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    از متن نمایشنامهمردشاید غم و غصه اونارو به هم نزدیک کنهراستی خودِ مرد از چه راه به هر دو زن نزدیکه و دورهاولین تجربه از بکت عجیب بودیک بازیِ بداز متنمرد آره،آرامش،آدم فکر می کرد،همش تموم میشه،همه ی دردها،همش انگاری کههیچ وقتم نبوده،وقتش می رسهسکسکهببخشید بی معنیه آره می دونم با اینحال آدم گمون می کرد ،آرامشمیخوام بگم نه تنها همش تموم می شه، بلکه انگار هیچ وقتم نبوده

  2. Saman Mahdavi Saman Mahdavi says:

    بله، صلح یک چیز فرضی است،که جای همه چیز را می گیرد جای همه ی دردها را،اگر هرگز نیامده است، اما خواهد آمد سکسکه ببخشید، مفهومش را از دست داده است،من میدانم کمتر از هیچ استصلح، یک فرض استمنظورم همه جاست،اگرچه هرگز نیامده است بازی

  3. Zach Zach says:

    As he does in nearly all of his works Samuel Beckett seems to be taking direct notation from the mind's eye for the three texts in this collection to stunning effects Play is about a love triangle of sorts that's been parsed down to the uintessence of obfuscation and misunderstanding in such triangles Early on in Words and Music readers are asked to ponder How much longer cooped up here in the dark? and the radio piece ends with a deep sigh The journey in between examines how love and light can glance off the deep sighs in the dark Cascando gives a voice to the search for a purpose and to the search for the meaning of the stories The immediacy in this collection is palpable

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    Love is of all passions the most powerful passion and indeed no passion is powerful than the passion of love Clears throat This is the mode in which the mind is most strongly affected and indeed in no mode is the mind strongly affected than in thisBy passion we are to understand a movement of the mind pursuing or fleeing real or imagined pleasure or pain Clears throat Of allOf all these movements then and who can number them and they are legion sloth is the LOVE is the most urgent and indeed by no manner is the soul urged

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    بالرغم من إنها بسيطة أوى لكن أكتر حاجةعجبتنى فيها فى فكرته عن إدراة الحوار بين الشخصياتكانت جميلة فعلاً

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  7. Liv Liv says:

    LOVED this one Just a brilliant set up with another beautiful way of setting up and demonstrating the repetitiveness of life that modernism has brought about

  8. David David says:

    Jesus This is what we're likehttpwwwyoutubecomwatch?vWTFkYV

  9. Oryx Oryx says:

    Play M W1 W2 376Words Music Explanations and Extensions 379Cascando On 'How it is' 3887

  10. Gwen Gwen says:

    uite interesting I would love to see the first play performed The written format of the radio pieces is also an intriguing read but rather nice

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