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The Strange Death of Europe Immigration Identity Islam [EPUB] ✹ The Strange Death of Europe Immigration Identity Islam ✼ Douglas Murray – A controversial and devastatingly honest depiction of the demise of Europe The Strange Death of Europe is the internationally bestselling account of a continent and culture caught in the act of suicid A controversial and devastatingly Death of eBook ´ honest depiction of the demise of Europe The Strange Death of Europe is the internationally bestselling account of a continent and culture caught in the act of suicide Douglas Murray takes a step back and explores the deeper issues behind the continent's possible demise from an atmosphere of mass terror attacks and a global refugee crisis to the steady erosion of our freedoms He addresses the disappointing failure of multiculturalism Angela Merkel’s U turn on migration and the Western fixation on guilt Murray travels to Berlin Paris Scandinavia and Greece to uncover the malaise The Strange ePUB í at the very heart of the European culture and to hear the stories of those who have arrived in Europe from far awayDeclining birth rates mass immigration and cultivated self distrust and self hatred have come together to make Europeans unable to argue for themselves and incapable of resisting their own comprehensive alteration as a society and an eventual end This sharp and incisive book ends up with two Strange Death of Europe Immigration MOBI :Ê visions for a new Europe one hopeful one pessimistic which paint a picture of Europe in crisis and offer a choice as to what if anything we can do next Strange Death of PDF Ì But perhaps Spengler was right civilizations like humans are born briefly flourish decay and die.

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Douglas Kear Murray is Death of eBook ´ a British neoconservative writer and commentator He was the director of the Centre for Social Cohesion from until and is currently an associate director of the Henry Jackson SocietyMurray appears regularly in the British broadcast media commentating on issues from a conservative standpoint and he is often critical of Islamic fundamentalism He writes for a num.

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  1. Tristan Tristan says:

