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Two Cowboys Next Door ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Two Cowboys Next Door By Jay S. Wilder ✰ – A virgin college student next door Two rugged rodeo cowboys One wild and wicked attraction She's about to learn what it means to be swept off her feetfrom both bad boys Full length standalone romance A virgin college student next door Two rugged rodeo cowboys One wild and wicked attraction She's about to learn what it means to be swept off her feetfrom both bad boys Full length standalone romance with an HEA ending and Zero Cliffhanger Nash I'm a rough and rugged rodeo rider with only one use for the women I share with my best buddy Clay Until I set my eyes on Cheyenne She lives on the farm next to Clay's hometown Two Cowboys PDF/EPUB or cattle ranch and when I find out she's a virgin Clay and I have to rope her in for ourselves She has this innocence that hooks me in As much as I try to run from it I can't fool myself Cheyenne is meant to be ours Cheyenne I haven't seen my old next door neighbor Clay in over five years His rodeo show comes to our hometown and all my teenaged fantasies about being with him bubble up to the surface The thing is he's got the worst reputation around town Everyone including my family knows that he's a tomcat Chasing tail is his favorite sport I've been holding out on giving it up for years and when I see him at the rodeo it all makes sense I have been waiting for Clay His proposal of a no strings attached hookup with him and his best friend Nash is exactly what I need Until I fall so hard I'm driven out of their protective arms and right into my very own worst nightmare Clay Cheyenne was just a girl when I left for the rodeo Look at her now She has filled out her curves in all the right places and has a body that can't be ignored I see her in the stands during my rodeo show in our hometown and I'm instantly addicted My best buddy Nash likes her too Which is a good thing because we like to share one woman Except now our old skirt chasing ways are coming back to haunt us and puts Cheyenne smack in the middle of a dicey situation Cheyenne likes the both us right up until she decides we may be too much But she has a secret And we're going to protect her at all costs Because Cheyenne belongs to us Author's Notes Two Cowboys Next Door is a MFM menage romance that is all about the woman There are no MM scenes This story is all about TWO hot bad boy cowboys who fall for the same woman This ebook also includes the full length standalone bonus novel Captive Heart so Two Cowboys Next Door ends at around %.

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  1. ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰ ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰ says:

    3 Giddy Up Stars I liked this one than 'Two Billionaires Next Door' there was definitely of a realistic story line in this one Don't get me wrong it was still a uick OTT smut read no world class novel here but come on with a cover like this one you don't really think I was looking one right? If you don't take this book too seriously and just enjoy the ride with two yummy OTT cowboys who enjoy getting their rocks off with the same chick at the same time then you should finish it with a big smile on your face I think I have a little soft spot for anything Cowboy so if you are not that into the whole Cowboy thing you may not enjoy it as much as they were the only reason this book got 3 stars from me ;

  2. Raine Raine says:

    Something missingSomething was missing while I was reading this book There are many elements that I usually like Hot cowboys check MFM menage check Innocent virgin checkBut something was missing I think it was that I could take or leave the characters I really just didn't like them They were doing all the right things they were supposed to do in the story but I just didn't feel it It seems to be missing heart That touch of something that makes you love the story and characters I bumped this up from 2 stars to 3 because I thought the sexy scenes were pretty decent

  3. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    I WILL ADMIT I STARTED READING THIS ONE But when the heroine thought this Personally I don’t even care if Clay runs around with a new woman every week I don’t have plans to marry the guy I knew this book wasn't for me so I am going to skip the rest Ménage stories hardly work for me as it includes sharing a partner so when there is not even LOVE for each other well that sounds like a porno and less like a romance book This is just my take on it I hope others will enjoy it

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Not bad Two sexy wild Cowboys one small town virgin A little back and forth drama no I can't be with you but want to A little suspensedanger that was over in a couple of sentences HEA

  5. MiDouradoP MiDouradoP says:

    uick book with hawt scenes375 starsThis is a uick reading MFM romance featuring two cowboys and a virgen innocent girlCheyenne has had a crush on Clay for years but he's never noticed her before Until he comes back home and sees how much she grewBut now he's kind a package deal because he and his best friend Nash are inseparable and they share everything And everyoneThey are definitely not looking for a relantionship but some feelings are hard to ignoreSoon enough they start thinking about future but this kind of relation has its complications and they are not sure their feelings are enoughIt was an insta lust with a uick love story The characters showed some development albeit not much and the sexy scenes are enought to leave the reader than hot and bothered

