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Welcome to Tranquility Volume 2 [Reading] ➹ Welcome to Tranquility Volume 2 By Gail Simone – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Tranuility is a town like any other except for one difference It's the place where super powered beings go to retire and enjoy their golden years Heroes and villains alike reside here creating a uniue Tranuility is a town like any other Tranquility Volume PDF Ì except for one difference It's the place where super powered beings go to retire and enjoy their golden years Heroes and Welcome to MOBI :Ê villains alike reside here creating a uniue blend of personalities and conflicts that causes headaches galore for local law enforcement As things are finally getting back to normal in to Tranquility Volume PDF/EPUB ¿ Tranuility following the string of murders a new threat rears its head that of Freddie Beasel television show host and music promoter But what devilish secret does this smart dressed man have and how deeply rooted in the town's history is it.

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  1. Alex Sarll Alex Sarll says:

    Gail Simone's series about the town to which superhumans retire continues but where the first volume was reasonably focused this one is trying to fill out the world – somewhat in vain given cancellation albeit followed by a concluding miniseries was waiting right behind it So we get a Mephistophelian maker of deals with a sting in the tail and a zombie uprising doled out in tiny chunks because most of the issues have one or even two back up strips exploring the supporting characters Nor does it help that even with so many artists involved on all those little tales the majority of the art is of precisely the style most guaranteed to look dated right now – the noughties point at which nineties gigantism was trying to lighten up and loosen out but which with hindsight mainly looks weird and wonky like somebody gave Humberto Ramos too much Sunny D

  2. The_Mad_Swede The_Mad_Swede says:

    Set after the events of the first volume this volume presents us with another arc which I think holds up even better than the first one even though it obviously needs to be said that it obviously rests very comfortably on the work done in the preceding volume both in terms of setting up the place and characters and providing some foundational plot elements to boot This time it is no mere murder mystery but the threat of a greater magnitude that looms at the proverbial horizon as the history of the town is starting to catch up with it and perhaps even a zombie invasion may be in the wingsAll things considered I would probably give this three and half stars but strong enough for me to round upwards

  3. Sean Sean says:

    This series has all the components for a successful book but I just didn't like it Simone's normal humor is so off here The inclusion of backup stories in each issue actually take away from the story which needs substance The art is nice but not enough to make up for the haphazard story Overall a severe disappointment

  4. Jason Jason says:

    This is a series of shorter stories that flesh out the characters backgrounds a little Not as grand a story as the first arc but it serves a different purpose and sets the stage well for volume 3

  5. Sean Goh Sean Goh says:

    The out of towners are a bit hard to keep track of but the final fight was suitably climatic

  6. Joe Joe says:

    Better than I hoped

  7. Dani Shuping Dani Shuping says:

    We come back to the town of Tranuility not to long after the events of the 1st novel ended Emoticon is still in jail and flirting with the Sheriff and a new player has moved into town A demon simply known as The Host And he's come to take back what belongs to him And he'll stop at nothing to get it Can this town of retired superheroes stand up to him and save their home? Or will they be overrun by the deadThe story in this volume is a bit easier to follow although they still do intersperse the volume with stories about the other characters which can be a bit distracting at times Thankfully we get to find out the backstory on the sheriff's father which plays a rather large role in this story Butit still feels like we've got moments in the story where we have to stop and figure out what's going on It still just feels like it could have been arranged a bit differently to present a cohesiveness I still wonder who some of the characters are that show up such as the tourists They just don't have a background that's given The artwork is decent enough nothing really spectacular or amazing stands out about it but it does work well for the storyIn short it's an interesting addition to the superhero genre and does have some creative entertaining charactersand while its improving I wonder if future volumes will be any better Still I'm likely to give the third volume a try But not much of a chance if that one falters

  8. Michael Smith Michael Smith says:

    This second compilation of six original comics comes out a little better than the first collection mostly because it consists largely of origin stories for the main characters in the series Zombie Zeke a direct steal from the Crypt Keeper began as an Elvis type rocker who signed a pact with a demon Sheriff Thomasina was a wild child who couldn’t deal with family issues and got into too many fights in school Emoticon one of Simone’s original inventions was corrupted by his Bad Guy grandfather the Typist And so on The Liberty Snots a younger gang of goth type “heroes” gets a few back stories too But the narrative is still pretty much all over the place as if the original story was twice as long and they only printed every other page The art is okay but nothing special I’ll give this series an “E” for effort but not much

  9. Cale Cale says:

    This book continues from the first dealing with some of the aftermath while introducing a new big bad The book is a bit muddled lots of different sub stories in classic comic styles But they all come together to build into a massive climax I was really unimpressed until the final issue when the pieces fall together really well The villain is suitably dastardly and plays it up and than in the first volume you find yourself rooting for lots of individuals while seeing the community working together as a whole

  10. Jacob Jacob says:

    This one takes a while for the plot to kick into high gear Artistically it unexpectedly looks like it's drawn in a non mainstream style That is the art doesn't really compare to most of the art seen on a Wildstorm title but rather it looks like it would fit just with say a Viper comic's comic book

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