    Presented with an alarmist title like The Strange Death of Europe any sceptical reader is bound to raise an eyebrow or two After all doomsayers – whatever their motive have been with us since time immemorial the veracity of their warnings of the future to be looked upon with if not outright suspicion at least a healthy dose of reservation Douglas Murray however is a voice that should very well be heeded since the time is indeed now Allowing myself to make my own humble prediction in generations to come this will be looked upon as a work that if not wholly prophetic was that perfect encapsulation of an ailing Europe in crisis at the time of its publication The “red pill” metaphor from The Matrix may be trite by now but it is definitely apt here This work speaks so much truth is so hard hitting in its application of cold logic it is uite astonishing Only the most ardent evangelical supporter of unimpeded mass immigration from third world countries could read this book and not come away from it at least slightly perturbed From just glimpsing the first few pages it is immediately palpable Murray has brooded on his subject for what must have been a great many years A lot of ground is covered here so it is impossible for me to address each and every point in detail It’s just so all encompassing that any summary would be wholly inadeuate If I could force every politician to go through this though I would in a heartbeatEmploying a calmly reasoned almost detached mode of analysis Murray traces Europe’s many policy failures related to immigration back to the very beginning When post war Western Europe in particular found itself in the position of having critical labour shortages it turned to Muslim majority countries with whom diplomatic relations were healthy in order to fill the vacuum It was a seemingly innocuous short term solution at the time Sadly when it came to migration polices the political leadership in decades to come would decide – without the support of the majority of their electorate that short term gains took preference over the long term conseuences of those very policies for the populace Add to that our universally admired welfare system serving as a magnet to the world and a trickle soon turned into a flood radically altering European society in the process in just a couple decades This in itself wouldn’t have been such a bad thing an ethnically diverse society isn’t a problem per se culture is a far important factor but never was a serious policy to promote integration ever conceived let alone implemented Nor did those responsible kept in mind the declining birth rates below replacement rate among the native populations and the comparatively high ones among migrants especially those whose ancestry was Muslim Those who advocated for better integration or pointed to the fact that at this rate native Europeans would soon become minorities themselves indeed in some cities such as London ethnic whites already are they were promptly labelled as ‘bigots’ or ‘racists’ Such lazy yet effective ad hominems were enough to make any discussion on this topic nearly impossible disenfranchising huge swaths of the populace in the process The still ongoing migrant crisis has only further exacerbated this naturally On that point Murray is remarkably hard on Angela Merkel and her U turn on migration and for good reason History won’t be kind to her I imagine The one unforgivable mistake the political elite made was to assume that whomever set foot on the continent would magically become a European on the spot and adopt all our values which our predecessors fought so hard for to put in place Of course they were too blind or refused to see that by importing ethnically different peoples you’re also importing their cultures ideologies and problems which they might not be so willing to give up or modify to fit into their new society ironically conflicts between certain groups of migrants are fast becoming commonplace Especially if that new society is weak at that moment seems to have lost faith in and won’t stand up for itself or its values integration is almost impossible For who would want to be part of such a society? Also troubling is the fact that migrants who did come here to escape legitimate persecution or repression and who became even strident advocates than some Europeans of human rights such as ex Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali were vilified for pointing out certain backward cultural practices such as female genital mutilation which she had suffered If not by Muslims from which direction she also received various death threats she was crucified by parts of the political establishment who you’d expect would be firmly in her corner Soon she was placed under police protection and after the brutal murder of fellow critic of Islam Theo van Gogh a friend of hers she decided to leave her adopted country of The Netherlands The place she thought was safe This is just one symptom of a deeper problem within wider European society which most chose either to ignore or try not to make seem all that bad Tragically in our desperate attempts to above all not ever offend across Europe the most heinous crimes or practises