory But then as she helps smuggle Bibles and her Christian activities continue the police start to follow her Having Bibles was against the law of the land Can Silvia escape the communist nation and the fear of being constantly shadowed? Written in an intimate first person view Silvia's amazing story will encourage you and make you thankful for each day

  5. Sara Sara says:

    Here in America we often miss out on so much with our overabundance of food material goods and ease of living It's so easy to be a Christian that I'm not sure if we can fully appreciate the value of faith in Jesus Silvia Tarniceriu valued her faith despite severe challenges throughout her life growing up in communist Romania She found that God personally knew her; He even knew her exact size He continued to show time and again that He cared for her and helped her to grow and mature in her Christian faith Although co written with Harvey Yoder this book appears to be written in Silvia's own simple and honest wordswhich are a very powerful testimony to the love and power of God Highly recommended

  6. Shari Shari says:

    I listened to her tell her story and she is an awesome lady I highly recommend this book She went through so much and still wears a smile

  7. Sue Hess Sue Hess says:

    A captivating book of courage and faith

  8. Rachel B Rachel B says:

    Yoder tells the true story of Silvia who grows up in a poor Christian family in communist Romania She participates in Bible smuggling leads a children's choir in her church and even spends time in prison because of her faith I really enjoyed this book Silvia's attitude was generally very upbeat although she does share honestly when she was discouraged and angry with God which makes her relatable She records so many answered prayers and her faith in Christ is so encouragingHuge plus This book provides a pronunciation guide for each chapter not just sharing the sounds of certain letters but the pronunciation for each Romanian word used in the book This was incredibly helpful and made me feel so much confident in my readingSo what if we did not have enough shoes so that we all could go to church at once? Or for that matter if we were not able to afford the tram tickets so the whole family could attend church services on the other side of the city? We were used to taking turns to go to church and if we couldn't go every time it made it all the special when we could go p 9

  9. Gayle V Ohanian Gayle V Ohanian says:

    Amazing woman amazing bookA heart wrenching story of a girl with a wonderful unflinching trust and faith in God through horrific times in communist Romania She is a great example of how we should live our lives for Jesus

  10. Tuff Tuff says:

    Very informative but writing style was lacking

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