  6. ViolinVixen ViolinVixen says:

    Saddle Up for an Unforgettable Ride with These Two Sexy CowboysClay and Nash are two extremely hot very single cowboys They travel around the states on a rodeo circuit They have no trouble finding ladies to spend the night with once they unleash the irresistible offer of an unforgettable a night shared with these two gorgeous men They don’t form attachments they don’t really have a home base and they have no plans to settle down any time soon They are wild and freeClay and Nash uickly realize what they’ve been missing when they head to Clay’s hometown for a 2 week rodeo stint They stay in Clay’s old house and next door to them is the still very beautiful but now fully grown Cheyenne She was just a teenager with a crush on the neighbour when Clay left home but now that he’s back he can’t take his eyes off of her Cheyenne is in the process of finishing up school while living at home and caring for her ill dad She doesn’t get out much for fun as her family and her classes are her main priorities A determined Clay and Nash bring her out of her shell slowly and vow to teach her everything she wants to learn about men sex and love Cheyenne has always wanted Clay to be her first but Clay and Nash both want to be a part of that special night They want to claim her as theirs Cheyenne had better watch out though because once these sexy cowboys lasso what they were aiming for they aren’t going to let goStandalone Super sexy MMF romance It’s all about the woman no MM scenes HEA No cliffhangerI voluntarily reviewed an advance reader's copy of this book

  7. Cindy Caron Cindy Caron says:

    Nothing better than a menage except when it's two hunky cowboys and the virgin next door Cheyenne has crushed on Clay the boy next door since she was a young teenager but no one has ever known as she's kept this secret close to her own heart not even telling her best friend Clay's been off on the rodeo tour for the past seven years now but he's back in town for the annual rodeo and to help his dad with the neighboring ranch while he's off visiting with his sister But Clay's not alone He's brought his teammate Nash home with him and they tend to shareeverything so when Nash cuddles up close and personal to Cheyenne at the local bar while Clay makes a call out to his dad it's no surprise The only uestion will be whether or not she's willing to be shared or not And what about when it's time for the boys to head back out on the rodeo circuit? Will they leave or will Cheyenne be enough to entice them to stay?Well written easy to follow and characters that you will love this is an easy readMy version of this book came with a bit of a surprise addition in the form of a second bookCaptive HeartThis book is extremely intriguing The author has definitely taken her writing to another level with this book I found it confusing at times and still don't know what it was exactly that happened to Liam while in captivity but the story that progresses between Liam and Natalia is definitely worth reading Perhaps the author could use this as an introduction to an even bigger series I love both of the major characters in this tale which is full of action and anticipation high on emotions and complete with a happy ever after Uniue in itself I'm extremely happy that I took the time to read it

  8. Jolene Huber Jolene Huber says:

    Two for the price of one In this book you actually get two full length books in one The first book is about Cheyanne she grew up next door to Clay After Clay graduated he ran off to be in the rodeo There he met Nash They became the best of friends The did everything together including woman Lots and lots of of women Then one day they were back on the area Clay grew up They both ran into Cheyanne apart then together and decided they had to have her It gets kinda crazy from there The second book is about Liam He is a billionaire who is kidnapped and held hostage by a group of mafia type people and is helped by Natasha Who is part of the family but has a heart and doesn't want to be part of it Sparks fly

  9. Lisa Roberts Lisa Roberts says:

    I loved this storycould'nt put it downNash and Clay are two hot sexy cowboys one hard one soft and know how to treat a womanClay and Cheyenne neighbors growing up meet once again years later and the sparks with Clay and Nash a complete packageOf course there are concerns about the relationship and second guesses but the love and attraction they share cannot be taken lightlyIThe characters are so real and there feelings are so genuine that you will fall in love with them allI voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book

  10. Deb Diem Deb Diem says:

    Two Cowboys Next Door by Jay S Wilder is a steamy MFM menage so it may not be for everyone This is a well written book The characters are great Clay and Nash are rodeo cowboys taking care of Clay's ranch for his father Cheyenne has always had a crush on Clay but is not allowed to be around him because of his wild reputation Their story is loaded with drama action humor and 5 alarm fire sex I enjoyed reading Two Cowboys Next Door and look forward to reading from Jay S Wilder in the future This is a complete book not a cliff hanger

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