committed by migrants are often covered up or not reported on the most notorious one being the Pakistani rape gang in Rotherham that abused at least 1400 white girls aged 11 15 which local authorities allowed to go on unhindered between 1997 and 2013 for fear of being branded racist Clearly there are different standards being applied to different people which is deadly to any law based society Somehow it has become noble to defend the indefensible just as long as the perpetrator is part of a minority or considered to be “oppressed” According to Murray I happen to agree this is exactly what paralyses Europe By doing our utmost not to appear bigoted we allow the intolerable to happen in our societies He makes some great points as to what might have contributed to this cognitive dissonance As in most analyses of complex societies it is a mixture of causes Historical guilt is one but a major one Colonialism the Holocaust especially painful to Germans these and other black spots in our history are firmly laid at the feet of Europeans and are reinforced time and time again Of course one should learn from one’s country’s own history so as to not make the same mistakes again Yet there is a definite turning point in which regret becomes pathological and devolves into sadomasochistic self flagellation In a sense It becomes a secular original sin to be revisited time and time again with no redemption in sight The only way to assuage it is to somehow make up for it by for instance taking in needy masses of people into your country so Murray argues And Western societies are uniue in this regard Russians or Chinese aren’t too troubled by this even though their history of communism is far strewn with corpses than ours is Or take the Armenian genocide conducted by the Ottoman Empire which killed up to 15 million people These societies are not weighed down by guilt Even in modern day Turkey just a discussion of this event is forbidden and punishable by law Another component is the loss of purpose for indigenous Europeans What is our goal where are we going what is everyone’s place in this enterprise? These and others are crucial uestions for any society to ask itself and we are particularly bad at finding answers for it Of course in our past religion answered all these uestions for us and it made us as a result a cohesive society filled with purpose Whether the religion was factually correct or not is beside the point in this case Now there is a hole needing to be filled with something substantial to counteract this inertia this prevalent malaise We like to think the Enlightenment was a wholly positive evolution and in the main it was but it has put into motion an inexorable process of deconstruction Brought to its logical conclusion what is there left in the end? Not much or so it seemsWe used to think art could replace this need for meaning but if you have strolled through a modern art gallery lately there is little you could reasonably call inspiring or uplifting Existential self doubt navel gazing and banal vulgar superficiality dominate If art does indeed reflect the psyche of a society we are in deep trouble But Murray explains that realisation is exactly what might save European culture A clear awareness of the problems at hand what might be done about them he lays out a couple of simple policies that if implemented soon would accomplish a whole lot and first and foremost knowing who and what we are what we had to go through to reach this particular point Secular liberal democracies are not the norm and never were It takes hard work commitment and sacrifice to build them let alone keep them We’ve been the envy of the world for a reason otherwise people wouldn’t decide to come here That should make us proud and even firm in the belief there is something uniue here that is worth saving It is still possible for us to show compassion towards the rest of the world while still maintaining what we have How things are going now in many ways it is simply unsustainable If Europe loses what made it European in the first place the rest of the world will be all the poorer for it And while those who have come here still have their native country to go back to if things turn bad we don’t In the final analysis Europe is all Europeans have It’s our home and just as much any other people in the world we deserve to have a say in how we would like it to be For as philosopher Edmund Burke so elouently stated a culture and a society are not things run for the convenience of the people who happen to be here right now but a deep pact between the dead the living and those yet to be born Another Place Antony GormleyTo this Murray adds “In such a view of society however greatly you might wish to benefit from an endless supply of cheap labour a wider range of cuisine or the salving of a generation’s conscience you still would not have a right to wholly transform your society Because that which you inherited that is good should also be passed on Even were you to decide that some of the views or lifestyles of your ancestors could be improved upon it does not follow that you should hand over to the next generation a society that is chaotic fractured and unrecognisable” Indeed

