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Alien [PDF / Epub] ☉ Alien By Alan Dean Foster – Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created with Alien Covenant a new chapter in his groundbreaking Alien adventure The crew of the colony ship Covenant bound for a remote planet on the far side o Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created with Alien Covenant a new chapter in his groundbreaking Alien adventure The crew of the colony ship Covenant bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise But it is actually a dark dangerous worldWhen they uncover a threat beyond their imaginations they must attempt a harrowing escapeAcclaimed author Alan Dean Foster also returns to the universe he first encountered with the official novelization of the original Alien film Alien Covenant is the pivotal adventure that preceded that seminal film and leads to the events that will yield one of the most terrifying sagas of all time.

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  1. Bentley ★ Bentley ★ says:

    See this review and like it at wwwbookbastionnetFans of the Xenomorph rejoice because the creature from your nightmares is back Set 10 years after the fateful events of Prometheus AlienCovenant continues Ridley Scott's new vision for the franchise and for the titular character the Alien itself And this time he's brought along a few new and eually dangerous friends to up the ante I can't tell you how excited I was for this movie and novel adaptation I'm a huge fan of this movie franchise and finally getting to see the Xenomorph on the big screen was a dream come true Fans of the films who might have been wary about certain directions this movie appears to take regarding the creature should definitely give this adaptation a chance It's pretty clear that Foster was adapting from an earlier draft of the film script or potentially the final draft before any last minute edits that wound up on the cutting room floor There are a number of scenes re inserted into the narrative here that do well towards shoring up some of the confusingcontroversial elements of the film that hit theaters This was all around a great time Is it as good as Alien or Aliens? Of course not but if you're going into a later film in a franchise expecting it to be the best one of the bunch you're likely setting yourself up for a bad time But it's an enjoyable addition to the franchise that plays off of existing lore while expanding into new territories What Prometheus lacked for in terms of connection to the actual Xenomorph this story makes up for in spades The creature is pulled back to center focus here which is sure to delight fans of the franchiseAs a fan of both Alien and Prometheus I do wish this story had better juggled the story elements left in limbo after Prometheus The Engineers Humanity's supposed creators that Elizabeth Shaw and David left LV223 in order to find hardly factor into this story at all which is a shame In my opinion there was a lot of material yet to cover about them and the way things are left makes me think we'll be hard pressed to ever find out Alas I think this choice was likely a studio led initiative in response to the rather lukewarm reception Prometheus received at least in the US Instead Ridley Scott refocuses on the Alien establishing new elements to their lore as well as introducing a deadly new subset of their species the Neomorph Whereas the Xenomorph's reproductive cycle moves from ovoid to human host and then finally to the creature the neomorph is born from a deadly virus infecting a host's bloodstream before eventually coalescing into its final form This new method of infection makes for an interesting take on the body horror aspect of the previous films Gone are the days when you were safe as long as you stayed away from leathery looking eggs Now the beast can get you whenever and wherever it wants if you're not mindful of your surroundings One thing I appreciated about this adaptation were the ways in which it reduces many complaints I've heard of the characters in the final film We the reader are given time in their head and we come to understand their reasoning and decisions they make a bit better Plus this book definitely clears up all the uestions that seems to surround why the characters thought it safe to journey onto the surface of the planet without helmets in the first place And yes for those wondering the book does also clear up the uestion of if David created the Xenomorph or not view spoilerHe does not the Engineers did Although the Neomorph is his creation via the use of the black goo we saw in Prometheus hide spoiler

  2. Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣ Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣ says:

    Oh boy 2017 is clearly my novelizations' year And the Alien franchise is a big part of itIf you liked the movie you'll love the book If you didn't like the movie there's a big chance you'll like the book As with any other novelization it adds to the movie certain situations are better explained and the characters have depthThat being said Michael Fassbender might just be the best part in the new Alien movies He makes for one charming SyntheticBe it Walter or David I find them both fascinating Walter seems to be a bit above his condition and it's hard not to think of him as human when interacting with Daniels As for David he is a freaking psychopath and it unnerves me to say a charming one The things he is implied to have done to Elizabeth Shaw creepy as phuckI'm curious to see a movieread a book about David's and Shaw's time together on the Engineer's planet I'm sure it would be a disturbing piece of fiction but one I would have to seeread nonetheless

  3. Melody Sams Melody Sams says:

    I preferred the novelization to the film because we get into the minds of the characters particularly David Their motives made sense This is why books are so much greater than films IMO We get a chance to learn about the psychology behind the characters

  4. aPriL does feral sometimes aPriL does feral sometimes says:

