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Barbarian Three (Alien Barbarians of Zandipor, #3) [PDF / Epub] ☃ Barbarian Three (Alien Barbarians of Zandipor, #3) By Kim Fox – My life is a nightmare Stranded on an alien planet Scared Lonely Hungry Exhausted I have no hope I think I have it bad now but the creepy aliens are coming back for me to make it even worse Until I me My life is a nightmare Stranded on an alien planet Scared Lonely Hungry Exhausted I have no hope I think I have it bad now but the creepy aliens are coming back for me to make it even worse Until I meet my possessive blue protector Straykeer Once you get past the blue skin he’s kind of cute Once you get past his booming war cry he’s pretty sweet And once you get past his two swords lopping off the alien heads trying to hurt me he’s really really sexy His tingling tongue and skilled hands are the thing of miracles And this blue barbarian is uickly turning my nightmare into a dream.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 101 pages
  • Barbarian Three (Alien Barbarians of Zandipor, #3)
  • Kim Fox
  • English
  • 23 October 2016

About the Author: Kim Fox

A hot new paranormal romance writer who loves Werebears and the tough BBW that can handle them Her latest series is Smokejumpers Werebear Bear Shifters of Flathead Forest a cast of fun lovable and sexy smokejumping shifters Each book focuses on a different member of the crew and the women that they fall for Sign up to my newsletter here to find the latest updates.

10 thoughts on “Barbarian Three (Alien Barbarians of Zandipor, #3)

  1. Barbara➰ Barbara➰ says:

    35 starsCute ending to the series but I'm left wonderingwhat will happen since there's only one available girl now? What about their race dying out? Hmmmmmaybe some earth women dropping in?

  2. CC CC says:

    I really enjoyed this series It had so much humor to it Something I do not get enough of in romance booksUnfortunately I did not love Mandy Sorry folks but I hate smoking and that turned me off from the beginning Plus she froz up too often From the first book and in this one I prefer a little braveryI loved Straykeer He totally rocked Totally all in for her I have zero complaints about himBecause I did not love Mandy and I thought this book portrayed Avery heroine from the first book as an entitled spoiled brat taking advantage of her awesome man I was not as happy with this edition I did not find Avery's behavior funny It was immature and bratty I hate when author's ruin a previous books character in a later book I get she was probably going for funny But it was not At least to me But there are many out there who love a certain series that I HATE because I do not think the heroine's humor is funny So I am pretty sure most of my GR friends will be just fine with this book since they all love that seriesPlus you have to read this book to get closure on the other two book It is short but worth it So just read them all

  3. Mei Mei says:

    I like thisone too but it was the weakest of the seriesMandy was annoying with her cowardice but I loved Straykeer and his mightiness He was really really great

  4. Umaiya ❄️Ramblings of a Scattered Mind❄️ Umaiya ❄️Ramblings of a Scattered Mind❄️ says:

    YupYup Sexy blue aliens is the way to go xDThis has been such a sweet cute hilarious series I'm really looking forward to checking out from Kim Fox

  5. ♛ Garima ♛ ♛ Garima ♛ says:

    Just for the conclusion and happily ever after this is going to be 3 stars I would really like to say if you like IPB by Ruby Dixon give this a try It is definitely sillier hilarious version without a lot of world building but makes you laugh and feel good at the same time

  6. Yvonne Daniels Yvonne Daniels says:

    Barbarian Three A Science Fiction Alien Romance Alien Barbarians of Zandipor Book 3by Kim Fox Juno Wells I enjoy all three books in Alien Barbarians of Zandipor They are fun and humorous and the characters will definitely piued your interest The story is interesting as well You have the sexual tension between Mandy and Straykeer that burns up the pages whenever they come together The science fiction aspect is well done You don't have to try to imagine what the other species that on the planet look like or even how all the different types of Aliens look Everything is detailed without being overwhelming you can imagine yourself being on the spaceship looking at this world the smell of dying aliens I enjoyed the writing as much as I enjoyed the characters and the story You have suspense Dystopia sci fi romance and friendship all wrapped into one Another excellent story by Kim Fox and Juno Wells Mandy is terrified she is left alone on this planet until Straykeer finds her and wants to mate with her Can you imagine a gorgeous blue man telling you he wants to drink from your “Culip? HahahaI feel that this series has so much comic relief I laughed a lot even through this is a uick read At the beginning of the book Kim jokes about making this series into a movie but I must say I can see myself going to see it I know we would be lusting and laughing Plus I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed reading this intriguing and interesting book it is one that I enjoyed reading It's a alien romance that is well written with a good story line which offers drama suspense intrigue action threats and three feisty women from earth who meets their gorgeous blue aliens If you love reading Kim Fox books and enjoyed them like I have then I'm happy to say that if you add Barbarian Three to your TBR list of books you will be too I hope you will enjoy all of Kim Fox books and agree with me about the movie also HaHa

  7. Miku Miku says:

    The story started from the hero's POV and how resilient he was in searching for his mate not losing hope that she was still alive and not dead when he doesn't even know what she looks like and they had never metMandy and Straykeer are a great couple They had been through a lot seeing as they were being chase by the Emperor as love slaves No matter where they go they were always being followed thanks to the tracker that was placed in their DNA as was explained by Tin Tom on the previous book Through the book I was glad that the blue men weren't really that brainless and uestion Avery's leadership as their saku seeing as she was lazy rolls eyes In the end they all just sucked it up and helped with the fight I also noticed that Avery was the only person who hadn't really stand up for himself when Rolanda did take arms and fight even Mand killed some of her captors The story mentioning Avery was just irritating for me and just letting her do what she wants and how spoiled she was was just too much for me that I couldn't bring myself to like the book

  8. MsKingsPens MsKingsPens says:

    Better than expected Mandy was really really dumb in book 1 I was not looking forward to being in her head but thankfully the authors made her a timid instead of stupid Straykeer was probably my favorite of the blue guys because he seemed to have something like a personalityThe final battle was over the top insane but humorous I liked that we got to see them post baby

  9. Crystal Crystal says:

    Adventure on a Alien PlanetExcellent conclusion to the series After Mandy and her friends Avery and Rolanda are kidnapped by aliens and crash land on an alien planet they get separated Mandy finds her way back to the ship and has been living off flowers for weeks She is slowly starving and her mind is at its wits end to find food She does not know if her friends are dead or alive but as time passes she believes them to be dead Straykeer has been searching for Mandy to save her since Avery was found and brought to the local alien village but he has had no luck Now her kidnapping aliens are back searching for the human women who are meant to be impregnated and beheaded by the insect like alien ruler When Mandy is saved by a giant blue alien she is grateful but when he wants to mate her she thinks he Is loco Add in some danger unintended drugging kicking of some alien asses and one lusty blue alien and you have yourself a hilarious and terrific alien romance

  10. Victoria Victoria says:

    4 Stars

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