  2. Dom Watkins Dom Watkins says:

    Immigration Identity Islam; reads the sub title one would have hoped to see a serious discussion of these three topics and the relationship that has emerged between them Sadly notA common habit of many involved in this type of conversation particularly the political right is to present their arguments in the shadow of a perceived and looming existential crisis Having stimulated the old reptilian cortex with some frightening spectacle those particularly prone to panic and hysteria will then it is hoped soak up whatever narrative follows Much head nodding awarding of 5 star reviews and the increase of revenue in book sales for the purveyor of this argument ensuesAnd what could be threatening and ominous sounding than 'The Strange Death of Europe'? Having settled on this theatrical title Murray plants his feet firmly on a nexus between the three promised topics of discussion in the sub title The decision to examine only this narrow intersection of ideas further reduced by his ideological prism limits the scope and unfortunately the honesty of the next 300 or so pagesBut everything he has written is true cry out the credulous Is it really now? Let me check that ought to be the response of every inuisitive mindBut checking that is made intentionally challenging by the author If you have read the book look again if you are reading for the first time watch out for; the absence of references for example Often when they are needed the most when he presents something that is contentious debatable or subject to misinterpretation he simply does not provide a reference This is no accident it is an intentional attempt to obscure the source and legitimacy of what he has written by blending his opinion with cherry picked news items and sundry other data If you don't believe me checkLest I be accused of the same here is a randomly selected example from the many availableToday's Australian school children are taught that whatever it's present virtues their nation was founded on genocide and theft no reference for this extraordinary claim of child indoctrination is providedSeriously look honestly for examples of this you will find many many of them Then uestion Why has this not been referenced but other information has?However much of what he has written IS true and no sensible person would try to deny it It is the disingenuous and uite unnecessary presentation of untruths omissions and misrepresentations to bolster his position that is increasingly frustrating as the reader progresses through the bookWhen a survey opinion poll or piece of research agrees with his prejudice for example; it is presented as concrete evidence in support of his claims No further discussion of this evidence is needed When it does not agree with him you will notice a different approach it is either not presented; scrutinised for methodological or politically favourable errors; dismissed with passive language; or simply refuted by claiming that anecdotal evidence and his personal sense of other people's feelings contradict the findings This would not be an issue if Murray had maintained a parity of healthy suspicion for all the surveys and opinion polls he presented But there is not even an attempt to do so Any serious reader ought to ask themselves what this says about the author's criteria for selection of dataOf course he rolls out the usual imprecision of language one expects to find in a polemic of this kind Economic migrants terrrorists Muslims Jihadists Islamists refugees third world; are all rolled into one The West Western Europe Europe White White British Christian; are all synonymous This nebulous use of words means they are twisted and turned to whatever his opinion reuires them to meanMurray repeatedly courts conspiracies and the concomitant irrationality and victimhood that goes with them but clearly his reputation is too precious to fully engage by following through but it is enough that he has sown the seeds of conspiracy in the readerFor exampleFor if this is even partially a spur for the recent transformation of our country then what we are going through is not an accident or a mere laxness at the borders but a cool and deliberate act of national sabotageIs this accusation of 'national sabotage' further explored or investigated? Certainly not Motivations aside he continues What then one might ask was the purpose of this paragraph?Colonialism apparently was euivalent to Europeans going anywhere else in the world could the language be any passive? This summary statement is a clear revision of history to suit his opinion that 'white guilt' is only felt by Europeans or in the absence of any actual examples of guilt Australians and Americans Of course co opting the language of white supremacists helps him to redefine 'acknowledgement' as 'guilt' and join up the history of European empires with modern immigration policiesIt's something of an incredible achievement that in a book of this type and length barely a single word is uttered on the effects of foreign policy state sponsored terrorism economic disadvantage or military intervention and adventurism These omissions make sense of Murray's view and explain his use of the word 'strange' in the title History started in 1945 and the policies of the modern world have happened in a vacuum according to Murray so of course it seems strange That sense of being the victim in all of this really has to be driven homeIt is perhaps on identity that Murray is most confusing He seems to subscribe to an ideology of One identity at a time please This one identity that you are allowed allows a narrow range of values to be attached to a human being Most of all this identity must be pre determined by the location of an ancestors' birth and pre approved by Murray's worldview Why else would he refer to ethnicity and particularly being 'White British' as a guarantor of ones values?If Murray is right and the political class of Europe have indeed conspired to destroy the public by importing masses of culturally and ethnically divergent people as he contends; then he has left unanswered the first uestion one should ask when suspicious of another's motivesCui Bono? To the benefit of whom?And if the public of Europe really have opposed immigration from the outset as he claims then why have they continued to elect representatives from the parties who have sponsored it? Are the votaries of Europe really the vapid dunces that Douglas Murray's conclusion implies they must be in taking a full six decades to wake up to what he and his flag wavers have known all along? Or perhaps he has missed something