    'Alien Covenant the Official Movie Novelization' is number six in the Alien movie series as well as in the movie novelizations although it is stated on the cover to be number five Readers must actually begin first with the Ridley Scott movie 'Alien' or with the novelization by Alan Dean Foster Alien FYI next in the series is Ridley Scott's 'Aliens' then Alien 3 or author Foster's novelizations and then Ridley Scott's 'Alien Resurrection' or author A C Crispin's movie novelization For some reason the movie 'Prometheus' is skipped over in lists by the novelization publisher but 'Alien Covenant' is the seuel to the movie 'Prometheus' so that makes 'Prometheus' number fiveSimilar to the 'Star Wars' series the production of the later 'Alien' movies has a timeline which has been turned back to a time before the first four movies The first four Alien movies are in order and they revolve around Ripley Sigourney Weaver the original main protagonist Beginning with 'Prometheus' the story explores the origins of the Alien creature answering the uestions of how the Alien monster came to exist and where they came from We fans are also introduced to Mankind's progenitors the Engineers In the movie 'Prometheus' Earth archeologists discover the star map of the Engineers in ancient Earth cultural artifacts They feel like the clues they discovered logically mean a benevolent altruistic race of beings from outer space created Mankind Maybe Anyway the archeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway convince the industrial company Weyland Corporation to help them find the Engineers' planet as indicated by the star map Peter Weyland the CEO of Weyland Corp not only builds their exploration vessel the Prometheus he provides them with David a synthetic human like robotWell gentle reader the Earth astronauts do find out what the Engineers looked like and they confirm that the Engineers were indeed creating various DNA goo experiments on LV 223 the mysterious moon planet on the star map However to the horror of the Earth explorers something had apparently gone terribly wrong with the goo'Alien Covenant' picks up the story ten years after Prometheus disappeared The space ship Covenant from Earth full of sleeping colonists and embryos is driving towards a newly discovered planet Only Walter a synthetic is awake Suddenly an emergency necessitates the reviving from hypersleep our main heroes Daniels Oram Tennessee Faris Jacob Lopé Karine Cole Upworth Ricks Ledward Rosenthal Hallet Ankor and Tom At first they believe they have arrived at their new home a planet they think will be a paradise But no A particle wave has blasted through their ship causing electrical damage and shredding their energy collectors Repairs must be made before they can jump and continue their journey to Origae 6 their new hoped for Paradise so far from Earth Wait What IS that? A rogue transmission is coming from somewhere and they hear an old Earth song playing over the speakers being sung by a woman Mother the AI in charge of running the Covenant traces it to an undiscovered planet At least they see no sign of this star system or its five planets on the star charts Obviously their chart information is wrong Examining incoming data the planet from where the signal is broadcasting looks like another Earth Should they make a detour and check it out? They are seven years away from Origae 6 and those darn sleep pods are SO uncomfortableGentle reader are you hoping many of these characters will survive? If so you definitely are reading the wrong series High velocity action and graphic violence and frustrating mistakes mean most of the characters end up as doggie chow or accurately as Alien chow However the origin story of the Aliens is finally revealed in this novelview spoilerThe Engineers' DNA goo originally grew into a biomechanical creature which differentiated itself depending on what kind of animal source it incubated within David an experimental synthetic robot whom we met in 'Prometheus' has become a psychopath He decided to play with the goo out of boredom since it cannot grow in robots and he is curious Since he has emotions it is also possible he might be feeling some resentment against his human creator Weyland designed the synthetics to serve their human creators and I got the impression David thought that was unfair for a superior being such as himself After all humans were merely version 10 David has realized humans serve the goo well as living petri dishes using their flesh as agar He has happily been experimenting with the DNA goo on the Engineers' home planet and success The Alien is born It simply was unfortunate the Engineers which were alive when David landed on their home world along with Elizabeth Shaw did not survive his experiments However he was able to keep Elizabeth alive long enough to growadjust the re Engineers ed Alien monster Yay? hide spoiler

  5. Rachel Bea Rachel Bea says:

    I didn't totally hate the Covenant film but it could have been a lot better It had a great cast but the story suffered although there were some scenes that I enjoyed I think this novelization was better than the film The characters were developed and the scary scenes were well done Particularly when the facehugger did its thing as well as whenever the neomorphs attacked Overall I think the story lent itself better to the book than the filmI listened to the audio and my only criticism for the narration is that sometimes I found the narration to be unintentionally funny

