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The Little Homo Sapiens Scientist ➹ [Download] ➵ The Little Homo Sapiens Scientist By S.L. Huang ➼ – A dark retelling of The Little Mermaid from the author of HUNTING MONSTERS I suppose if this is going to be recorded somewhere for posterity I should set the record straight The ghostwriter will proba A dark retelling of The Homo Sapiens Epub µ Little Mermaid from the author of HUNTING MONSTERS I suppose if this is going to be recorded somewhere for posterity I should set the record straight The ghostwriter will probably cut it all but hey it’s the principle of the thingDr Cadence Mbella is the world's most celebrated scholar of the atargati sentient intelligent deep water beings who are most definitely not mermaids When Cadence decides to release a captive atargati from scientific experimentation and interrogation The Little PDF or she knows her career and her life is forfeit But she still yearns for the atargati there is still so much to know about their physiology their society their culture And Cadence would do anything to fully understand the atargati no matter what the cost.

10 thoughts on “The Little Homo Sapiens Scientist

  1. TheBookSmugglers TheBookSmugglers says:

    We did this 0We still have a few of the limited print edition we ship worldwide

  2. Debbie Debbie says:

    This was gorgeous A really interesting flipped fairy tale retelling where instead of a mermaid turning into a human a human becomes a mermaid or the SF euivalent in this story There is so much going on here about identity gender identity self identity morality And some interesting discussion about sentience Really really lovely I also really appreciated that this was Hans Christian Anderson than Walt Disney

  3. Danika at The Lesbrary Danika at The Lesbrary says:

    I really liked a lot of aspects to this the specific ways the author found to retell this fairy tale were fascinating and I loved the introspection about the main character's identity what does it mean to ID as a lesbian and then fall for an ungendered person? I also appreciated that there's a genderueer side character who uses hirze pronouns so that the alienmythical creature characters weren't the only representation of nonbinary peopleI was a little disappointed by the ending though view spoiler She dies like the original Little Mermaid fairy tale hide spoiler

  4. Bridget Mckinney Bridget Mckinney says:

    Well I'm not sure what I expected This is a solid and than moderately inventive retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid that hews very closely to the original story More closely than I thought it would which made it not uite the light afternoon read I was looking for today but still lovely It's not my favorite mermaid story of recent years still Seanan McGuire's Each to Each which is probably right up your alley if you like this story but it's a good one with some compelling twists on Andersen's themes The Little Mermaid has always been a story about identity and identity gender and sexuality are similarly central to this tale It's also a story that works as an interesting exploration of what might exist in the deepest parts of our oceans which is something I think about a lot we act as if it's totally normal to just play around on the edges of these abysses but we really have no idea what's down there Probably not mermaids of any kind but it makes for an excellent story

  5. Jess Crafts Jess Crafts says:

    An amazing ff scifi retelling of the little mermaid but backwards so a human scientist is the curious one that falls in love and changes Brilliantly written and imagined I loved the mode the story was told in which sounds vague but you should read it It's awesome Fair warning it has a tragic ending like the original story I can't wait to read from this author

  6. Puck Puck says:

    I got this as a free review copy from SL Huang in exchange for potentially nominating it for some award or another if I liked itI LOVED IT I have been unable to stop thinking about this novelette since I finished reading it and all I want is to take my time to put my heart back together and then reread it again and again Dr Cadence Mbella's voice ha comes through super clearly from page one to the very end It's a reverse of the traditional Hans Christian Andersen Little Mermaid which means it's destined to be a tragedy of course but there is something truly wonderful about the romance being not just between the human and the mermaid atargati but also between the scientist and the whole unknown but hopefully knowable world Also have I mentioned yet how unapologetically and thoroughly ueer this retelling is? Because it is and it's beautiful to have characters in this book whose understanding of gender and sexuality closely mirror mine than those I usually read Every book SL Huang has ever written I have loved and this is no exception

  7. Craig Werner Craig Werner says:

    I'd love to read this novella length engagement with difference and transformation echoing trans issues down to the level of language spun out at novel length Reminds me a bit of Okorafor's Bindi series and some of Octavia Butler's work which is good As it is a sketch than a fully developed set of ideas Like the way Huang riffs on The Little Mermaid as an image of a being not uite of either world Hope she returns to the ideas

  8. kari kari says:

    I couldn't ask for a better idea for retelling twisting and ueering the original tale And the crossroads of biology and anthropology in this novella are delightful To the point where it seems like too big a concept for a story this size If only it was a novel; still it is a very good and evocative novella tackling some difficult uestions as well as punching the reader right in the feels

  9. Alex Alex says:

    Well I'm cryingI suppose it's my fault for letting Disney make me forget that the original Little Mermaid did not have a happy endingNevertheless this was a beautiful wonderful perfect reverse retelling of the Little Mermaid story I loved every word of it despite the fact that it tore my heart outExcuse me while I go and keep crying

  10. Paulina Paulina says:

    Apparently I'm really interested in mermaids these daysThis was a great retelling of little mermaid but I needed it to be at least 3times longer

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