  3. Twerking To Beethoven Twerking To Beethoven says:

    This book is appalling and will piss you off bigtime because it's filled with UNUESTIONABLE FACTS You might be offended by the following lines But uite honestly I don't give a shitin 1989 British Indian author Salman Rushdie released a novel The Satanic Verses and go figure all hell broke loose Rushdie got a death sentence through a fatwa issued by Iranian ayatollah Khomeini for insulting islam A 3000000 reward was promised to the heroic muslim who'd manage to kill him only 2000000 in case the executioner wouldn't be a muslim Everybody expressed solidarity and sympathy to Rushdie apart from the singer Cat Stevens who converted to islam and renamed himself Yusuf Islam and a few prominent figures of the British left who stated that Rushdie had it coming After all he had written an islamophobic book The italian translator of the book got stabbed in 1991 but survived the japanese translator wasn't as lucky and got killed in 1993 To this day Rushdie is forced to hide himself for obvious security reasonsPim Fortuyn was a homosexual Dutch politician sociologist and professor famous for criticizing islam Even though he kept distancing himself from the far right he was labelled a fascist and a racist by guess who? Aye once again the left because as you're probably all well aware islam isn't a religion it's a race sarcasm off Fortuyn was assassinated during the 2002 Dutch national election campaign by Volkert van der Graaf some leftist nutjob In court at his trial van der Graaf said he murdered Fortuyn to stop him from exploiting Muslims as scapegoats and targeting the weak members of society in seeking political power The Weak Members Of Society FUCK OFFTheo van Gogh was a Dutch film producer On 2 November 2004 Van Gogh was murdered by Mohammed Bouyeri a Dutch Moroccan Muslim because old towel bounce didn't like his controversial film Submission Controversial because with the help of a Somali born woman Ayaan Hirsi Ali who knew her fucking shit the film depicted the condition of women within islamOriana Fallacci was an italian journalist and author Her father Edoardo Fallaci was a political activist who struggled to end Mussolini's fascist dictatorship Oriana herself being a true libertarian joined the anti fascist movement and received a certificate for valour from the Italian Army And I uote Whether it comes from a despotic sovereign or an elected president from a murderous general or a beloved leader I see power as an inhuman and hateful phenomenonI have always looked on disobedience toward the oppressive as the only way to use the miracle of having been born Being coherent with her beliefs she considered islamic fundamentalism to be a revival of the fascism she had fought in her youth and was subseuently called a bigot a racist an islamophobe and a FASCIST by fucking guess who? the italian left I kid you fucking notNow this sort of purulent fucking culture has impregnated every single European country apart from Poland Hungary Czech Republic Slovakia Romania and Bulgaria because both the citizens and the politicians of those eastern countries seem to care about their own identity than they care about diversityYou want to know what's going on in the UK Germany France Italy and Sweden thanx to the fucking delusional and mental immigration policies of the European leaders? Well all you need to do is watch the news Or in case you feel like experiencing the situation first hand you may want to go visit certain suburbs in those countries Better yet Are you a woman looking for an exciting new experience? Then wear your favourite shorts and top and go for a stroll in a prevalently muslim neighborhood in London Paris Brussels Cologne you fucking name it It's going to be fucking funny as fuck I'll tell you that you need to fucking trust me on this hey You'll have the time of your lifeHere's some funny shit from 60 minutes courtesy of Nine Network said why do liberalism contemporary anti fas and the left in general seem to be so in love with diversity islam and multiculturalism? Because both modern liberalism and radical islam are basically the same thing the new wave of modern fascism Both radical muslims and modern liberals can't even entertain the thought of someone having a different opinion than theirs Oh you don't agree with me? IMPOSSIBLE YOU FUCKING BIGOTED BASTARD YOU FASCIST CUNT YOU MOTHERFUCKING PIECE OF RACIST VERMIN ORDURE FUCK OFF IMMA MARCH IN THE STREETS CRASHING SHOWCASES THROWING STONES AND FIRECRACKERS AT EVERY BASTARD I STUMBLE UPON AND CHANTING RETARDED SLOGANS HOW DARE YOU INSULTING MY RELIGION AND DRAWING FUNNY CARTOONS OF THE PROPHET? IT'S FUCKING HARAM ALRIGHT THAT'S IT THAT'S FUCKING IT I'M ATTACKING THE PREMISES OF EVERY SATIRICAL MAGAZINE KILLING EVERYONE WITH AN AK47 BECAUSE THEY TOOK THE PISS OUT OF MY BELIEFS ALSO I'M FUCKING BUTCHERING A COUPLE OF HUNDRED PEOPLE AT SOME FUCKING HEATHEN ROCK CONCERT THEN I'M FUCKING DRIVING A FUCKING 80 TON TRUCK THROUGH THE CROWD THAT'LL TEACH YOU FUCKING KAFIR BASTARDSCall me a pussy if you want again I don't care I'll be honest I'm not afraid of islam I'm fucking terrified of islam

  4. Rodrigo Acuna Rodrigo Acuna says:

    Sometimes even to live is an act of courageSenecaI am always surprised when people from the left tell me of all the evil Europe has caused in the world and the guilt they feel for having been and empire is almost palpable yet when you point out that Europe and Britain are not uniue to these litanies of crimes that all peoples have transgressed on other people they seem perplexed and disbelieving that history does not support their racist little theory of superior culpability because it is racist if you accuse someone of being a monster because of the colour of their skin even if you accuse yourself but also it is a and insult to the humanity of others a distortion of history and ignorance of facts and reality So it is with great pleasure that I recommend this book to all it will unveil the self haters and the new despots and tyrants they are setting about to destroy centuries of civilisation and learning to flagellate their ignorant fantasy of superior evil to satisfy a masochistic need that will impoverish the world of one of the most benevolent societies ever to have arisen in history even with all its imperfections This is the warning that if ignored will lead us to one cycle of dark ages that we may never return from this is not a hysterical account but a numerical reality that it is about to tip over and destroy the world of our childrenHave you asked yourself why we are told we have over population in the world but we need people to sustain our society?Are you happy to give up your rights not to offend religious sensitivities?Do you want to live in a society where sectarian religious violence is the norm?If any of this uestions have disturbed you please read this book and inform yourself and if after reading it you do not agree at least you will see what the others are worried about