  6. Fenriz Angelo Fenriz Angelo says:

    I rarely i mean it's the first time I read a novelization of a movie Book that was the base of a movie? yeah novel based on a movie? nope Why i did so for Alien Covenant? first I'm a fan of the alien franchise second the movie left me with a lot of uestions and i was curious to know if there's answers here In the end the novel is based on the first drafts of the script so one must take its events with a grain of salt Only Ridley Scott knows everything and maybe even he doesn't know all the answers to his decisions on the alien universe lol who knows? shrugsWith that in mind let's start with the review Alan did a good job in my opinion the movie was bad as hell except for Walter and David in the book the crew feels less sketched than in the movie still i felt only Oram Tennessee Walter and Daniels had personality What i liked about the book is the little changes it has compared to the movie in my opinion they made the plot better and it's a shame none of it made to the movie honestly Here's the list of scenes1 Mother is an AI with personality it was fun the see her banter with Walter while both look after the Covenant and its crew in cryosleep Also the ship has a hydroponics bay full of flora for Walter to look after This contrasts with David who also had a chamber full of flowers and fruits in Paradise Showing us that both syntethics find joy in perserving botanical gardens2 The reason the crew weren’t in protective clothing when disembarking from the shuttle was because Walter went out first to sample the air and water He didn’t detect any harmful substances at all and even said the air was cleaner than Earth’s this includes airborne pathogens Major plothole fix right there3 Rosenthal wanders off from the main group because she found mysterious marks on a wall that doesn't seem to belong to the original habitants of the planet There's a hint that David was counting the days he's spent in the planet4 Walter doesn’t lose his hand His arm is damaged and fixes itself by the time the cargo lift arrives 5 In the book the WalterDavid kiss isn't followed by David stabbing Walter with a flute Instead David gift Walter the flute and Walters reunits with Oram and Daniels they ask him what does he think of David and he answers he finds David disturbing intense that isolation and lack of maintenance might have made him a weirder than he is Also that he suspects David want him to understand things he's not programed to do so so finding him a dissapointment Oram walks away and Daniels points out the flute then encourages Walter to play something he hesitates however in the end tries to play failing but in the second try he manages to create an original tune He ponders what it means whether David is right on how they're than servants This scene was so significant i loved it truly a shame it's not in the film6 When Daniels falls asleep Walter touches her hair and he feels something funny when does Showing us he does has feelings for her Againwhy isn't it on film? ugh7 Later in the book Walter confronts David about the real cause the habitants of the planet died calling David out on how he intentionally dropped the pathogen to kill all living creature Then David uses his thumb to stab Walter in the neck to turn off his system 8 Elizabeth Shawn doesn’t have a gravestone in the book David has an urn which is hinted to contain her ashes and he keeps this on a shrine he has dedicated to her Also there's a hint David experimented on Shawn when she was still alive that they cohabitated for a while until he got tired of it and used her to keep playing God with his experiments There's also some rape thing going ??? likehe did something to Shawn and tried to do sexual stuff to Daniels when he attacked her when she discovered the drawings of Shawn and her body ??? this seriously left me with a weird taste in the mouth because i don't understand how David could develop perverted thoughts idk maybe i could understand but i still think it was unnecessary We have enough sexual connotations in the aliens why add rapist synthetics?? 9The reason Oram willingly looks into the egg is because David has already shown him several ‘dead’ eggs he has preserved to study Also in the book David didn't create the eggs he found them and dissected the ones that were dead and preserved the others 10 When Daniels and Lopé are running towards the lander Tenessee used to rescue the surviving crew a Neomorph is following them but the Xenomorph reveals himself and attack the Neomorph asserting itself as the dominant Alien lifeform After it kills the Neomorph it does the whole thing he does in the movie lol11 Lopé carried the last Xenomorph into Covenant?? He got a busted ribcage soi guessbut how?12 WAY BETTER ENDING IN THE BOOK Here Daniels never realizes Walter is not Walter but David Hadn't i watched the movie i would have went all at that ending honestly WHY THE CLICHÉ CRAP ON THE MOVIE AND NOT THIS? ughSo yeahi liked the novel than the movie haha not a five star reading tho there's still lot of flaws regarding the characters i've read authors who can give susbtance to every character even if they only say 3 lines in the whole book

  7. Terry Terry says:

    I’m a little bit torn with my thoughts on this one I gave it 4 stars because I’m intrigued by the idea of these aliens and their intelligence and mystery and I enjoy reading about them This one felt a lot like the original Alien and Aliens in the tone characters and horror However I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get view spoiler of a background to The Engineers and their history I had hoped we would explore that in this installment especially since we knew one survived from Prometheus There is a big story there still waiting to be told hide spoiler

  8. Tina Tina says:

    absolute shit it should be illegal to describe the xenomorph as with sausage like head im disgusted offended

  9. Jonathan Maas Jonathan Maas says:

    Surprise surprise Alan Dean Foster does it againIf you don't know already Alan Dean Foster is perhaps our greatest movie novelizer He's a great writer in his own right but from A New Hope to countless others Foster finds a way to bring the best of the movie onto the page time and time againThis one is no exception He doesn't stray that far from the movie but he brings the best Great action seuences great dynamic between Walter and DavidIf you haven't seen Alien Covenant you probably should If you like reading the book version of such things I'd recommend Alien Covenant The Official Movie Novelization as well

  10. Andrew Bird Andrew Bird says:

    A fun and suspenseful novel Alan Dean Foster crafts an exciting narrative from start to finish However the novel is held back from greatness by the source material it is based on Worth a read to fans of the film and franchise

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