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  1. Peter Peter says:

    Eerie atmosphere ice storm isolated persons in a rural area mysterious items and the strange behaviour of a woman named Eliza are the ingredients of this longer short story Well the story movies on and you really want to know what's going on with the wife and what her husband Robert found in the basement But in my opinion the denouement is a bit vague I expected something else Don't get me wrong The author really knows how to write and scare you but I would have liked a different ending Recommendable

  2. Brian& Brian& says:

    A gripping short story 45 out of 5 starsI like short stories novelettes and novellas I love when an author specifically tries to fit as much as they can into such a small story It takes real skill as a writer to write a good short story That's exactly what John W Dennehy has done with Ice StormA town is thrown into darkness as a storm rolls in The heat is the first to go and once it does Robert starts to notice changes in his wife Eliza but uickly writes it off as issues from being coldThe story was full of detail in the short sub 50 pages Dennehy definitely knew what he was writing and you can tell that it was all leading towards that last chapter Even the last page or two And he does it flawlesslyThis could have easily been drawn out into a long and unnecessarily detailed novel But I'm glad it wasn't The story fit perfectly into the small mold that Dennehy made for it and I thought it came out pretty flawlessLike most horror the reader will spend most of the book trying to figure out what is going to happen And once you figure out it it's too lateBeing from Buffalo I know the cold A lot of times authors try to describe cold without ever living through it I've lived through a blackout during a snowstorm It sucked and I'll tell you what After reading this I'll be checking behind me and the next time it happensSee reviews like this one at Brian's Book Blog

  3. Dixie Dixie says:

    that was such a great story absolutely loved it am going hunting for by this author the only problemit was too short

  4. Robin Lee Robin Lee says:

    45 Stars out 5 StarsIce Storm is a type of winter storm characterized by freezing rain also known as Glaze Event or in some parts of the United States as a Silver Thaw This can lead to very dangerous or deadly situationsSilver Thaw a thin coating of ice on trees rocks lines etc caused by rain that freezes on impact glitterBlood Diamonds or Conflict Diamonds are stones that mined in areas controlled by rebel forces then sold to finance an insurgency an invading army’s war efforts or a warlord’s activity Spilling BloodI have always found the next day or morning after that ice storms have a dangerous beauty to them If you live in an area with all trees at the dawn if you look out your window everything looks like ice castles or mysterious formations Yet those sparkly ice castles can shatter in an instant spilling blood and all fallI came across this story while looking at John W Dennehy’s new novel “Clockwork Universe” which is also available now on KindleIt was the uick change in weather that sparked my interest with his short story “Ice Storm”Author John Dennehy manages with his words to capture what I have described above but with the freezing temperatures plus power outage makes this story even foreboding and spine tinglingRobert and Eliza live in the country and awaken the morning after to find the temperatures in the house near freezing No electricity and must rely on their gas stove and logs for fire But as the day progresses he starts to panic as Eliza can’t warm up looks and acts like she is starting to suffer from hypothermiaNow uick decisions must be made yet something recently discovered keeps lingering in the back of his mind and won’t let goReviewed by robinleehorrorbookreviewscom

  5. Susan Susan says:

    Great readStarts out scary and ends up terrifyingWish it had been longer Will be waiting for his next book

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Ice Storm ➷ [Reading] ➹ Ice Storm By John W. Dennehy ➬ – A storm hits rural New England and blankets a small town in snow and ice Robert and Eliza have been refurbishing a farm house while dealing with empty nest syndrome and vicissitudes in their long term A storm hits rural New England and blankets a small town in snow and ice Robert and Eliza have been refurbishing a farm house while dealing with empty nest syndrome and vicissitudes in their long term marriage During renovations Robert discovered a peculiar find in the basement Now they struggle with the winter elements after a power outage and cope with sudden changes overcoming Eliza after losing heat Will their relationship survive the stormCover design by Greg Chapman.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 75 pages
  • Ice Storm
  • John W. Dennehy
  • English
  • 26 May 2016