  5. Murtaza Murtaza says:

    Whatever challenges or hardships one faces in life they should at least be glad that they don't have to go through existence as Douglas Murray This book is an expression of a completely miserable and pessimistic outlook on the future of the richest and most powerful place on the planet Murray looks outside his window and sees nothing but hordes of non white mostly Muslim men committed and focused Enemies of Civilization intent on no lesser crime than committing mass rape He laments the loss of a Christianity that he doesn't himself believe in claiming pathetically that its impossible and weeps over the empty churches that he chooses not to attend and which have been left to a few unworthy sub Saharan African migrantsThis isn't a book of reporting Despite his pretensions to the contrary in the introduction Murray clearly took nothing than brief visits to any of the European landing areas for refugees Instead its merely a polemic and stitching together of disparate places and incidents to make a particular case the response to which can only be some kind of ethnic cleansing or genocide whether explicitly stated or not I can only guess why the book has been so popular in some political uartersIn fairness Murray's chapters on the impact of Biblical criticism and German philosophy on Christian faith in Europe were interesting They partly redeem what is otherwise a lengthy regurgitation of Breitbart's Black Crime section though they are also nothing new or groundbreaking to anyone who has read Allisdair Macintyre or John Gray He is also correct that people should not generalize all Europeans or collectively blame them for past crimes though his tone of self pity mixed with aggression makes this argument much irritating than it needs to be While rightly pointing out that Europe shouldn't be judged by its worst while others are judged by their best he unironically proceeds to judge Muslims and even Islam as a whole by the actions of some street criminal in a suburb somewhere I plan to write a substantive review at a later point Suffice to say this book is an expression of a familiar phenomena that of the rich and privileged explaining why the people who uietly do the labor that sustains them are in fact an unwanted growth needing excision I hope Murray can come to feel less aggrieved by the number of non white people on the subway at some point for his own sake if not ours

  6. Kamil Kamil says:

    The first uarter of the book is so often simply racist and xenophobic manipulative and flirting with ethical filth that it's really hard to forget about it and listen to some data that he makes his case for later in the book And even though I believe there's definitely a lot we should do differently in our approach to immigration none of the part differently means closing the door for me The number of times he dreamingly refers to White Britain is uncomfortableThere's so much of data manipulation here that it's almost painful He uses Muslim migration as well as that form Eastern European countries not clearly separated to create the feeling of Muslim invasion Downplaying the colonist past as a factor for high migration to Britain from certain areas in the world and explaining it by a natural human tendency to conuer or go places and hyperbolizing other arguments ie Australian kids seemingly being bombarded by the constant teachings of their genocide past is one of the examples of the overall tendency in this book

  7. Andrea Zuvich Andrea Zuvich says:

    I found this book to be absolutely brilliant and urge everyone of every political persuasion to read it Despite already having several excellent works behind him now Douglas Murray has surpassed himself in this brilliant damning and ultimately tragic work of non fiction and current affairs Throughout this work the author touches on a vast array of controversial topics which impact our daily liveshave been in the news the historically massive influx of immigrants previously regarded as refugees but this has now been clearly refuted numerous times most of the refugees being illegal economic migrants the huge increase in sexual crime in Europe the cultural self flagellation of Western nations the Black Lives Matter movement the birth rate among immigrants the clash between our liberal societies and the incoming Islamic communities etcMost of these topics particularly those of immigration and Islam are taboo subjects and one can be labelled a xenophobe for even raising them Indeed Murray describes how terms such as xenophobe and racist have become so misused and overused now that they lack the power they once had Throughout the whole book Murray does a brilliant job of tackling these topics in a balanced factual and elouent manner As an aside assimilation is in my opinion absolutely vital when it comes to immigration I am an immigrant myself but I have done everything I could to adopt the culture of the English I shan't say British because I live in England and each constituent country of the United Kingdom certainly has its own culture Over the years I have been privileged to live in the UK I have noticed how some immigrants blatantly disrespect their host country by creating little versions of their home countries something I've always found decidedly ill mannered When in Rome do as the Romansif you hate Roman ways you shouldn't go to RomeI found myself in agreement with Murray particularly about how Europeans tend to only focus on the low points of their past whilst simultaneously praising other cultures on their highest points I personally think that the far Left have been allowed to dominate the academic and media spheres and normalise this harmful attitude when in fact all cultures in the world have both good and bad aspects Murray articulates these issues better I fear than I ever could so once again I urge you to read this important book and have the open mindedness to take on board what he has to say The Strange Death of Europe was without a doubt the best non fiction book I have read this year

  8. Greg Watson Greg Watson says:

    The immigration debate in Europe that Murray presents in many ways mirrors that in the States In Europe the immigrant computer programmer is presented as typical In the States the immigrant with a doctorate is presented as typical Also as in Europe many migrants into the States are economic refugees instead of those fleeing war zonesAmerican identity also has similarities to European identity As in Europe America is supposed to accept endless guilt about its past It is obliged to be judged by the worst episodes in its history rather than its best And as in Europe there are whole industries dedicated to this in the StatesPerhaps the most striking feature of Murray's book is the gap between what the establishment says is happening with regard to the impact of immigration and what the European public actually experiences The public is continually told of immigration's benefits The establishment ignores or suppresses the actual downsides Again the comparison with what is happening in America can not be ignored

  9. Brendan Monroe Brendan Monroe says:

    Rather than enraging me as it once did the hypocrisy of the left now amuses me It’s a tragic sort of amusement an amusement borne out of a realization that outrage would be pointless because we the West are now so deep in the pit of absurdity that there’s almost certainly no way we can get out again The tragic has become comic because despite the evidence all around us otherwise sensible people and politicians remain blind on one issue – Islam I would argue that Europe is very likely beyond saving at this point Decades of naïve policy on immigration and a lack of preparedness in being able to tackle the greatest threat to the continent since WWII has left its current leaders unable to act The movements they make and words they emit now – bizarre utterances like “Islam is a religion of peace” – are merely the spirit killing jolts the body makes in its death throes Ariel Durant was born in 1898 in the Russian Empire – what is now present day Ukraine She immigrated to America at the turn of the 20th century where she watched the country of her birth destroy itself She met her husband Will Durant while studying in America and the two later went on to author the Pulitzer Prize winning “The Story of Civilization” A Jewish historian born in the Russian Empire Ariel Durant knew what she was talking about when she penned the famous line “A great civilization is not conuered from without until it has destroyed itself from within” I thought about Mrs Durant this week when I read the news out of Paris about the brutal killing of Mireille Knoll Ms Knoll was an 85 year old Holocaust survivor Her apartment was broken into and her attackers two Muslim men stabbed her 11 times before setting fire to it Mireille Knoll’s daughter had reportedly tried to convince her mother to move to Israel but her mother had been born in Paris and considered herself FrenchIt isn’t just the killing of Mireille Knoll Attacks against Jews have been on the rise in recent years across Europe and anyone who thinks the rise in Europe’s Muslim population has little to do with this is either ignorant of the facts or a coward Europe is full of cowards these days many of whom unfortunately are in charge of deciding European policy on among other things what to do with the wave of migrants that has swept the continent in recent years Like their eually naïve predecessors Angela Merkel and many of Europe’s other politicians have decided – without allowing their citizens a say in the matter – that they know best how to deal with the crisis Knowing best doesn’t just mean flinging Europe’s borders open to those who have entered the continent illegally it also means denying that migrants have perpetrated any crimes at all – even going so far as attempting to cover such crimes up The sexual assault of hundreds of women in the suare in front of the Cologne cathedral on New Year’s Eve 2015 is the best known of these incidents but it isn’t known because of the politicians Police and city officials attempted to hide that Muslim men had been behind the mass assault It was only thanks to social media and the horrifying scale of the crime that the truth got out at allSince when did Europe’s leaders start caring about how Muslims are perceived by society than how their own citizens are treated? All the things that liberals are supposed to care about – women’s rights gay rights democracy – pale in the liberal mind to tolerance for Muslim’s feelings and attitudes It is perfectly okay to mock Christians for failing to believe in evolution or intolerant attitudes towards gay weddings but to mock Muslims for beliefs that are even extreme gets you labeled an Islamophobe The acrobatics that Europe’s secularists are willing to perform to appease the continent’s Muslims and avoid naming the real reasons behind the atrocities now commonplace in Europe’s cities reveals how truly spineless they are It is deeply ironic that the single thing most repulsive about religion – the idea of “original sin” and being generationally responsible for those sins of your forebears – is widely practiced among the secular left A belief that because you may have had a relative who subjugated dark skinned foreigners you must now hold your tongue is Orwellian and evilNone of which is to say that I don’t feel immense sympathy for the plight of genuine asylum seekers Unlike Europe’s leaders I absolutely do As Douglas Murray writes in “The Strange Death of Europe” Europe demonizes those Muslims genuinely seeking to integrate themselves into European society the moment they criticize the fundamentalists who have entered the country alongside them The Somali immigrant and former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a prime example of European intolerance Muslims who would dare to say that yes a cancer in Islam is evident because too many of its misogynistic barbaric precepts are widely believed by Muslims today are kicked out of the country or banned from entering for “hate speech”Douglas Murray posits what the French writer Michel Houellebec posited in 2015's sublime Submission that Europe is at a disadvantage because it fails to offer an increasingly secularized continent any meaningful answers for what life is all about Europeans Christians and secular alike are tired and increasingly nihilistic whereas Europe's Islamists are passionate about their faith and certain about what it takes to get to paradise In other words ignorance is bliss The European enlightenment all but killed God but without God Murray asks what is there to hold onto? Islam never underwent any kind of enlightenment or modernization unlike Christianity and that it didn't seems to make it desirable for wide swathes of Europeans Is a fervent religiosity and an increase in church attendance the answer then? Surely not Civilization isn't improved by a return to the ignorant past but in the pursuit of new knowledge It's not the false idea of an afterlife that should excite us but innovations in medicine that ease suffering and prolong life The only true solution is a sensible immigration policy a harsh but humane policy of deporting those who won't integrate and most importantly supporting and promoting reformist Muslim voices But one look at Europe's fractured political landscape gives the impression that sensible is a long way offWe only have to witness the response to tomorrow’s terrorist attack to confirm that European politicians aren’t on the side of Islam’s would be reformers but on that of its soldiers – those fascists who believe that imposing their ideology through violence is their ticket to paradise The only ones who stand to benefit from the politicians’ deafness on this issue are these Islamofascists and Europe’s traditional fascists Those of us stuck in the middle are slowly being crushed

  10. Nicholas Smith Nicholas Smith says:

    Tired rehash of old argumentsI found this a very poor read In the introduction the author boasts of the research and travel he had done in writing the book but in fact this appears to have been little than two trips to islands on the edge of Europe where he did little than reinforce his existing prejudices The terms he uses Europe western Europe and britain are used interchangeably and he uses statistics in a misleading way for example he routinely mentions uk immigration figures without explaining that most immigrants to the UK come from Europe and not outside He talks of the death of christianity without reference to the rise in non protestant Christianity It is apparent that the author began with a conclusion and fitted any information to fit that end Very poor and I could not recommend in any way

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